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i will give this drawing a name when it´s done. i have an idea in my mind but maybe you know something better ;)

this will be a long progress cause there is much much hair to it´s an other drawing practise for me, i need to get better :)

my TENDER drawing couldn´t top my BRUISED drawing so i will top it with this one...

worked a bit on it, now i have to do the hardest part....her hair :sniff:
sorry for the bad photo..i´m too lazy to scan it *g*
oh and i finally know who this is ^^ it´s natalia vodianova, a model ^^

size A3
pencils: 2,0 mm 2B mechanical pencil and 0,7 mm 2B mechanical pencil for the dark parts
tools: blending stomp, pencil-eraser, Q-tip, cotton pads and kneaded eraser
time so far: 10 hours

Wip 1 [link]
Wip 2 [link]
Wip 3 [link]
Wip 4 [link]
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Feb 8, 2004, 2:07:33 AM
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Your contrast is so good... love the eyes will be a fav. once you're done. As always you RAWK!
Lorelai82's avatar
thank you very much ^^
what is a RAWK? ^^ :)
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ROCK! Like ur Awesome! It's slang girl ;)
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now i can see the details in the his face!
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you are sóoooo good! all of your drawings are masterpieces! :O

* i think i'm jealous *
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thak you so much :aww:
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looking good Annie you just finished the hardest part now the rest should be a piece of cake.

Take care!
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thanks miguel :)
haha no the easy part is done ^^ the hardest part is the hair....and there is much hair to do...
take care too :) and btw i like your new vatar :)
miguel071386's avatar
haha, thank you so much sweetie I'm glad that you like it. big hugs!
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she's a great model and you are doing a great job drawing her =D i already love the hair
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aww thank you very much :aww:
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Looking great! As always...:D
But I have a question...How long does it normally take you to do the outline? You know before you start adding details and shadding. I find it very hard to get it right because very minor differences could make it or break it for portraits..So what's your secret? Maybe you use a grid or something like that? Tell me !:)
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thanks ^^
i draw the outlines freehanded and than i take a ruler to see if the proportions are right.i rarely use a grid, i don´t like it that much...
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nice looking eyes!
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Looking great so far Anne. I love her piercing look. :D
Lorelai82's avatar
hehe thanks ^^
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Sieht jetzt schon atemberaubend aus. Die Augen hauen ein um!!! :) Bin gespannt aufs fertige Bild.
Lorelai82's avatar
ahhh "beautiful" :D thanks ^^
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very nice! love the eyes, and the expression!
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