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i will give this drawing a name when it´s done. i have an idea in my mind but maybe you know something better ;)

this will be a long progress cause there is much much hair to it´s an other drawing practise for me, i need to get better :)

my TENDER drawing couldn´t top my BRUISED drawing so i will top it with this one...

oki this is the last wip for today :) tomorrow i will work on her skin and then i have to go to the hair.

Size A3
pencil: 2,0 mm 2B mechanical pencil
tools: blending stomp, pencil-eraser, Q-tip, cotton pads and kneaded eraser
time so far: 8 hours

Wip 1 [link]
Wip 2 [link]
Wip 3 [link]
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May I ask what type of paper you are using for this drawing? :D
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sure you can :)
i use a strong paper and the texture is smooth :) but sadly i can´t tell ya what brand it is, cause it has no brand :D
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In the words of Homer Simpson: DOH! :(

Looking forward to your next drawing video! Could you please repost link(s) to your previous ones on YouTube? I forget now the original location(s) now
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*LOL* sorry ^^
sure here is the link to my videos :) [link]
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:dance: Sweeeeeet! ~Eric Cartman
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oh shit!!!!!!!!

i like so much!
cant wait to see the hair!
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hgehe thank you very much ^^
if you wanna see some hair, then go and take a look here ^^ [link]
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oh yeah!
but first i go to see the wip 5!
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This is going to be an amazing photos. Her eyes look stunning already :heart:
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thank you very much :)
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can you show the picture you're working off of?
Im curious :D
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sure i ca :) here it is [link]
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awesome! thanks!
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These WIP's are so useful for me. Helping me to know where and how to start since no one ever really taught me. She's beautiful!
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thanks :) i´m glad i can help some ppl with showing the wips :)
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It's great! Very useful :)
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this looks really amazing so far...I love the eyes and the lips...and the hair is going to be awesome :clap: :wow:
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you're so welcome :hug: :)
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:clap: beautiful work! Great shading
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I don't know why,but it looks like n.vodianova,anyway,as usual,you're doing a gret sketch
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hey cool you found out her name, you´re right :)i didn´t know that is a model. i googled the name and found her photo.
thanks :hug:
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sieht echt klasse aus soweit die augen gefallen mir richtig gut wirklich super!=D
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