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i will give this drawing a name when it´s done. i have an idea in my mind but maybe you know something better ;)

this will be a long progress cause there is much much hair to it´s an other drawing practise for me, i need to get better :)

my TENDER drawing couldn´t top my BRUISED drawing so i will top it with this one...

haha oki did the forehead and the nose :) and some hair *lol* i´m not tired so i will go one with her mouth and after this i will post the last wip for today...

Size A3
pencil: 2,0 mm 2B mechanical pencil
tools: blending stomp and pencil-eraser
time so far: 6 hours

Wip 1 [link]
Wip 2 [link]
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got any tips on doing the hair? =x

and did you use a photo reference for this?
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yes you´re right, someone told me it´s her. i didn´t know that before ^^
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i recognized her from the second wip ;)
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oh really? that´s cool :D
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yeah, her eyes ;) go on your work, i am gonna fav it ;)
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hehe yes ^^
i already uploaded a new wip *lol*
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i've already seen it ;)
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Im so curious how you get the skin to look so smooth

Do you lightly sketch on an entire area and then use the stump or do you use the graphite thats already on the stump
...if that made sense, haha
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i use cutton pads for the smooth skin. first i draw very lightly with the pencil and then i go with the cutton pad over it. and on the darker parts i do more layers :) hope i could help you.
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Yes it helped alot :]
Thank you very much.

Ive been watching you for about a year, your work is brilliant and youve improved so much!
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aww thanks you very much :hug:
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great job so far, do you mind my asking a question though? in your first WIP of this drawing, you had three tools at the bottom of the pictre, a mechanical pencil, bleninding stump, and something that lookslike a white pencil. My question is, what is the white pencil, and what do you use it for?
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it´s an eraser, he has two sides, the white one is a hard eraser and the other side is a soft one.
thanks for your comment :)
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Wonderful! Keep it coming
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Wow, the hair looks lovely so far. Looks like there will be a lot of it too :)
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thank you :) yes there´s a lot to do, and the funpart is nearly done :sniff:
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love her nose :giggle: cant wait to see you start the hair
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hehe ther´s a lot of hair ^^
but first i will do her mouth :)
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nice hair!!!!!
i like the hair colors!

oh shit!
im not the first!
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