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begin again

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 4, 2011, 3:53 AM

for the first time
in such a long time,
it's a brand new day


Here is a collection of my current favorite deviations. Aren't they beautiful?

:thumb200012586: Their Lost Princess by airyfairyamy The birds tree by nicolas-gouny-art Sunlight by JeanFan


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Copyright Information

Art found in my gallery are Wycie Melora Corden. No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission of the owner (me).

Design and CSS by Anjellyjoy
Brushes by crazy-alice
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------ new camera

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 18, 2011, 8:17 PM

I really needed to write a new journal, the previous one was screaming to be changed. In big friendly letters of course *CHANGE ME*

anywhoo... I'd just like to thank my friend tamsin for the *anywhoo* I never used to say it, sharing an apartment with someone for 2 years will do that to you.

I've been contemplating buying a new camera for a while now. Well actually I was thinking of buying new lenses but that changed into buying a new camera plus lenses. I'm just trying to figure out whether to buy a 7D or 5D mark II.
I'm leaning towards the 7D just because it's about $1000 cheaper, which I could use instead to buy lenses. They thing pulling me away from the 7D is that the 5D has a full sensor and the 7D doesn't. If only you could buy a 5D mark II without the video capabilities, that would somehow surely make it cheaper.

I was thinking of participating in my own 365, I know that it is really late in the year. I just feel that it would be really good for me. My creative desire was  zapped, it happens to creative people at one time or another. I don't know what it's official name is something like *creative ennui*. "I shall never do this work again, no longer shall my head be filled with prose, my pen be filled with ink, my camera filled with life, my heart filled with song." etc.

" I was dumb, and I was proud. And I'm sorry."
Caught in the crowd

It just came up in my playlist and overrode my thoughts.

So if I can motivate myself lets hope we will be seeing some great creative stuff uploaded soon.

Will write soon.. hopefully!!


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cyclone Yasi

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 1, 2011, 6:17 PM… |… |… |… |… |… |… |… |…


Cyclone warning.

It's is very likely that I wont be on here for a very long while.
We have a category 5 cyclone/hurricane (to rival hurricane Katrina) heading straight for us, it'll be here in a few hours.

Please pray.

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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 29, 2011, 12:10 AM… |… |… |… |… |… |… |… |…

“Rattle snake hockey puck monkey monkey underpants” Lorelai Gilmore

Whenever I have writers block I always write that at the top of my page. It’s much better than *agghh hello hello, I can’t think of what to say*

* A News points.

- In my effort to make things prettier.... I now have premium membership. WOOOO YAY!!!
It is like spending 12 years wearing a uniform for school, then going to University and being able to wear whatever you want.
I'm so excited I will be able to feature favorite Artists and their work, I will be doing my first feature at the end of this journal. (D
EDIT: lol I just realised that I got premium membership on my DA birthday without even noticing.

- A really huge answer to prayer... I have a new job. It is nothing creative, I am saving to travel/ move but the unemployment rate is so low it is pretty much take what you can get.

- Last of my news which is not that exciting, I cleaned out my DA messages. I had 18,963 messages and it was overwhelming me. If you are wondering did not just delete them all, I went through them first. Man did it take a LONG time!!

Just a few things to make you smile.

The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.

Duct tape is like the force; it has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe

Check out this web page, if you’re african or australian you may have experienced these yourself.…

This weeks feature.
I have two of my favorite digital artists ploop & AlexanderJansson

All the lovers by nicolas-gouny-art       But the messanger? by nicolas-gouny-art      The poor lover by nicolas-gouny-art
The ef tree by nicolas-gouny-art     September Wind by nicolas-gouny-art     Love is stronger than nature by nicolas-gouny-art


:thumb182514467:  :thumb190472310:   :thumb180933625:
:thumb174204294: :thumb134913385:  :thumb134178037:

My Absolute favorite


lots of love

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To all those wonderful watchers of mine... as there as many as potato salad. Merry 'pre' Christmas!!! Kind of like pre christmas sales, except I have nothing to offer except my early christmas wishes.

It has been way to long since I wrote a journal entry, mostly not much has been happening and secondly I've been so busy. It's some sort of oxymoronic life philosophy.

Lately I haven't been really been creating stuff, being busy with work and all that. The lack of creativity has left me feeling a bit like dried leaves, which actually sounds nice and crunchy for the people crunching autumn leaves underfoot but not so much for me.

Christmas cannot come soon enough I am looking forward to having some crazy creative adventuring during the holidays.

I might right a real christmas message closer to christmas, but I might not. I have said I wanted to do a lot of things this year but I didn't... I'm not proud of it.

On that lovely note it's time to end this journal entry.

Pre Merry, Merry Christmas.

Lots of Love


"A dead end street is a good place to turn around."

-- Naomi Judd
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"have you turned on your tv, have you seen reality"

I have finally submitted the rest of my dream series I think my favorite is 'Dance with me'… But these are the other ones too (:………

I've recently been asked if I could submit some new works into a exhibition being held next month :D
I'm excited, working on something new should be good!

It's called 'Three Approaches to creative invention'. It is :iconairyfairyamy: exhibition for her University honors.

The aim is to create artwork using new media that will employ traditional approaches for continued innovation,
it uses John Constables ‘The Cornfield’ as the starting point for all of the art work in the exhibition.

Hope you are all fantastic : D

Recently Featured in :… pictures-that-speak.deviantart…
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"Do you think it'd be alright if I just crash here tonight..."

You know how sometimes things happen and they influence the things that you do without you even noticing them.

I had this dream in August last year and I haven't been able to get it out of my head... It's been dogging my thoughts.

It was a really vivid dream. It has stuck out more than any other dream I have ever had and I have some pretty vivid dreams. But the thing that is really weird and that has been the cause of my distraction, is that I found out that it was true a few months later. And not in a "that makes sense why I had that dream" but a "WOW there was no way I could have possibly known that" way.

I'm going to try get the dream out of my head... and I thought creating it into a picture would be a good way of doing that. I'll then add it to my Dreams Series, which I've only partially put up.

That is the long way of saying that I've been very distracted. So I haven't sat down and worked on submissions. But.... it's getting into winter and the clouds from summer are thinning. I'm looking forward to sunnier weather, even though normally I love the rain.

So keep any eye out I'll be submitting more soon...
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I'm is South Africa at the moment but i'm stuck/ torn whatever you want to call it. :airborne:
We are leaving in a month and I really don't want to go or do I, no I don't. I'm not to fond of this indecision that's been plaguing me and the desire to stay is being marred a little by the pressure of finding a job quickly and trying to get dual citizenship (I hate to say it but ... that's what they call it life [stupid cliche]). I think i'm avoiding the obvious.

:music: Should I stay or should I go oh ohhhh oh:music:' Yeah that song is stuck in my head.

Oh on a creative note. I've recently and when I say recently I mean 4 months ago completed a series based on dreams. I was having a lots of dreams that seemed to have nothing to do with anything that made sense, so I decided to do a series on it in the hope that I could sort some of the dreams in my head out. And I have to say it did not help much, my dreams started becoming more confusing. I wondered my self if I should even bother myself about them (if you don't know what it means does it really matter?) The only thing I can say is ...

I think it is the best stuff I have done yet, that is always how it is though.  I'll put it up soon.

Night afternoon

I think there was a wall in my dream last night, maybe I should sledge hammer it? Isn't that how you solve all problems (probably not strong enough).

I just realised that that little mood guy is smoking... *changes that*
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But no way to give life to them...

I've been searching this wide expansive internet for some of the best photo manip tutorials, but somehow they seem to be eluding me.

Any ideas? Or links, pretty please that would of so much help.
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I am on a quest to find a concept for my final photography folio .... *thinking* ....
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I only ever seem to up date my Journal around my birthday ... Except for now ...

I vow from now on to be the funniest person ever to have lived in the entire world ...



ohhhh everything makes sense now. (Doesn't change anything.)

Ok well I had some awesome jokes I read recently, but

"I never make predictions. I never have, and I never will" - Tony Blair

"Air Air Air Air Air Air" air quotes.

People are never funny when they are deliberately trying really hard to be.

Lets see: The Australian communications minister is refusing to speak to anyone unless it suits him.

Does it count if I give you a link ?


In Art News

I have lined up some really fun things, all waiting patently to be thought of.

:iconsabattier: Featured Me + you you, plus one   here…
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It's Brilliant isn't it, computers, mobile phones, wireless devices.
Technology is great... WHEN IT WORKS! I've just spent the past 4 days with out my computer and now I can't do anything. agghhh The one time I really want to work, I can't ahh annoying.
Ok I'm done ranting lalalalalallalala

woo and I turn 21 next week old hey!! :D
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I decided that I needed to update my journal. Reading through the things I wrote from my previous entry I realised, so much has changed in the past month.

A friend told me she could belive that I hadn't realised that I was a good graphic designer. (ok so not news but I thought it was cool)

I've recently realised by what means I am going to change the world. Quixotic? Well I don't care. (I've been reading some good old books lately)
Since I was younger I always felt that somehow I was going to change the world, I now know what I'll do. :crazy:

I just did the photographs for a wedding it's not what I want to do (I never wanted to be a wedding photographer) but the experience is good.  

So yeah I think I'm pretty good at staying on a skateboard now, no SERIOUSLY.. ten :rofl: hahah I'm so funny

That exercise I was hoping would re-boot my brain, .... aghh wow I need to go to bed.

Well all that other stuff was weird anyway, so perhaps it's good I didn't get time to mention it.
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I have two and a half days left till the end of my holidays :cry:
I really only had a week holiday, the rest of the time I was on an intensive for uni (Photojournalism). Learning to be like Frank Hurrly, Robert Capa, James Nateway, and Margaret Bourke-White etc.

I finally finished a commissioned painting (well art work) for someone, I really like it just waiting to get paid for it so I can pay my car rego lol.  

You wont believe this.... but I'm learning to SKATEBOARD  :wow: and no I am not kidding. Big big shock and definitely not something I ever  imagined myself doing. Not being the type of person people would think skateboard, I'm not sure what they would say.
There was a sale yesterday so we went and got some boards. lol I took a one of the girls from church and the look on her face when we were trying to decide what to get was priceless.
So we went out today, I only stacked it once. The board went shooting out in front of me, I am glad I decided to get wrist guards (thanks Roxy-anne). I spent a bit tying to get my footing right (the reason for me crashing into the grass and tumbling over the front of my board) but I found my center :w00t: !!!!!

Well that was short but I’m hoping the exercise will help my brain re-boot, it has been pretty lethargic lately :worry:
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Well I'm only Holidays YAY .. for one and a Half weeks :s pathetic really, then have a photojournalism intensive. We have to choose a local environmental issue... I know... it doesn't rain here enough so around the end of the year everything starts to go brown.

I have recently got three commissions that I'm really excited about and looking I am forward to getting some extra money so I that wont starve. One is a Painting sort of thing and the other two are photography.

There's this weird shaking sound that the front windows of my house are making right now... I feel like running around yelling earthquake, but being the sensible person I am :rofl: and with the knowledge that Australia does not really have earthquakes (not being on any fault lines) I shall refrain.

I am reading this book secrets of digital manipulation by digital artists, and it is really frustrating

gahhh it's happening again... EARTHQUAKE ... no  :s

anyway it is really frustrating because they are not telling you secrets. All there really is in the book is pictures and writing about the artists.
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I'm sorry I don't have much to say right now I'm in a hurry. But I was getting sick of seeing my 6 month old Journal entry (I can't believe it has been this long, it seems like such a short time ago that I wrote it) so I had to change it. :D I have had an awsome week! I got a job as a photographer for the student association at uni!! Exciting :w00t: Have a great week.
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or Edmond Kant or something like that (I might not have been listening in class, so I can not be sure)?
He is supposed to be an artist but I can not find out who he is or what he does exactly? Does anyone know who he is? Anyone? He probably is an artist that was/is good at showing movement in his drawings?

I probably wont get a reply but I thought I would ask anyway..... hmmm maybe I should find some traditional artists and ask them!

Edit: :blush: ah haha silly me, Immanuel Kant not Edmund Kant! haha.  

Immanuel Kant was a Russian Philosopher.
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Happy Birthday to meeeeeee
I am not yet Twenty Three
I haven't quite made it
But I'm looking forward to tea.

I know, that was pretty bad :blushes: It was my little celebration of my birthday on DA, yesterday I turned 20. yay! I was supposed to celebrate with Dinner and Mini Golf, dinner was great (I ate a snail :confused: ) but it turns out the mini golf place likes to shut early. :(

The only downside to my actual birthday was that after doing heaps of work on my assignment, my external hard drive decided that it did not like powerpoint and refused to let it open my documents.
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I just started freaking out today (well yesterday)... I just realised that in exactly one month I will be 20, do realise how old that is (lol yes I'm sure you do and for all those older people, you will understand what I'm going though, perhaps you didn't freak out but I'm sure you did something) anywho I realised I will be 20. That is old, in Jane Austen's time (I've been watching and reading tooo many of her book/movies), I would be married by now, in 20 years time I would be forty and have kids who were 20 (perhaps I wouldn't be lol considering it's me and all my oddities haha; and even poor people had cows so they never ran out of milk)... Ok yes I know people nowadays are still getting married at 20 but I don't plan on it any time soon. *gasps for air*
:movingon: the thing is I'm not old enough or grown up enough to be 20, I still think I have I have a few years good years left in me, but maybe not maybe it's my time to grow old :rofl:.

In order to counter act this whole age thing I have been pondering the things that I would have done when I was younger. These include climbing a giant webby pyramid, ridding a GIANT flying fox, climbing trees, swinging on swings, rolling down hills so many times it makes you sick etc. It wasn't planned but I managed to do it all last night. I made myself so dizzy and I felt so sick that my friend offered to drive me home lol, but I had so much fun.

My submissions have been a bit on the low side, I have been meaning to put some stuff up for ages but none of them are done. And the lack of cracked dry lake beds around here is  holding them up, because without it I can't complete my of my fav image.   
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YAAAAAAAAYAYA!!!! I'm back from holidays ... hmm but that isn't a reason exactly to be ayayaing ... in fact it isn't ... THE REASON... I just got my new phone today (I did a little I got my phone dance it went something like 'WEE' *bounce*'WEE' *bounce*'WEE' *bounce*'WEE' *bounce*), perhaps I wouldn't be so excited if it hadn’t taken 4 weeks but I'm glad it's finally here!!
Or ANOTHER REASON... I brought some milk :confused: I haven't been able to by milk for 2 weeks (for reasons quite unknown to myself) and I :love: MILK

Well I guess I should put something Art related here.
Uni semester started last week umm and not much really to say, I started a Drawing and Illustration class oh and a digital manip class so that should be fun. We have to build a time machine in 'Creative Technology' that will be interesting lol.

Oh *again* lol I went to JBT last night it was GREAT, so very Great!! I think my flat mate will be going on about it for a month :giggle:
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