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Rabbit Hero 1.0

A character of the project I've been working on. He's an anthropomorphic rabbit who is a super hero wearing a mechanical suit, and he is the same character I drew before who henshin(henshin means transform) into this hero. Of course, this is heavily inspired by tokusatsu heroes like Kamen Riders and Super Sentais(the show Power Rangers adapted from).
And I have to mention that I also took some inspiration from an amazing artist that I admire 
:icontysontan: , I strongly recommend you to check out his works:)
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I like your hero my dream is to become a great video game developer and make a great video game for everyone to enjoy and if it’s okay with you I would like to put your hero in my game as helper if my hero needs any help during in his adventure if not I understand thank you for the inspiration so in the future I can really make great robots in my game and overall thank you for the inspiration , also good 🍀 with your game and have a good day 😁😎
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Sure, if you give me proper credit in the game, and before you do that, let me know more about your game^^. Good luck with the development.
How do I add proper credit to to any designer ex: you yanyu and thank you again for your permission and I like rabbits too and what kind of game would you put your character in overall thank you again and have a good yanyu day😁
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Credit me as 'Lordyanyu' would be fine, and you'r welcome. My favorite game genre is 2d platform shooter, but I'm fine with other genres.
Your character is really awesome and thank you again for the permission and have a good yanyu day 😁🐰
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This is a cool concept and I really like your work! Sorry I'm not really active on DA so I missed things sometimes. Do you use twitter?
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Hahah, I'm a big fan of Tokusatsu, so this is awesome! I wish my art was this good 😅
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Thank you for your compliment XD, and I started using twitter literally just now,
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Cute >w<
This is gonna be an interesting hero for your project ^w^ I love it Heart Heart 
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Nice! TysonTan is cool, though I admit some of his art is a little...suggestive for my taste, but still a cool artist!
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XD he indeed has some suggestive artworks, but thank you anyway.
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