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Little late, but I had this sketch lying around.
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You know I had a vision of Donald as the Incredible Hulk
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DC and Marvel forever weird cartoon mascots
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Crossover and breaking the 4th wall
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Two of my favorite things! :)
Dinzydragon's avatar
of course, different universes different dimensions
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Excuse me, but wouldn't it be more rational for Bugs Bunny to be Superman and Daffy Duck to be Batman?? While Porky Pig could be like Green Lantern, probably? Also Donald Should have been Iron Man and Goofy - Thor!...
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Those are good calls!! :)
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No way! Donald being Hulk is right, they both are angry character so that fits.
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I like your version as well.  :)
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:rofl: I love how Daffy is wonder woman. :giggle:
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Thanks!  I thought that might be a fitting punishment for him.  :)
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This is really, really awesome XD
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I really really thank you then! :) :)
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you're really really welcome!
Cartoonray's avatar kind of a fun crossover. Just we got to throw in the Zoo Crew and we got a party! :D
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Oh man. Then we bring along the Earth C- Just A Lotta Animals team and then Spider Ham and the Marvel universe animals, then Krypto and DC's pets and Howard the Duck, Brute Force and the Pet Avengers...pant pant...

Okay, I know you're with me on this!
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Maybe Foghorn Leghorn could have been Aquaman.:D

Good job still. Daffy Duck as Wonder Woman is nice.
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