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Justice League Wha...? - 2

By Lordwormm
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Here is the main brain trust that gets together and decides to keep the expanded Hero Hotline Organization going.

Left to right...

Ma Hunkle, the Golden Age Red Tornado

L-Ron, alien robot, former member of the JLA

Suzie-Q, monitor, receptionist and robotic security for Hero Hotline

Bob Daley aka FATMAN, former sidekick to Mr. America (who was the secret head of the original Hero Hotline)

Mr. Might of the Freedom Brigade aka Barb-Ell of the planet Neon. He and his teammate The Mermaid, gave birth to a son who would later become Awkward Man of the Inferior Five.

Uncle Dudley, powerless patriarch of the Captain Marvel Family.

Nameless, female companion to TIN of the METAL MEN.

The Mighty Bruce, former leader of Justice League Antarctica

G'Nort, member of JLInternational, JLAntarctica and The Green Lantern Corps.

'Mazing Man, crime fighter from a universe parallel to DC's main universe.

Woozy Winks, former FBI agent and partner to Plastic Man.

Lady Cop, retired street officer

Snapper Carr, former Justice League Mascot and leader of The Blasters.

Companion piece to... [link]
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Maybe you heard of the Sidekickers, a crime-fighting team composed of the sidekicks of forgotten heroes or forgotten sidekicks of heroes. (Quirl, Zook,Doiby Dickles, BatHound,...and many I do not recognize.).

They started out with a major mistake. Instead of starting gently, with bankrobbers or such, they had to go fight a MAJOR DC supervillain (Evil Star and his Starlings). The Sidekickers lost the fight., Quirl lost an ear. They then re-organized as Sidekicks Anonymous, helping abandoned sidekicks readjust & get over being sidekicks...

Evil Star (after defeating the Sidekickers): come on, Starlings - let's get out of here before some REAL superheroes show up !

----- later...

Zook: Maybe we can travel back in time to a war..

Quirl: With what ? If we had a time machine, we wouldn't be sitting here in a Salvation Army canteen !!

Bizarro wrote & drew the story...

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Nameless, promising mate of Tin, but disappeared without explanation when DC decided to make the Metal Men hunted and hated. Came back many years later. only to be destroyed permanently. Never existed in revised histories... I never accepted DC post-crisis 1986.

Snapper Carr, tho saved the JLA a number of times, finally betrayed them to a disguised Joker and necessitated a new headquarters for the JLA.

Uncle Dudley, proved his mettle when he helped vanquish Black Adam.

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What I wouldn't give for this to be an actual thing. It would be amazing and funny and just the best (I'm throwing money at the screen, is it happening yet? :))
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You may be the only other person in the world that feels that way, and I'm right there with you!
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I tell you, there was a one panel group called tthe Justice League of Anarchy, don't know if you've heard of it but it was lead by PLASTIC MAN of all people and had Harley Quinn, 'Mazing Man, Trickster from the Rogues, Ambush Bug, and the bloody Creeper! If that was an actual team, you couldn't keep that stuff on the shelves ('cause I would buy them all :D)
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Oh you know I heard of it!!  I love that single panel!  Though, I couldn't help but wish they'd had more screen time.  Also I couldn't help but want Harley traded out for another character and being only an occasional ally of the team.  Not that I've overthought this.  :)
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Yeah, I could picture her being like the anti-hero ally of the team, pretending to be all grim and gritty one second and then someone 'subtly' mention Mistah Jay and she goes all anime big eyes and smiles whilst everyone else face-palms :D And believe me, you're not the only who wondered about what could have been, at one point I got so bored I started coming up with the teams origin story!
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Ooooh, that's intriguing!  If you still have it I'd love to read it. 
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Sadly, I never wrote it down. :( But the gist of it was the Mr. Mxyzptlk (had to search how to spell that) was getting bored of everyone being so annoyingly dark and gritty (the book was also a bit of commentary, won't lie) and teamed up with Bat-Mite to gather all the remaining 'fun' heroes and villains in their own little world (the name of which was Mxyzptlk and Mite's Fun-land) to generate some new entertainment for the two of them. Meanwhile, all these oddball characters are trying to escape, but their failures are so hilarious that the two decide to keep them there even longer. It was a weird story, but I thought it was amusing.
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I like I like!!!!  It reminds me of the one-shot issue Mite and Mxy had together!  Did you ever see that?  I have a feeling you would enjoy it! :)…
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Heh I have Lady Cops only comic.
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Freakin Awesome! I have another Hero Hotline piece to post with Gotham's Robot Cop! Do you know him?
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I have been meaning to make a custom figure about him for some time.
Lordwormm's avatar
That'd be great! That's the kind of diverse figure line DC should be putting out.
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That is so Awesome, But It's the First time that Woozy got a Lantern Ring:)
Lordwormm's avatar
Thanks for looking! :) I desperately want to read a story now where Woozy does get a ring. :)
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Maybe one day, man!
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Thank goodness someone else actually knows who Gnort is

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HA! Of course! My favorite was his stint with Justice League Antarctica! :)
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Awww this came out so awesome. I always love looking at your group pieces.. So much to look at! :iconiloveitplz:

Awesome stuff!
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Thanks! It always means a lot to know someone else might get a kick out of em! :)
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I think 'Mazing Man is my favorite out of these characters!
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His series was the greatest! I wish they would bring him into DC's main universe! :)
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