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Justice League Wha...?

By Lordwormm
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NOT my characters! All owned by DC comics!

So my idea is that DC comics take advantage of their unused more comedic-toned characters.

My story idea is as follows...WARNING...will only be enjoyed by long time DC fans! :)

Hoppy The Marvel Bunny, Captain Carrot and Super Squirrel team up with the heroes from their respective dimensions to combat a huge threat.

Perhaps from Mr. Nebula!!! (read giffen-dematteis era Justice League for reference)

The anthropomorphic animal heroes decide they need help from the pink skinned humans they've occasionally met.

Hoppy can make contact easiest with the help of Alley Cat Dabra and Zapanda and others helping.

He gets with Uncle Dudley Marvel and Mr. Tawky Tawny to ask for help.

They gather the ONLY heroes who will take their requests seriously. The group you see before you!

As well as two groups I will post shots of soon!

They organize and defeat the menace of Mr. Nebula and decide to stay organize under the HERO HOTLINE banner!

Roll Call!!!

Front Row, left to right...
HOTSHOT (Hero Hotline)
DIAMONDETTE (Hero Hotline)
MERRYMAN (Inferior 5)
DUMB BUNNY (Inferior 5)
MR. MUSCLES (Hero Hotline)
AWKWARDMAN (Inferior 5)
VOICE-OVER (Hero Hotline)
WHITE FEATHER (Inferior 5)
PRIVATE EYES (Hero Hotline)
THE HECKLER (Hero Hotline)

Back Row, left to right...
MICROWAVE MOM (Hero Hotline)
THE BLIMP (Inferior 5)
STRETCH (Hero Hotline)
SAM SIMEON (Angel & the Ape)
ANGEL O'DAY (Angel & the Ape)

Of course there are hundreds more characters who would appear....Lady Cop, Snapper Carr, Nameless, Woozy Winks, The Green Team, Dingbats of Danger Street...
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Hey do you remember Willy and windy? They were actually expies for Dobie Gillis and Maynard G Krebs!

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Nice that the Inferior 5 are still remembered - they were fun!
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I could not agree more!!! :)
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These are most of the characters who were just experiments to keep up with marvel.
See as just jokes and most DC writers/ creators don't wanna talk about them.
That's just sad.
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these are the great lakes avengers of DC
Lordwormm's avatar
Indeed, my favorite category of characters.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
A pity about a lot of the goofy joke characters; DC seems to be pretty determined to keep them out of the action...of course though, there are some things they probably wouldn't have seen coming forth to put them back in circulation.
Lordwormm's avatar
I agree. Do tell? Have they announced some future plans using some of the more obscure and goofy?
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
Unless you count their plans for the Green Team, not any I've heard of. I mean such force of nature as fanboys who get actual jobs there.
Lordwormm's avatar
Holy cows, I hadn't until you mentioned it! That's, well exciting, but weird news. It's doubtful they will put a comedic spin on it, but glad to hear they are giving them a try! :)
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
Same here, never thought anyone would think to find a use for them.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome and intrestin idea nice use of ambush bug and bat myte
Lordwormm's avatar
Thank you! I wish DC would use them this way, so much wasted potential for humor comics.
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Did you know, according the the Phil Foglio run of Angel and Ape, That Angel O'Day and Dumb Bunny are Half Sisters?
Lordwormm's avatar
Yes!!! I love that series. I thought it was a brilliant way to connect these characters. They could easily do a sequel to that mini using Ma Hunkle and Mazing Man and the others.
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Dude, this totally brings back memories! Hero Hotline was one of the comic books I read back in high school. too bad it was a mini series, but it really did have some slapstick humor in it.
Lordwormm's avatar
They have popped up here and there, glad to hear you were a fan!
derfs51's avatar
Thanks. :D The series was a bit corny as well. it was pretty fun to read, though.
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This is just an explosion off goofy awesomeness!

Sam and Angel are my absolute faves here. Loved their series... and Dumb Bunny is cool too.
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You'll have to enjoy this one too.

My idea was that DC start a series using all of these characters in an expansion on HERO HOTLINE.

Using their less serious heroes to take on the smaller scale crimes across the DC universe. I mean you know Supes and Wonder Woman don't still respond to bankjobs and assaults and cats in trees!

These guys would be the hub of the organization. [link]
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Oh my gosh... this is great.
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