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Indie Heroes

Some of my all time favorite heroes and creators are displayed here.

Steel Wolf owned and created by ":iconursamagnus:"
The Worm owned and created by Alex Bowman ":iconlordwormm:"
True Blue owned and created by ":iconoceanviewcomics:"
Oceana owned and created by ":iconawrowland:"
Claygirl owned and created by ":iconbogmonster:"
Primal Spectre owned and created by ":icontriblurr:"
Great White North owned and created by ":iconcaptain-unity:"
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Great White North ?.. Sounds right up my Ally ,eh ? ;P

Awesome assembly :lol:

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An indie justice league that's kinda neat =p
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UrsaMagnus's avatar
Fantastic work on this, Alex!! Love it!
Lordwormm's avatar
Thank you my friend!! :)
bogmonster's avatar
Thanx so much for including Claygirl in this!!  And I know most of these but I see that I have some to explore!
Lordwormm's avatar
Uh....yeah!  I need to do another group shot of your entire universe! :)
bogmonster's avatar

woah! that's a LOT of characters! HAND CRAMP! Still, I know if anyone could do it, and do it amazingly, it would be you, the George Perez of DA!

Lordwormm's avatar

:) :) :)

That's the most incredible comparison ever, I will never live up to it!! :)

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But you do live up to it every day.

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have you seen my recent pages for Adventures in Space with Claygirl in them? i would be lying if I said that this piece didn't inspire me to include her in more of a role in the story.

Adventures in Space pg 6
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I recognize Steel Wolf and Claygirl! The others are new to me :)

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I hope you find the time to entertain your curiosities! :)  It's always a fun ride discovering new characters! :)
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