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Hero Hotline Night Crew

By Lordwormm
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HERO HOTLINE was a great series created by Bob Rozakis and Stephen DeStefano for DC comics.

The group answered local calls and bested a handful of semi-serious villains during the run. Throughout the issue we were treated to many fantastic core members who are each wedged into this piece

We also caught sight of some of the night crew. Their names were later supplied, but no information is known about them. A few don't even have names.

Left to right...

Dinky the Devil Bat/Batmyte (has been seen sporadically throughout Infinite Crisis)

Ms. Terrific (wears a similar costume to the golden age Mr. Terrific)

Herald II

Queen of Hearts

Power Pooch (HH applicant, no name was given, so I named the pup)

The Blue Birdcaller (HH applicant, no official name)


The Schnozz (HH applicant, no official name)

Zeep the Living Sponge (weird that he was a member because he was one of the heroes that the DIAL H for HERO kids turned into in their series)

Marie the Psychic Turtle and son!

Thunderhead (name was given as a member, so I slapped it on the big purple armored fella/lady)

Peeps (the blue and pink things all over)
ALL CHARACTERS (C) DC COMICS created by the brilliant Bob Rozakis and Stephen DeStefano.
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Is the Thunderhead design totally original?

Has he / she never officially shown up in the comics?

Lordwormm's avatar

Just in one panel in a Hero Hotline comic. I don't know if the name is accurate, but I slapped the given name and that character together. :)

ElDante42's avatar

Oh yes, I understand

You have a good imagination, the character is as beautifully bizarre as the other heroes hahaha

I'm enjoying finding out more about these DC characters

megawing's avatar
Hero Hotline Night crew why does this sound like something Little kids shouldn't used.
Lordwormm's avatar
Ha, or definitely get their parent's permission before dialing!
Oracle01's avatar
HOLY cow.. :wow: I so remember these characters... it takes me back, that's for sure.

Awwww the ppeps look like little Pygmy Puffs!! At least it looks like the ones I've made. :laughing: how cute! nice shot, sir!
Lordwormm's avatar
Awesome, so cool you remember them! :) They are too cute, very tribblish eh? :)
Oracle01's avatar
YES!! And tribbles! i forgot to mention that too. :giggle: I love those little guys. xD
materiae's avatar
I like the Queen of Hearts and the batmytes!

Lordwormm's avatar
They are pretty cool, I wish more information had been given about them. :)

I will see what I can do about shipping you Batmyte. The postal service might give me a little trouble!
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Zeep the Living Sponge (weird that he was a member because he was one of the heroes that the DIAL H for HERO kids turned into in their series)

But COOL because the original Zeep was created by Stephen DeStefano when he was just a kid (and a fan), and he later got to make him a "real" character in the DC Universe. How often does that happen?

(Well, the Silver Fog reappeared in the Titans book, but the fan creator of HIM was this fella named Harlan Ellison.)
Lordwormm's avatar
Holy crap...I did not know that! Thanks for the trivia! :) Also I totally have teh Silver Fog issue and vaguely remember reading that name but had no idea!!! Too trippy!

Now if only the other creators of the DIAL H heroes would all come forward! I would love to see DC bring them all back for a giant one-shot book where the dial is destroyed and every hero ever created springs to life! I smell another group shot!
celamowari's avatar
DeStefano created a couple of Dial H characters, but Zeep is the only one I remember offhand. He may be the only fan from that short-lived series to go on to become a comics pro. I'd actually investigate this further, but I don't own those issues anymore. Well, for the moment, anyway!

Howard Bender did a massive double page group shot for Who's Who that depicted many of the hero identities of Chris King, Vicki Grant *and* Robby Reed. It is just as insane as it sounds.


And on this tangent, while there is no word on DC reprinting Hero Hotline, the Silver Age Dial H for Hero series is getting the Showcase treatment in 2010.
Lordwormm's avatar
I so have that old who's who! It's what made me start digging for the old issues of Dial H to start with! :)

I have always yearned to see Dial H come back (again! after it's last comeback which was actually a helluva read). I think a huge, sometimes silly, interchangeable cast would rock!

Especially if they let Zeep take the lead along with Fuzzball and Mr. Thin!!! :)
OldManRupee's avatar
Very cool! I can't help wondering what obscure villains you could rustle up for a z-list supervillain team-up!
Lordwormm's avatar
Thanks a bunch! Oh trust me, there are some names on that list...:)
Desolate1Lee's avatar
The only one I know is batmyte. Wow been out of the circle way too long.
Lordwormm's avatar
And not only that...but this is the second batmyte, technically Dinky the Devil Bat! One day my dream is to have Bat-Mite and Dinky team up. When DC calls me in to be in charge of their humor comics that I will force them to produce. mwahaha!
Desolate1Lee's avatar
I was cleaning out some stuff today and found some of my old drawings. Wow! When I get my new printer I am going to post them on here. There not bad cosidering that I was like 12 years old when I drew them. It's like Beavis and Butthead and shit. Yeah well when DC calls you, make sure you call me and we can party....but you are buying because I am unemployed lol.
Lordwormm's avatar
Hell yes! I can't wait to see those! I have been redrawing a bunch of my old characters. Most of the ones in my HEROES category are from when I was 12 too!

You know I am buying! WOO!
Desolate1Lee's avatar
I was cleaning out a buncha old shit and saw my old characters. I am still waiting on my first damned UI check. So sitting and waiting so I can get me another damn printer.'s aggraivating.
Lordwormm's avatar
I am sorry! I got your message about the bastards from hell! I am glad it will come thru soon! We miss you! I will mebbe leave hell sooner than later! :)
Desolate1Lee's avatar
Man I really wanna post some drawing been on a creative kick. Went and got some new pencils to draw with and shit.
Lordwormm's avatar
I am more excited to see you start posting than you are! How are you dealing with the cold? I hope at least you enjoy not having to trudge into hell every day. :)
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