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Hero Hotline Meeting

By Lordwormm
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I've long bitched and moaned about comics lack of humor.

Homage to the old All Star Squadron meeting hall. Can you name them all? Hey that rhymed.

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Wild, man!  Years -- I mean, *years* ago -- I had an idea in my head for a modern AS2 that was comprised of all of DC's comedic super-heroes characters with the cast of Hero Hotline serving as the core along with Plastic Man and the Inferior 5.  Can't believe someone else had the same idea.
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That's beautiful!!!!  If only we had both worked for DC at the same time, or at least been taken seriously! :)
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Just to draw some retconned connections: Sam Simian was Gorilla Grodd's grandson, Angel (with said ape) was Dumb Bunny's half-sister, Dumb Bunny got hitched to Ambush Bug (in Vegas I think), Stretch claimed to be the godfather of Johnny Quick's kid(s), Marvin (according to E.Nelson Bridwell) was the son of the original Diana Prince and a mad scientist named Dan White, and Wendy was the niece of the Harvey Harris who trained a young Bruce Wayne.

This is why it makes me sad that DC ignores these characters; they make the universe more interesting when they're part of it. 
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YES!  I flipped whtn the Angel & Ape series revealed Grodd and Sam's relationship!
Not to mention Angel and D.B.'s.

I own the classic (in my opinion, more classic than Lois & Clark) issue where Ambush Bug made her an honest woman.

Stetch...I always wished he and the rest would gain more prominence. 

Marvin and Wendy I DID NOT know!!!  Awesome!  :)  Thank you for the heads up!
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Are these all DC?
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Yes, no matter how much DC tries to deny it or ignore them.  :)
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This is great!! :D
Dumb Bunny
The Wonder Twins+ Wonder Dog
Captain Carrot
One of the H-Dial wielders?
The Blimp
Alley Cat-Abra
Red Tornado
The Goon
Marvin and Wendy
Brother Power the Geek
Ambush Bug
White Feather

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Oh man, you are killing me.  I am sure you know how rare it is to find someone who is a fan of these types of characters, or even knows them!

Thanks for that, I do it just for fun but it's an extra thrill to get feedback like that!

Because we have similar character interests I know you won't be offended it I correct some of the stabs, because it's just as much geeky fun fer me! :)

The one you called Ironback is Genuis Jones, now I need to know if Ironback is a character I don't know!

Airwave is Black Vulcan.  They do have similar costumes!
The blonde is Prez, but he totally does look to have an H-Dial on his shirt!
Goon = Heckler

You nailed the others in your roll call!
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YAY FOR OBSCURE CHARACTERS!!! It's so cool that you draw all of them!!
And thank you for the corrections, now I can look up the characters! 
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Love how the stretchy guy is mirroring Flatman in the GLI pick. And... he's givin' Red Tornado some love! And Marvin and Wendy! ZOMFG!
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That's so cool you noticed all that, thank you for the comment! :)
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My friend, exploring some of your big scenes is a joy and pleasure. YOU'RE the one who's so cool that a group shot becomes minutes of pleasureable reading. A picture is a worth a 1000 words - one of your pictures is a whole novella.
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You're gonna make me cry. That's embarrassing at my age. :)
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I recognize a few of these guys...about 1 or 2 maybe. As usual, your homage's are a treasure trove of lesser known super heroes and heroines.
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I won't stop until they marvel makes The Great Lakes Avengers and DC makes Inferior Five.
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They can only make so many Iron Man movies. They'll have to start some new IPs eventually!
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Indeed! Speaking of Iron Man, have you seen 3 yet? If so, what are your feelings on the Mandarin?
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I still have yet to see it. I've only recently gotten into a lot of the Iron Man canon, so I'm interested to see how they portray him.
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Interesting. Shoot me a note when you see it, we shall discuss. I have lots of nerdrage to vent! :)

To me, the Mandarin is to Iron Man as the Joker is to Bats.

My first intro was in Acts of Vengeance. He teamed with Dr. Doom, Loki, Kingpin, Red Skull, Magneto and The Wizard to swap enemies. Here: [link]

Although I think of this as his classic (or best) costume: [link]
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I read Tony Stark gets all huffy and introverted, and starts to ape on Bat Man's shtick a little too much. Also, there was some kind of kid character shoe horned in the plot somewhere, and I always consider that to be a red flag.

I guess it's safe to assume Mandarin didn't wear the same outfit in the movie.
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Huh, funny, I never really made the batman connection. Possibly some over inflated critic grasping at straws. I mean, they have quite a few parallels already anyway.

Kid, yeah, that didn't bother me though.

I'm keeping mum on the Mandarin for now. He LOOKED fine, had no problems with that. :)
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It's nice to know the Inferior Five is in the meeting.
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They need all the love they can get! :)
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