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Gigantic at 5'4 page 460 by LordWolx Gigantic at 5'4 page 460 :iconlordwolx:LordWolx 7 16 Gigantic at 5'4 page 459 by LordWolx Gigantic at 5'4 page 459 :iconlordwolx:LordWolx 28 29 Emina and her boss (22) by LordWolx Emina and her boss (22) :iconlordwolx:LordWolx 31 21
Inconspicuous at 50ft Chapter 6
Back to Work
Slowly sitting up, Mr. Robertson glanced around to find himself laying on his couch in his living room. “What... What happened?” he asked in a weak mutter while rubbing the tired from his eyes, the room's bright light bulb forcing him to keep his head facing down.
“Ah, you're awake dear” a familiar voice said. “Did you have a good rest Steve?”
A feeling of relief washed over Steve when he spotted his wife sitting at a table nearby. “I had the strangest dream Rosa...” he grumbled as he stretched out his arms. “Strange and ridiculous. It was about the Porter sisters next door.”
Rosa let out a nervous chuckle as one of the older of those two sisters suddenly walked into the room. “About that...” she mumbled.
“Hello Mr. Robertson” Amy said a relieved smile on her face. “I'm glad you're up. You gave me and Morgan quite the scare.”
Steve remembered the gigantic Morgan he'd drea
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Gigantic at 5'4 page 458 by LordWolx Gigantic at 5'4 page 458 :iconlordwolx:LordWolx 25 19 Gigantic at 5'4 page 457 by LordWolx Gigantic at 5'4 page 457 :iconlordwolx:LordWolx 30 15
One Little Miscast
“Oh this is not good... Not good at all...” Yuna muttered as she quickly paced back and forth, her green eyes frantically glancing around in desperate hopes of finding someway to fix her current situation. “I could've sworn I cast the right spell... But...” Yuna glanced over to the thick opened book of spells sitting atop nearby desk, which was so tall it's surface was at her eye level. Hurrying over to the desk, Yuna climbed atop the tall wooden stool, allowing her to see the entire page describing the spell 'Grandeous Statueos.' “This stupid thing was supposed to make me taller.”
Yuna thought back to the casting of the spell. She was sure she got everything correct, even triple checking the words that needed to be spoken as she waved her straight wooden wand. Unfortunately, rather than work correctly and increase her height from it's usual five feet to a more respectable five feet ten, she had instead shrunk down to a diminutive three feet tall.
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Inconspicuous at 50ft Chapter 5
“What kind of nonsense is this?!” the police chief snapped as he slammed a file down on his desk, startling the lone female officer sitting across from him. “Did you seriously think it was good idea to put such ridiculous lies in your report officer Robertson?!”
“But chief its true” Robertson assured, not a hint of doubt on her face. “I swear it on my life.”
The chief furiously rubbed his brow as he dropped back into his chair. “Officer Robertson...” he grumbled, giving himself a moment before speaking again. “Theodora... Your grandfather was among the most respected officers in his department. A perfect example of what it means to protect and serve. Because of that, I cut you a lot of slack.” The chief glanced down at Theodora's report. “But this... This is absurd. A giant woman wrecked your patrol car? She's what you fired two rounds at?”
“Enormous” Theodora said before thr
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The First Shrink by Sihagen The First Shrink :iconsihagen:Sihagen 93 12
AS|C6 - Somber Love
We laid on the bed, holding one another for a long time. The wind blew in from the shattered window, chilling the entire space, I finally speak up, “Violet… there’s something I never told you about when I came back…”
She looks back into my eyes for a long while… saying nothing, but appearing contemplative.
“When I returned after the attack, three years ago, I tried to let you think I was just in a hospital somewhere, that’s not really what happened…”
She continues her silence, anger evident in her furrowed brow, she simply turned herself, sitting up… then in a surprisingly deep grave tone she finally responds, “Go on…”
“Well, I didn’t go to the hospital. I had a vision, or some kind of out-of-body experience where I was apparently dead.”
“I could see whiteness all around me, emerging subtly from the darkness which has enveloped me after the attack. I could see the outline of a wo
:iconjaiegantic:Jaiegantic 6 1
Neko Maid by nicetsukichi Neko Maid :iconnicetsukichi:nicetsukichi 726 90 Baby Kaiju Feeding by DiegoStars Baby Kaiju Feeding :icondiegostars:DiegoStars 15 3
The Darkest Shadows
Chapter 2: The Darkest Shadows
From the darkness came a fragrance, sharp, pungent, and cool; like someone had mashed mint leaves with the noxious refuse of a pasture. Gasping for breath I sit up, clutching my throat, eyes flying open as my head whips around to take in the surroundings. The great rolling green and yellow plains of the Western Empire dominate my view. The dirt is soft, like pounded flour, as I glance towards the kneeling figure beside me. The Eternal Shepherd grins from ear to ear as she corks a vial.
“Good morning, Empress.” She says as she offers me a hand, “You looked like a sleeping babe.”
Taking the woman’s hand I allow her to pull me up as I continue to gaze around the camp. “Where is the goddess?” I ask as the Shepherd brushes off the back of my dress.
“Her Grace? Well, she said her piece then vanished like the wind.” The Shepherd responded with a shrug, “Didn’t even stay for a drink, just poof.
:iconsamarkana:Samarkana 8 12
Helen Strolling by Samarkana Helen Strolling :iconsamarkana:Samarkana 21 17 Dom-Mini by Samarkana Dom-Mini :iconsamarkana:Samarkana 5 4
Mature content
AS|C5 - The Liar? :iconjaiegantic:Jaiegantic 8 27
Eldritch Girls Beach Chaos by janvill Eldritch Girls Beach Chaos :iconjanvill:janvill 57 10 Mana Comic Poster by DiegoStars Mana Comic Poster :icondiegostars:DiegoStars 15 37 Orca Leviathan by DiegoStars Orca Leviathan :icondiegostars:DiegoStars 12 4
TGG: Zoey's Cultivating Day
“I’ll see you girls tomorrow!” I waved to the girls, taking my guitar out with me. It wasn’t a big practice today, since we were about to head out on our first tour. We were mostly getting our things ready, because we were going out tomorrow to get our special tour bus. I’m getting ahead of myself…
My name is Zoey. I’m the guitarist in my band Iris Thorn. But what people notice more about me than the colorful highlights in my hair...was how short I am. Last I checked I was only 5 feet tall. It looks even cuter to the girls when I play, because my guitar is almost as tall as I am! But when I’m not playing with the girls, I’m also best friends with a goddess. Ever since Lexi told me about her new powers, I’ve been amazed by how much she’s grown...literally. I’m glad she’s adapting to her new self, but it might take me a bit more time to adjust to the fact that my BFF is now almost twice my size.
On the way home
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Defender of the Realms by Samarkana Defender of the Realms :iconsamarkana:Samarkana 15 15
The Heroic Trio: Part One
Part 1: A Chance Encounter
Ann and Melanie sat in a restaurant, eating Agnello al Forno in an Italian roadhouse. It was a few months since their transformation, and they learned a few more tricks to being supergirls. But that wasn’t what they are discussing over lunch.
“I told you the best places for food like this are always dives,” said Ann. “When I saw a place that had lots of bikes and trucks out front, I knew it was where I wanted to have lunch.”
Melanie looked at her. “I still think we could have found something closer than Umbria. There are lots of good Italian restaurants closer to home. I wanted to see the Met today.”
“Oh come on, you make it sound like a long trip! We can get anywhere in the world in five minutes. It takes less time than walking across campus used to.”
“Five minutes flight time-but then I have to get new clothes. There’s no way to do that fast and find what I want, it always takes at least 45 m
:iconsamarkana:Samarkana 13 0
Kip Time by tp-revamp Kip Time :icontp-revamp:tp-revamp 13 5
Contest 36: Bring Your Best
So given how short on time we have for this contest, as this one will end on August 3rd, so three weeks, this contest is going to be more straightforward.
Pick your best character, the one you are most comfortable with writing, and pick a major event in their life. I want to know the lore behind your characters, so is yours going to be a coming of age story? The birth of a sibling, defeating an adversary, or just going through a tough day or a great day. Day at the beach maybe?
Or maybe it is just them enjoying a day, show off your character interactions!
Since I am a teacher I always give examples. I am going to use Sakura shortly after her duel with Serra, where she learned some information about the enigmatic Black Knight.
Rather straightforward, but this is a chance for your favorite character to shine!
You have three weeks!
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Cindy in Wonderland cover by LordWolx

Time for another one! Like before, the rules are few. Present to me an idea no longer than 20 words. I will pick the ones I like the most and put them up on a poll. Then, whichever story idea gets the most votes I will turn into a single chapter short story. However, this time there is a new rule! I will only accept ideas that do not involve any of my characters. This will be a new idea with new characters. You can post them below, or simply send me a note. You have three nights (until Monday morning) to enter. I cannot wait to see what you all come up with.

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Emina and her boss (22)
Little comedy sketch starring myself and :iconeminahimesama:.

Emina's skill with a pencil is almost as good as my skill not to shut up.

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Emina and her boss (21) by LordWolx 

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Back to Work

Slowly sitting up, Mr. Robertson glanced around to find himself laying on his couch in his living room. “What... What happened?” he asked in a weak mutter while rubbing the tired from his eyes, the room's bright light bulb forcing him to keep his head facing down.

“Ah, you're awake dear” a familiar voice said. “Did you have a good rest Steve?”

A feeling of relief washed over Steve when he spotted his wife sitting at a table nearby. “I had the strangest dream Rosa...” he grumbled as he stretched out his arms. “Strange and ridiculous. It was about the Porter sisters next door.”

Rosa let out a nervous chuckle as one of the older of those two sisters suddenly walked into the room. “About that...” she mumbled.

“Hello Mr. Robertson” Amy said a relieved smile on her face. “I'm glad you're up. You gave me and Morgan quite the scare.”

Steve remembered the gigantic Morgan he'd dreamed sleeping in his barn. “I'm sorry about that” he said, pausing for a moment before clearing his throat. “Speaking of your sister... Is she-”

“I'm right here Mr. Robertson” Morgan's voice whispered loudly from behind, causing Steve to glance back at the window behind his couch and find a massive eye, easily the size of a large watermelon, staring back.

Such a sight caused Steve to nearly topple off the couch, Amy being able to catch him just in time. “Morgan!” Amy snapped as she helped the shocked Steve back on the couch. “Don't scare him like that! You've already made him faint once tonight.”

Morgan's huge eye quickly moved away from the window. “Sorry, sorry” she said, struggling to keep her voice quiet.

“I'm sorry Mr. Robertson” Amy apologized as she bowed. “Morgan and I didn't mean to scare you.”

“It's alright...” Steve grumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. “I was on the force for over forty years and I've never seen anything like this...” Steve took a deep breath through his nose. “Alright... Obviously I have some questions.”

“As did I” Rosa assured, sounding quite calm despite the fact that there was an enormous Morgan just outside. “But Amy here explained it all to me while we were waiting for you to wake up.” Rosa turned her smile toward Amy as she patted the chair beside her. “Amy dear, mind explaining everything to my husband?”

“Not at all” Amy assured as she took the seat Rosa was offering. Over the next few minutes, Amy described Morgan's current 'situation,' making sure to start from just a few days ago. She figured going through everything that happened concerning Leo, Cindy and Kip last year. “And so, I thought Morgan could use your barn while you were gone” she finished. “I just wanted her to not have to sleep outside every night.” Amy bowed her head. “I'm sorry. We shouldn't have used it without your permission.”

Steve paused for a moment to take in Amy's strange, but very real, tale. “It's fine” he assured. “You just wanted to help your sister. I get it.” Steve glanced over to his smiling wife and let out a sigh. “I suppose you can keep using my barn until you figure out a way to return Morgan to normal.”

“And we promise not to tell anyone about this” Rosa added, Steve quickly nodding in agreement.

The relieved Amy tried to thank the elderly couple, but someone else beat her to the punch. “Thank you so much!” Morgan cheered as her huge eye returned to the window, successfully startling Steve off his couch. “You're both so awesome!”

As Rosa let out a nervous chuckle, Amy's eye twitched. “Morgan...” she growled through her teeth. “Mind if we have a word in private?”

Morgan moved her head so her big smile was visible through the window. “Of course sis” she said.

Amy turned to Rosa and then Steve, giving them both apologetic bows. “Excuse me a moment” she said before marching outside. A few moments later, a single loud slap came from just beyond the window, followed by a loud yelp from Morgan.

A few moments later, as Morgan slowly pushed her upper body into the barn, Steve emerged from the back of his home and sat on his porch, a beer in hand. “This is crazy” he muttered to himself as he watched Morgan pull a large tarp over her legs.

“It is, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't help” Rosa said as she followed her husband outside.

“I know, I know” Steve said. “That's why we're not going back on our road trip and staying here.”

Rosa gently put her hand on her husband's shoulder. “I knew you were going to say that” she said with a proud smile. “That's the man I married. You've never failed to jump at the chance to help someone in need.”

Steve shrugged. “It's why I was a police officer for most of my life” he sighed. “Still... This problem might be a little out of my league.”

“Then we'll help them together” Rosa chuckled. “Besides, Amy said Morgan is only like this at night. Apparently she'll go back to normal tomorrow morning.”

“Thank god” Steve sighed. “I don't think my heart can take much more.”

Inside the barn, Morgan tried to make herself a little more comfortable, a task made much easier by the collection of pillows and wrap up blankets the Robertsons had given to her to be used as a single, huge pillow.

“I'm going to have to change the diner's hours” Amy muttered to herself as she stood just a few feet from Morgan's head. “Gives you enough time to shrink down and get ready.”

Morgan turned her head toward Amy. “I could-”

“No” Amy quickly growled. “You're not doing your job when you're like this.”

“I wasn't going to say that” Morgan pouted.

“Yes you were” Amy quickly corrected.

“But the diner...” Morgan said in a worried tone.

“It's fine sis” Amy assured with a smile on her face. “We'll make it work. For now though, just get some rest. We'll have to work extra hard tomorrow. Thankfully we open a little later on Tuesdays, so tomorrow shouldn't be too bad.” Amy turned to leave, only to pause for a moment before approaching Morgan's face and putting one hand on her sister's cheek. “Goodnight sis.”

“Goodnight sis” Morgan said back with a smile on her face.


The next morning came quick and Morgan spent the two hours from when she woke up to nine o'clock listening to music on her phone. When nine o'clock did finally hit, and she shrank back down to her normal size, Morgan emerged from the barn and stretched out her back.

“Back to normal I see” Rosa said with a smile as she approached Morgan carrying a warm cup of coffee. “Here.”

“Oh thank you Mrs. Robertson” Morgan said as she gently took the coffee when Rosa held it out to her.

“Nothing beats a good cup of coffee in the morning” Rosa chuckled as she watched Morgan drink down the hot beverage at an impressive rate. “But it looks like I didn't make it hot enough.”

“Don't mind her Mrs. Robertson” Amy sighed as she walked up to her younger sister. “Morgan here has always had a deep iron stomach.”

Rosa let out another chuckle as Morgan stuck her tongue out at Amy. “I can see that” she snickered. “My granddaughter is the same.” Rosa gave a shrug and turned to Amy. “So are you sure it'll be alright for Morgan to return to work with her 'condition?' It might be bad for business if she suddenly becomes a giant in the middle of a shift.”

“I'm pretty sure we've got nothing to worry about” Amy assured. “Morgan seems to consistently change size at the same time every day. All we'll have to do is open an hour later.” Amy let out a sigh. “Either that or hire another server.”

“Well if I know anyone who's looking for a job, I'll point them in your direction” Rosa said with a smile.

“I'm sorry sis...” Morgan mumbled as she averted her eyes in shame.

Amy gently put a hand on Morgan's shoulder. “It's not your fault sis” she assured warmly. “We'll work it out. Don't worry.” When Morgan didn't perk up, Amy pointed back to their home in the distance. “For now though... I think your favorite breakfast is sitting on the kitchen table.”

That brought a smile to Morgan's face, and Amy's younger sister quickly took off toward her home.

“Thanks again for your help” Amy said as she bowed her head. “Tell Mr. Robertson I said thanks to him as well.”

“I will dear” Rosa assured. “Once he wakes up that is. Steve has always been a late sleeper, but he'll be up soon enough.” Rosa snapped her fingers. “You know what Steve and I should do; Give that diner of yours a try. We usually try as many as we can while we're on the road, so we don't even bother with the local ones. I think it's time we change that. I'll invite some friends and give your place a little extra business while we're at it.”

“Oh you don't have to do that for-” was about as far as Amy got before Rosa suddenly turned and hurried back to her house.

“See you this afternoon!” Rosa cheered.


Later that day, barely an hour after noon, Amy stood at the front of her store and stared back into it's interior. They'd gotten a few customers since opening for lunch, but not as many as Amy would've liked. “Hey, no twirling while you're bringing the customers their food!” she growled after watching Morgan perform three quick spins on her skates while also carrying a round tray holding three meals. Impressively, not a single piece of food was thrown from their plates despite the speed of Morgan's spinning.

Morgan ignored her sister's complaint and handed the customers their food. “Just let me know if you need anything else” she said with a smile, skating away when the customers thanked her for the food.

“She's acting like the last two nights never happened” Amy thought, detecting not a hint of worry on her younger sister's face. “Nothing ever phases her.” The ringing of a bell signaled a new customer had entered the store, causing Amy to glance toward the front door. “Good day to you. Table for one?”

The woman, her tired black eyes and messing long blonde hair making her look like she hadn't gotten anywhere near enough sleep last night, remained silent and simply nodded.

“Please, follow me” Amy said with a smile, doing her best to ignore the mild smell coming from the woman. As the woman took her seat at a corner table, Amy maintained her welcoming smile as she placed a menu down in front of her customer. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Just water” the woman muttered as she leaned back into her chair. “Please.”

“Right away” Amy said. “My sister will be with you in just a moment to take your order.”

As Amy left to retrieve her drink, the woman picked up the menu and slowly scanned it, mainly focusing on the prices of the meals. Normally, she wouldn't have to worry too much on such low prices. But then she lost her job as a police officer... And now, now she had to be careful with her money. At least until she found some other form of employment. After Amy placed a glass of water in front of her, the woman waved her off and returned to the menu. “What should I get?” she wondered. “Probably just something small... For now.” Letting out a groan, the woman buried her face into the menu. “What did I do to deserve this? Theodora Robertson... You really messed up this time.” After thinking about it for a moment, Theodora slammed one fist on the table. “No. I didn't mess up. This is all that monster's fault.” Recalling her encounter with the giant woman, that resulted in her patrol car being totaled and her expulsion from the force, Theodora grit her teeth as she pictured the giant's face. “If I ever see her again I'm going to-”

“How are you today?” a female voice asked, startling Theodora out of her internal shouting. “What can I get for you?”

“Uh yeah, yeah...” Theodora said as she glanced up at the server. “I guess I'll have a... A... A...” Words failed Theodora as she stared up at the smiling face of the server. “You?”

A little confused, Morgan raised an eyebrow and glanced from side to side. “Me?” she questioned.

“What are you doing here?” was all the stunned Theodora could ask.

“I work here?” Morgan answered, a little worried by the customer's behavior.

Theodora paused for a moment, perhaps she was wrong. “Maybe I'm just mistaken...” she thought as she stared at Morgan's face, while also picturing the face of the giant she'd encountered two nights ago. “No... No it has to be her.”

Morgan used her smile to break the awkward staring. “Would you like to know the specials today ma'am?” she asked. “Our chef makes a pretty amazing steakburger. And his chicken is to die for.”

“Uh... Just the steakburger” Theodora said after snapping out of her thoughts. “With some fries please.”

“You got it” Morgan said with a smile before skating over to the kitchen window. “A Bovine House Guarded by a Small Platoon!”

“A Bovine House Guarded by a Small Platoon!” Kyle's voice echoed from the kitchen, followed by a few barks from Rusty, who was in the middle of taking a nap on his bed in the corner of the kitchen.

Theodora watched Morgan skate attend to the other customers, so focused she even forgot to blink. “That's her, I'm sure of it” she thought. “But... But she's normal size. Was that night a one time thing? Or...”

Throughout her entire meal, Theodora had kept her attention focused on Morgan, causing the server to approach her several times to ask if she needed anything, the only answer she gave was 'I'm fine, thanks.' When she finished, Theodora simply paid for her meal, adding no tip, and left the diner in a hurry.


As the day dragged on, Amy kept glancing over to the list of customers written by her desk. Not quite as long as she would've liked. “Maybe it's me” she thought as she let out a sigh. “Maybe I'm not welcoming enough to get people to come back.” The front door's bell rang again and Amy glanced up to find the Robertsons entering her diner. “Oh hello Mr. and Mrs Robertson” she said with a smile. “Welcome to the Porterhouse.”

“Hello dear” Rosa said as she smiled back, Steve using a simple smile and a wave for his greeting. “We're here, just like we said. And we brought some friends. How many tables do you have available?”

Amy glanced back to the diner's interior, and the one table with customers. “Too many” is the answer she felt like giving, but instead opted for “Plenty.”

“Excellent” Rosa said before signaling people behind her to enter. “Come on in everyone.”

Three people, roughly the same age as the Robertsons, entered the diner and gave Amy a smile before following Morgan to their table. Much to Amy's surprise, four more elderly people followed. Then two more. Then three. Then six more. Including the Robertsons, that totaled twenty people.

“I've never been to this place before” an old man said as he studied the diner's interior.

“Me neither” another man added. “But I've always wanted to check it out. Just never remembered where it was.”

“Well you're never too old to try something new” an elderly lady chuckled as she passed Amy.

Hearing the shuffling of so many people all at once, Kyle stuck his head out of the kitchen, Rusty quickly doing the same. “Oh wow” he gasped as he watched the crowd of elderly take their seats. “I'm going to be busy.”

“This is amazing” Morgan cheered, stretching out her arms to loosen herself up for what was about to be a very hectic hour.

“I hope it's we didn't bring too many people” Rosa said.

“I'm pretty sure it's fine” Steve chuckled, having noticed Amy's stunned expression.

“It's f-fine, it's fine” Amy assured, quickly regaining her composure by clearing her throat. “Please, come on in and I'll personally show you to your table.”

So if Kip and Pik had a third sister, would her name be Ipk or Ikp? hehe
“Oh this is not good... Not good at all...” Yuna muttered as she quickly paced back and forth, her green eyes frantically glancing around in desperate hopes of finding someway to fix her current situation. “I could've sworn I cast the right spell... But...” Yuna glanced over to the thick opened book of spells sitting atop nearby desk, which was so tall it's surface was at her eye level. Hurrying over to the desk, Yuna climbed atop the tall wooden stool, allowing her to see the entire page describing the spell 'Grandeous Statueos.' “This stupid thing was supposed to make me taller.”

Yuna thought back to the casting of the spell. She was sure she got everything correct, even triple checking the words that needed to be spoken as she waved her straight wooden wand. Unfortunately, rather than work correctly and increase her height from it's usual five feet to a more respectable five feet ten, she had instead shrunk down to a diminutive three feet tall. “I just wanted to be a little taller so people would stop patting me on the head” she grumbled to herself as she reread the page. “Is that too much to ask?”

Finishing the page again, Yuna scratched her head in confusion as she leaned forward, the stool's back legs lifting off the ground ever so slightly. “I don't understand” she groaned. “I did everything correctly. Master's book wouldn't be wrong, she's too much of a perfectionist to keep even one flawed spell.” Yuna let out a frustrated growl as she recalled that her master was the one who made fun of her height, patting her, cuddling her, even picking her up off her feet from time to time. “I have to fix this before she gets back. If she sees me like this...” Yuna gulped as she tried to block out the images of how her master would treat her now that she was barely the height of a young child. “Let's just fix this. Maybe there's another spell in here to reverse enchantments...”

Given the book's size and the impressive amount of detail put into every page, it took Yuna longer than she would've liked to find what she was looking for. “Ah, here it is” she said, a lot of relief in her voice as she spotted the spell 'Dispel.' Needing both hands, Yuna lifted the thick spell book off the desk before starting to get off the stool. Unfortunately, her shrunken stature caused her to misjudge the distance to the ground and topple off the stool, the heavy spell book landing on top of her a moment after her back hit the floor. “Oww... Stupid thing...”

After pulling herself out from under the book, Yuna got back to her feet and gave her blue robes a quick brush down. Lifting up the book, which was easily almost half the size of her entire shrunken body, Yuna carried it to the center of the circular room. Playing the book down opened to the Dispel page, Yuna readied her simple wooden wand. Focusing her magical essence inward, Yuna waved her wand twice before giving the top of her head a gentle tap. “Dispel.”

There was a shimmer of green light that sparkled above Yuna's head for a moment, followed by a strange sense of warmth that seemed to build up in her stomach for just a second before vanishing. Lastly, several red lines streamed out from Yuna, crackling into nothingness just a few feet from her. Unfortunately, nothing followed the brief magical display and Yuna remained the same size. “Should work any second now” she assured herself. “Any second now...”

After about twenty seconds of repeating the words 'Any second now' over and over, Yuna's frustration finally forced it's way out of her. “Oh come on!” she shouted. “Why isn't this working?!” After reading the spell's instructions again, once again finding that she had followed them perfectly, Yuna gave the large book a furious kick, immediately regretting it as pain shot up through her leg. “Oww! Oww! Stupid thing!” With her eyes closed and her hands clasped around her aching foot, Yuna didn't notice the golden shimmering lights appearing above her.

As the pain in her foot began to subside, if only a little, Yuna opened her eyes to try and see if she somehow missed something on the Dispel page. However, barely two seconds into scanning the page, Yuna noticed something strange. She seemed to have to lift her head up a little more than she would like in order to see the top of the page. “Wait a minute...” she muttered to herself as her eyes ran up and down the opened spell book. “Why does the spell book... Look... Bigger?!?” Yuna's eyes and jaw flew open when she realized that, somehow, she'd gotten even smaller. Now barely the same size as the book itself, the little Yuna frantically looked around at the chamber's now massively towering walls. Her panicked heart racing, Yuna desperately turned the book back to the Grandeous Statueos spell, needing both hands to turn each of the huge pages. Unfortunately, she found nothing on the page that illuminated any reasons as to why she was still shrinking.

Desperate to fix her stature problem, the foot and a half tall Yuna rushed back to the desk. “There might be something in one of master's other books” she told herself before reaching the stool. Latching onto one of the stool's legs, Yuna tried to shimmy her way up it, managing to get a few inches off the ground before loosing her grip and falling backside-first onto the floor. While rubbing her aching butt, and regretting her decision to hold off learning flight magic until next week, Yuna picked herself off the ground. “Let's try this again...”

After five failed attempts to climb the stool leg, all resulting in her making her backside hurt just a little more, Yuna eventually managed to drag herself on top of the stool. Needing a moment to recover, and also celebrate her rather impressive athletic feat, Yuna flopped onto her back, her tiny body small enough to fit on the stool even with her limbs sprawled out. Once she felt she'd rested enough, Yuna stood and walked to the edge of the stool closest to the desk. Despite her diminutive size, it didn't look too far from the stool to the edge of the desk. It might be possible for her to jump it. “If I mess up though...” she gulped as her gaze fell to the hard wooden floor below. “Better get a running start.”

Yuna was thankful for her smart thinking as, despite putting all her effort into her jump, she just barely reached the desk, landing on her feet just an inch from the edge. A few moments of waving and wobbling was what it took for Yuna to regain her balance, and she quickly moved away from what would be a fatal fall.

Turning her attention toward the small collection of books lined across the back of the desk, Each one as tall as she was, Yuna hurried closer, hoping that at the very least one of them contained the a spell to reverse her reduction. “Maybe that one?” she pondered aloud as she read the spine of a bright red book. “Conjuring Cures for Magical Aliments... That might have something. I hope.”

Gripping the edges of the spine with both hands, Yuna slowly pulled the heavy book out, needing to put one foot up against another book to do so. “Come on... Stupid thing...” she grunted. Thanks to her small size, it took Yuna a good thirty seconds to pull the book free from the line. “Now... Let's have a-” Yuna's eagerness to open the book quickly turned to fear as the instant she tried, the quite large book started to tilt away from her. Apparently, the line the book was a part of was the only thing holding it up. Unable to do anything but watch, Yuna was nearly knocked off her feet when the heavy book slammed into the desk.

After freezing up for a few moments, afraid the very act of moving would cause the rest of the stacked books to fall over, Yuna let out a relieved sigh. “Alright... Now let's give this thing a read” she thought as she made her way around to the side of the cover. Using both hands, Yuna lifted the cover up as high as she could, needing to use every ounce of strength she had to simply open the book. Letting out one last grunt, Yuna threw the cover open before letting out an exhausted sigh. “That was tough...” she huffed as she closed her eyes and wiped sweat from her forehead, not noticing the golden shimmering lights briefly reappearing around her head.

When she opened her eyes, the lights now gone, Yuna tried to read the book's first page. It only took her a moment to notice something that brought on a terrible sinking feeling. “I'm even smaller?!” she gasped aloud, her body now barely half the length of the now enormous looking book. “What?! How?! Why?!” Panic gripping her, Yuna desperately wracked her brain for an idea as she paced back and forth once again. “Oh no... Oh no, oh no, oh no... Why is this happening? Is this going to continue? What if I don't stop shrinking?”

Glancing down, Yuna ran a finger across the small amulet around her neck. Given to her by her master, Yuna could use the quite beautiful decoration to contact her magical mentor at anytime, and vice versa. Should she contact her master? It would be incredibly embarrassing and Yuna was sure her master would probably punish her for reading her master's secret book of spells. Then again, she was sure her master could fix this problem and all it would cost Yuna was an apology. A long, long apology... “I've got no choice...” she sighed. “I've got to-”


“Meow?” Yuna questioned, confused as to why in the world she'd have to do such a thing. A second meow, sounding quite loud and nearby, caused Yuna to freeze up when she realized what must've been right behind her. Slowly turning her head, Yuna found her worst fears confirmed. Behind her was her master's newest familiar, a small tabby kitten that was now the size of an elephant, comparatively speaking. “Oh... Hello Mister Mittens... What brings you here?”

Mister Mittens let out a quiet meow as he went from a sitting position to laying on his stomach, his paws curling in slightly as if he was preparing to pounce.

Knowing exactly what to do, Yuna threw up her arms. “Hey!” she shouted. “No! Bad kitty!”

Startled by the tiny Yuna, Mister Mittens leaped backwards as his fur poofed out.

“Let that be a lesson to you” Yuna growled, a pleased smirk on her face as she crossed her arms. “Now then I need to-” Yuna quickly cut her sentence short when she noticed several small shimmering lights appear around her head. “What are those?” Suddenly, the lights flickered out of existence. “That was strange. Now then...”

Mister Mittens let out another meow, this one sounding louder and much deeper than the previous meows.

After letting out a sigh, Yuna turned her attention back to the kitten, throwing up her arms and getting ready to tell the familiar off. However, she quickly found herself unable to speak a word when she noticed Mister Mittens had somehow doubled in size and was now looming over her. “Huh...” a quick scan of her surroundings revealed to Yuna that, once again, she'd shrunk down once again. “Oh dear... H-hey Mister Mittens... Y-you know I w-was only kidding when I c-called you a bad kitty right?” When Mister Mittens suddenly prepared to pounce, Yuna quickly tapped her thigh with her wand and whispered two words. “Fleet Foot...” Like a bolt of lightning, Yuna took off across the now vast wooden desk, Mister Mittens quickly chasing after her.

“This sucks! This sucks!” Yuna screamed as terrified tears poured from her eyes. Snatching her amulet up in one hand, Yuna screamed into it. “Master! Master help!” Yuna was forced to dive to the side when Mister Mittens tried to slam his paw down on top of her. Springing back to her feet, Yuna found herself barely a few inches from the desk's edge, the enormous kitten mere moments away from catching her. “Help! Help! Help!”

“Enough!” a woman's voice suddenly snapped, scaring both Yuna and Mister Mittens stiff.

“Master?!” Yuna gasped as she and the familiar frantically glanced around. “Master where are you?”

Suddenly, a woman no bigger than a few inches appeared laying atop Mister Mittens' head, one boot in the air as she rested her chin on her palms. On her head she wore a curved, pointy purple hat, angling it just enough so that her smirk could be seen. “Right here Yuna” the sorceress snickered, easily able to stay balanced thanks to Mister Mittens being too terrified to move. “You look like you're having a LITTLE trouble.”

As the sorceress' snickering increased in intensity, Yuna rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips. “Not funny” she sighed.

“Oh Yuna” the sorceress giggled. “You really need to GROW your sense of humor.”

“Not funny” Yuna growled as she clenched her trembling fists.

“This looks like a very SMALL problem you've got here” the sorceress cackled, tears of joy pouring out of her eyes.

“NOT FUNNY!” a furious Yuna snapped, her fury quickly changing to fear when she felt her master's hand upon her shoulder. Glancing back, Yuna nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw her master now standing behind her, a wicked smirk on her face.

“Oh but it is funny” the sorceress giggled. “Yuna... Why did you think it would be a good idea to go through my most private book of spells? Did you not think I would have a little 'insurance' attached to it?” Hearing her apprentice gulp nervously brought a smile to the sorceress' face. “I put a reversal enchantment on that book. Anyone other than me who reads from the book will find every spell they cast reversed. Therefore... That silly little height increase spell you cast...”

“Will actually shrink me...” Yuna finished in an annoyed grumble. “And the Dispel I cast to get rid of it...”

“Only enhanced it” the sorceress snickered as she gave leaned forward, resting her arms and then chin atop Yuna's head. “I hope you've learned your lesson Yuna. Touching other people's property without permission is wrong.”

“I know...” Yuna sighed. “I'm sorry master.”

“Apology accepted” the sorceress said with a smile before snapping her fingers. Both the sorceress and Yuna suddenly vanished, reappearing on the floor just a few yards away from the desk.

Yuna let out a relieved sigh when she realized she was back to her normal size. “Oh thank you...” she said, only for her relief to be quickly turned to irritation when her master, who was also back to her normal height, to give her a super tight hug.

Thanks to the sorceress' impressive stature just shy of six feet, the simple act of a hug nearly buried Yuna in her chest. “You're most welcome” the sorceress giggled, ignoring her apprentice's muffled cries of protest. “Don't worry Yuna. I won't let anything happen to someone so cute.” Suddenly, a curious expression appeared on the sorceress' face and she loosed her grasp, allowing Yuna to take a much needed breath. “Yuna I have to ask; Why did you want to make yourself taller anyway?”

“I... I just wanted to get a little respect...” Yuna said, averting her eyes in shame. “That's all...”

“And you think a little height would give you more respect?” the sorceress asked, without a hint of sarcasm in her voice. When Yuna slowly nodded, a big smile appeared on the sorceress' face. “Well... I suppose after what you went through, I can help you get all the respect you could ever want.”

Yuna's eyes lit up for a moment before returning to a more concerned width, one eyebrow raising up slightly. “Wait... What does that mean?” she questioned as she stared up at her master's smile.

Snapping her fingers, the sorceress took a few steps away from Yuna. “Enjoy” she giggled before snapping her fingers a second time, causing her and Mister Mittens to vanish completely.

A strange tingling feeling overcame Yuna and she glanced down to her right hand, where the tingling seemed to be the most intense. A second later, her hand suddenly bulged out, becoming four times it's size in an instant. “Oh no...” was all the terrified Yuna could mutter before her entire body suddenly started to do the same. “Not funny...” she grunted as she quickly found herself pressing against both the roof and the floor of the chamber. “Not funny!”

Outside, atop a small hill, the sorceress stared at a large circular tower in the valley below, Mister Mittens resting comfortably in her hands. A little giggle escaped her lips as she watched the now gargantuan limbs of her apprentice explode out of the tower, followed by Yuna's head erupting from it's top. “I'll gladly take the extra hour to restore my tower with time magic if it means Yuna will stop going through my things” she said before glancing down at her cat. “Well Mister Mittens. How long do you think I'll have to leave her like that for her to learn her lesson?” When the kitten simply meowed once, the sorceress smiled and nodded. “All day? So be it.” Turning her attention back to her now crumbling tower, the sorceress couldn't help but laugh as her colossal, and very annoyed, apprentice appeared within the towering dust cloud.

“NOT FUNNY!” Yuna's voice boomed, causing the entire valley to shake.
Gigantic at 5'4 Season 2 Chapter 3! (on Patreon)
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