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Yousei Teikoku Tribal



Just a quick upload. This is my rendition of the full Yousei teikoku symbol. I just kinda did it for practice and thought i might as well upload it. It was done in adobe illustrator in less than an hour (long time i know xD). Good practice using inflection points (for those who have any idea what i'm talking about.)
Anyway i'll probably use it as the background of my phone or something. If you need this for whatever reason feel free to use it.
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Lol i has no idear what inflection points are, i don't know any of the names of the tools either i just go by da fancy picturs and stuff
i dunno how i missed dis submission, looks like a strange furby insignia or something. If furbies were evil they'd use this as a flag
im also trying to put in severl errors and type-o's just cause;