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DD: World Wrestling Team Championship 1

Hihihi. :wave: After watching the first wave of User OC with Tyra Oeil-de-loup from :iconqdla:,Princess Irisi from :icongreatestfiend:,Ceria of Vaal from :iconkagato007: and Cleo from :iconharpyqueen: now we move to the next art following after User OC.So our next art will be in Sexy and Mature Gallery. :clap: In my early journal of this month,January 2018 I have mentioned one art taking the former artwork characters into Sexy and Mature Gallery.Yes! :nod:

“In Sexy and Mature Gallery we have a group of ladies in previously artwork will be taking part as Beach Wrestling in this artwork I will taking in is D&D girls by :iconmaelora69: formerly her 68 characters in and in here all of them are mature content :nod: and the way I do is like an artwork got link from previously and next type but one thing good in here they are not like artwork which update one and two in a month but this will be appear no one time but two to three time in one month.”

So in this beach wrestling contest is based on D&D formerly 68 ladies in which they appear in the artwork and the way I do in here is couple art only two in and no one character pose ore more characters in this may look the same as :iconmaelora69: did once in DandD 4E  gallery folder which her D&D had took part in some xtreme game but not all her characters was eventually in but in here I just wanted to finish what she left behind it. :nod:

So back to the art in here the first beach wrestling team. :clap: So behold Ladies and Gentlemen I gave you the two ladies from Dungeons and Dragons by :iconmaelora69: they are Keira Dukely and Alathea aka Thea.Ah!The two main leader in Dungeons and Dragons from :iconmaelora69:. :clap: So this is the second World Wrestling Team Championship since the first did in :iconmaelora69: many year ago now it has return into my gallery.So the first World Wrestling Team Championship it will be wise for the main leader in,Keira and Alathea.Since the first World Wrestling Team Championship was held in Moonstair Coast something but today the Dungeons and Dragons girls from :iconmaelora69: will be held in Divine Crystal Beach is was a private beach for Imperial somewhere in Imperial Earth which I was partly my story.

So the second TribeMeet will be held in Divine Crystal Beach held by Keira and Alathea with the support of Imperial to order test the skill of her people,the 68 ladies counted in Keira and Alathea.In 68 characters some of them was choose by Keira and Alathea.But not all will choose by the two leaders they are some end up team up with their lover partner.By the way I do did a dialog in here to turn the art look more enjoyment watching and reading it.

Keira: Thank,Lord Antaurus for organize our TribeMeet by using your beach.

Antaurus: You are welcome.At least your World Wrestling Team Championship will boost our forces.

Caesar: Father,did mother and Sarah know about this event and where are them?

Antaurus: Don’t worry,son.I have sent both of them on a long mission they will not know our wonderful World Wrestling Team Championship.

Caesar: Still…

Armterror: You fear so much,Lord Strategist.Enjoy the show like I enjoy watching the girls.

Helena: ARMTERROR!!!

Armterror: Darling.

Alathea: Hahaha.Your wife?

Armterror: Yes.

Helena: Nice to meet you.I am Helena,Queen of Easternor.

Alathea: I am Alathea,Queen of Sylvan Elf.Call me ‘Thea’.

Keira: Ok!Back to here.Our second TribeMeet was a game call World Wrestling Team Championship all the girls around Dungeons and Dragons from :iconmaelora69: will be meeting up in here.

Helena: So D&D 68 girls,is it?

Alathea: Yes,Miss Helena.

Keira: Yes!Each team member will wrestle each other’s on this beach the last team will face us and winner we will reward.

Zulwrath: I wish I can join this event.

Helena: Expect you are a girl in D&D and so you will.

Alathea and Keira: So let the game begin.

Next: DD: World Wrestling Team Championship 2 with Kiris Dahn aka Kiri and Markella Zante.

While I am doing this art I was listen quite a lot music in here some were them are inspire this art.

I'll build a little collection of these my beautiful music for this.Here's my collection:

:pointr: Costa del Sol from Final Fantasy 7.…

:pointr: Raid The Mighty Force from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.…

:pointr: Dusk of Katan from Rappelz.…

:pointr: Taklamakan Field from Silkroad Online.…

:pointr: Last Debate from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.…

:pointr: Legend of Dragon Valor (End Credits, Part 2) from Dragon Valor.…

:la: Well! :la: In the end I hope you all enjoy it so much with :love: this and you are free to comment it or :+fav: it. :bow:

Keira Dukely and Alathea aka Thea belong to :iconmaelora69:

Custom design by :iconmaelora69:

Costa del Sol soundtrack from Final Fantasy 7 © Square Enix

Raid The Mighty Force soundtrack from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria© tri-Ace and Square Enix

Dusk of Katan soundtrack from Rappelz

Taklamakan Field soundtrack from Silkroad Online

Last Debate soundtrack from Return of the King © Peter Jackson

Legend of Dragon Valor (End Credits, Part 2) soundtrack from Dragon Valor

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Love their physiques
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Thank you so much.I am so glad you like it so much. :la:

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Those Boobs Are Larger Than My Knees XD

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Hmm, Small Tits For Life ;w;

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Not Really A Fan Of Big Things- Cuz I've Been Lost In Big Crowds, Big Stores, & Anything Where I Get To :3

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edit: booooooooooooooooooooooobies

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press b for boobies

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Thank you so much.I am so glad you like it so much. ^^;

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I really do! Wank Bank material

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how is this mature content? its traditional art!

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Hehehehe. =D That are more inside my gallery. :nod:

Thank you so much.I am so glad you like it so much. ;)
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Thank you so much.I am so glad you like it so much. :aww:
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