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LITERALLY SHAKING! America is Over! Or is it?
Okay, I know I promised to do my next rant on gender issues, but hey, you can't blame me. It's not exactly topical. what IS, however, is the elections. Trump won (By proxy, but that isn't important) and a lot of people aren't very happy about that. There's this huge melodramatic outrage from SJWs everywhere. So sit still, quit your literal shaking, and read up. I'm gonna go over some of these arguments.
"How could you let a racist, xenophobic, transphobic, sexist, mysogynist, homophobic bigot become president?"
You have only yourself to blame for this. These are all rumors. Hoaxes. Created to slander Trump because 'Hah, there's no way he can win, right?'. Instead of fact-checking or applying reason, they listened to a biased viewpoint and perpetuated it. So what if he said something bad about a woman? So what if he wants illegal people to get official papers before moving in? The real bigots are the people forming literal riots in protest to him. And as Shoe0nHead once said: LGBT Ameri
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Tim Dyson
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I'm a writer and gamer in both video games and tabletop.

Playing Monster Hunter World, drop me a line if you'd like to hunt with me.

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Playtime 13-32
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That aura of retribution is going to be a problem it seems.

Play Time is written by me and drawn by :iconakuoreo:
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Oy, really high on my list of arguments that need to die is the "human nature" argument.  "We need a state cause humans are evil/greedy/dumb/etcetc..."

First problem of course is it's always asserted with no evidence and really, that's good enough reason to dismiss it.

Second: It's an admission that you took the 5$ psychology class instead of the 10$ one.  The only thing humans inherently are is adaptable.  Looking at times of war and claiming humans are inherently violent is no different than looking at eskimos and saying humans inherently live in igloos.  No, they just do those things because that's the environment they're in.

Third: It's NEVER applied universally.  Whether it's pretentious blowhards criticizing humanity as though they aren't part of it or state worshipers who say we need the state cause humanity sucks and you wonder how you're going to break the news to them that those in charge of the state ARE humans.

So next time you hear people say we need rulers cause people can't rule themselves, just ask them "So tell me, who's this non-person you're planning on voting for next election?"
Playtime 13-31

So the clones have a reason for their actions.

Play Time is written by me and drawn by :iconakuoreo:
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Playtime 13-30

It's a duel then!

Play Time is written by me and drawn by :iconakuoreo:
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DM's often have lists of problem players but one who I never see talked about is something I call the wallflower.  This is the player who seems to be plagued by stage fright that they just can't seem to get over.  They always just go along with the group quietly.  They always wait to be prompted to do things, never taking initiative.  And oh gods, if they are EVER in a position where they have to make a decision, they will delegate that decision to someone, ANYONE else, immediately.

I do sympathize with them as someone who was incredibly timid all through school.  You want to be more involved but you're terrified you're going to do something wrong and make a fool of yourself.

To said players, I will tell you right now.  Making a fool of yourself creates some of the best DnD stories.  You're absolutely NOT doing something wrong when that happens.  This is not a job interview.  It's you and your friends having some fun and if you get a laugh out of people, that's a success.  Not a failure.

To DM's, this might help you as it has helped my players often times.  Make heavy use of downtime between adventures.  Get your players to answer the question "what do you do when you're not adventuring?"  In an earlier campaign, we had a cleric who hadn't really characterized herself that well.  That all changed when I talked with this player out of game about her goals and such and we ended up coming up with the idea of her starting a campaign to have a temple of Maou added to the city.  She ran a petition, got enough public interest.  The city council arranged a meeting where she was brought before a group of investors who had all manner of questions for her to answer about her plan.  He was actually legitimately nervous about this which is good, it meant he was now invested in his character.  In the end, the project was approved and things rolled on from there.  He's been a much more active player since then.  Just had to crack that ice a little bit.

Had a similar experience with an alchemist in the group who hadn't done much to distinguish his character.  Once again, we got together and talked about his character.  She would end up going on to found an apothecary, hired employees and in the current campaign I'm running, it's now become a megacorp still run by her as an NPC.  This made her character more distinct too and much more fun.  She did things that were unnerving and strange but were ultimately serving the cause of good.  It was like "What if a mad scientist was playing for the other team?"

And yes, this was the alchemist: Laxis by LordTHawkeye

And this was the cleric: Suihebi by LordTHawkeye

Bottom line: To shy players, don't let doubts waste good ideas.  Got an idea?  Pull the trigger!  Even if you fail, it beats coasting on mediocrity any day.  Just trust me on that.  This is a game, no real lives are at stake here so just have fun, whether your ideas work on not.  At least you'll have a story to tell either way.
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