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Well... at last... this one took me some time to get done, but I loved the process, it was so much fun!
This is not one of my own drawings by the way, I only put some color in it, you can find the original pencils on 's gallery, that's some serious talent! WOW!!!!

Anyway... here it is... hope ya like it, c ya later! (full view please =P)

TMNT RULES!!!!!!!! :tmnt1::tmnt2::tmnt3::tmnt4:
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Cool!!! Ninja turtles, I love it!
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I love them more :D
:ahoy::tmnt1: :ahoy::tmnt2: :ahoy::tmnt3: :ahoy::tmnt4: :ahoy:
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This looks really good! Nice work!
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La verdad un trabajo espectacular
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Whats up? i dont know anything about technical design, but i really liked the shadows/shading and the lighting on the swords and headband...well i liked everything about it... chaaale, no se porqué empezamos con el inglés... creo que me fuí con la finta de los demás jojojojo.

Saludos, ah por cierto, soy Mona eh!!!, nomás que pus con la sesión del hermano jojo :P... chéveres también el resto de las fotos... ya me vi. :)
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ah quiuuubole! muchas gracias por el comentario! deberías abrir una cuenta tuya, por aqui como que ni sé si vas a leer los comentarios =p
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maestro te kedo bien chido eres master genial
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gracias por el comentario, que cool que te gustó :)
apenas estoy aprendiendo, un día d estos quiero hacer algo hiperrealista y que de neta parezca una foto, espero no tardarme mucho en adquirir esa calidad
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leonardo leads...and you WIN
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Glad u liked it :D!!!
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Holy-!! The coloring is just fantastic! :wow: The texture of everything is so smooth...!
I love it! GJ! :love:
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thanks a lot ^o^
it took me ages to get it done, but I'm really happy that so much people liked it! It's great when people likes your work, thank you so much for your comment :D, and I'm glad u too liked it ^-^
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i love these really dark, brooding turtles sketches. dont get me wrong, i loved the old cartoon series, but its nice to see that people are finally taking the turtles seriously! Nice Work!
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yeah, but see i grew up with the old series. it was my first intro to the blessed Superhero genre (and, according to my dad, the fact that they were all named after Renaissance artists just sealed the deal for me :D)

when the 03 series came out - Oh my God, i cant believe myself now - i went into huffy fan-girl mode and refused to watch it on principle. (How stupid am i?) But now ive been watching every episode i can find on YouTube and im so into it! it is pretty dark but its just great to watch. Im rediscovering my childhood obsession . . . ive even found a few online comics and read them - ps. they're really good too!

sorry :giggle: u will have to forgive me it IS an addiction!
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well... I gotta admit... at first I too felt sad and angry about the new series... It happens a lot that something rules as it is, and then someone decide to make something "better" and in the end it spoils the original concept... but then I found an article that said that the new series was really like the original comic books, and after that... well :P I already downloaded the first 3 seasons... and only 80% more to get the 4th!!! I can't wait!
I really fell in love with the new series, all the turtles have attitude now, Raph is REALLY cool now, not like in the 80's, Mikey is really funny, I love when he is mocking around about the Battle Nexus champion stuff... ha ha ha ha, Leo is way cool in his own style, and Donny too, all of 'em are different now... well... what else can I say? I love TMNT... can't wait for the new movie to be released!!!!!
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ditto! i suppose its ok to remake old series' as long as its done with the original in mind. like the new movie . . . ive read loads of interviews with the director and he SO gets what the turtles are all about! he sounds like the perfect guy to bring the turtles up to date.
i guess one thing that kept me away from the new series was . . . just the fear of dissappointment. (no worries there then!).
Yeah, theyve given each character their own unique personality and they all just work so well together. lol, Mikey is freakin' hysterical! i loved it when he beaned Raph in the nose with a marshmallow in "Reflections" :rofl: Shredder rocks too, one downfall in the original sereis was . . . lets face it, you just cant take him seriously! but he is bloody scary now, theyve really cranked up that element of danger.

hey, where did you download ur episode from? id buy the series volumes on DVD but i honestly dont think theyve been released ni the UK. i cant seem to find them anywhere.

ps. sorry. i WILL stop stalking you soon, i promise
LordTerrato's avatar
I really don't care, I love chatting :) you can stalk as long as u want ^-^
about the series... you can contact me by MSN messenger if you want, so that I can send you the files to let you download them right away! waddaya say?

And yeah... the villains in the 80's cartoon never inspired any kind of fear... Bebop and Rocksteady were so lame... now there are a lot of new villains, and they really mean serious trouble!!! I sometimes get tired of seeing the turtles get into so much problems every episode, ha ha ha, but hey, it's what is all about!

I don't remember "reflections"... at least not that specific incident, I'll check it out again, but yeah, Mikey rocks! always make me smile... and so Casey Jones's mum... ha ha ha ha!!! can u remember when she apeared? the last line was something like "and by the way Casey, you don't have to do it now, but I'd like to hear the story behind the giant rat and the turtle someday..." ha ha ha ha! :lmao:
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REALLY? that'd be AWESOME!! erm . . . i dont have MSN . . . could i send you a note sometime when i get an account and you could send me the files. Thanks mate!

hmm , no sorry i havent seen that one . . . "the giant rat and the turtle" ??? :rofl: Sounds hysterical! like i say, ive only been able to catch the odd one of YouTube. Some of the later eps are being show on Weekend mornings so im gonna try and catch those if i can . . . Saturday's was "Insane in the Membrane" . . . i dont know if uve seen that one, i know it was censored in the US coz they said it was too gross/scary. Gross/scary, yes. but only marginally moreso than most other episodes.
LordTerrato's avatar
well... that's one of the 4th season episodes, I'm still downloading it, just finished watching the 3rd season today :D! as always it was super cool!
Can't wait for the 4th to be done... I guess this weekend I'll be stuck watching TMNT all day long...

anyway, as soon as you open your account let me know, it'll be a pleasure to help you, and chat more... erm... "personaly"?... whatever ^-^

C ya later! thanks for stalking me :ninja: ha ha ha ha ha! I hope at least I managed to entertain you :)
Sea-Wolf88's avatar
absolutely! i'll get back to you soon, sit tight dude!
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he he he, thanks a lot, I've always took 'em seriously :D! The truth is I don't really like the 80's cartoon that much =P... I love the new 2k3 series beacuse they are more like an adaptation from the original comic in many ways, except of course the color masks... but if they used the all red ones, even less people would've suported the project...
By the way, I'm really glad that you liked the pic ^-^ but it's not all my work, I only put some color into it, check out 's gallery, he have awesome TMNT sketches too!
Thanks a lot for the comment! C ya!
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ps. thanks for the pencil artist link!

whoa, that guy is good, isnt he!
LordTerrato's avatar
seriously! that's why I couldn't resist coloring one of his sketches =P! I just had to :D
glad u liked it, and I'm sure he's happy too ^-^
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like it!!!

go ninja turtles! =)
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