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Nazrul Syafiq Bin Mazlan
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~Home Sweet Home~
Greeting and May The Almighty Bless Everyone in DA and the World,

I'm have returned and here to offer the necessary tips for everyone, hopes it helps in your drawing to improve further. I'll elaborate into parts:-

- It doesn't matter what games you play (dating sims, strategy, action and more) but it's a collection in every aspect from the professional...(Japanese, American and Korean online games) and don't mind the console (PS2, PS1, PSP, PC, XBOX360 and etc..) in many ways in what you have, you now having a full references in your arsenal and can be applied into your drawings..Meaning? OK, here's a hint, to the artist, maybe some of them the game is just usually to release tension and just for free time but in my experiences in art with games it have a different's the list :-

A. Games have a variety creation of arts in them and can be applied in your drawing with a bit modifications and twist in designs...How? try take one of your favourite games characters or according to your tastes..then imagine your character merges the designs with the same time try to change some of it features to look like your character(s) Example : God of War Kratos - Your character maybe a swordsmen, Imagine that you merge them into one and you modify the faces with your character and put some details and armor within the designs..the you just create a new pattern of clothes and armor to its former designs...but maintain it's brawny build but changed the weapon with your designs...Holla~! You just created a character from a game but it have instead your modified character(s)..this is not the only option but as I say everyone have their own tastes but this method can be applied to all arts creation and drawings...

B. Details and Designs are the main features that make the characters stands out in games and others genre but let's look closely didn't you notice that the designs and details you can just grab it and twist it a little bit to formed a new one that is your originality? Most people tend that copycat is the fastest way to develop BUT I suppose in my opinion in it doesn't matter you're a copycat or not, but you cannot be a copycat all the time instead your satisfaction in art will much more fulfilled when you have your own universe of character(s) and stories in which you created AND only using your own and people will recognize and appreciate you more..OK, back to the topic...In other words like Dawn of War when you play the game there's a lot of designs that you can implement in your details of the armor and characters also the designs of weapons and armors into your own arsenal BUT with a twist and modifications so that people will say Woow~!! that Awesome~!...and you have just created your own art universe in your own styles..

C. Stories and Character's Feeling - this is the main part where you will understand more about your own character(s) when you imagines and draw it...and come up with a BOOM story that will make people want to read more...Try playing the games, read manga, novels or anything including news in the paper also can give you a story in your own Manga isn't it? BUT try to understand the story behind it and feel the emotions, rage, love, sadness, and more as if you the one who understand it fully then with that feeling try to make a story based from it then as usual twist it and modify to make it your own so that it will have the newest and super-creative-imaginative story. At the same time think about what's the feeling in it and how your character(s) will react to the flows...also, you will need to know that what the situations, what makes it like that, why, and how..but as usual you'll need strong foundations in basics and applied it everytime..I know it sounds hard but I have practiced it for 8 years since I first have my PC's and PS1 when I'm 13 and still going for it...But then again, it's up to everybody in how they want to do it...

D. Messages and Behind Stories - every story have their own messages in every thing that happen when you play, the meaning of friendship, love, affection, betrayal and evil do have their own messages if you watch and play it several times...You cannot just understand it in one play, even a novelist, read back his own torn pages old books more than several times to keep refreshing his mind in what he wants to get his messages across in his new books...In other words, your character(s) designs have their own messages like how they live, what culture, how their world is and many more in just one drawings or illustrations...It may take time but to know the story in their art did you look only in one time then understand it clearly? of course not...You repeatedly look into it and maybe ask for the creator or look into the web for it's opinion to understand it clearly just like games...

2. Imagination - you must imagine everytime your character in your mind and everytime means everyday, every hour, minutes and second while you do your activities. This also can be enhanced by MP3 player or radio or computer songs while you do your work and activities....
- This will enable you to visualize more frequently your characters and in 360 degrees along with your animations in your mind with your own variety of characters...The benefit will becoming excels in your time when you drawing since you have a solid imagination and image of your own characters....Try imagine for 2 or 3 days then work on it..It's working since I'm doing this daily without compromise...

3. References - you must have an adequate resources of books and to tell you the truth, I don't have many books and references but I buy a number of books and keep reading it and study it until I have memorize what style and details that I want...after that, I keep doing this until I have become bored then buy a new one then it really means that you have a certain knowledge about the Manga and the style that you will implement in your next drawings....
- This will enable you to have a vast knowledges about the recent style of Manga since it's infinite and have many varieties. You must equip yourself with knowledge first in what book or Manga or download files you just purchased....Set a number of resources you want to have then categorize it according to what you aiming in your drawings or arts...The review this resources until you have gone bored then purchased a new one after you have study and memorize the style, details and other things you want to know and study...This is my style so just follow your heart and mind in what you want....

4. Songs - Now this is very important since this will enable you into frenzy mode in your drawings and art....When listening to a song remember that you need a vast amount of songs or music to really know the souls of your drawings...Example, when you listen to a J-Pop music, you must really imagine the cheerfulness, power, flow, beat and strength of the music, then while you listen to it...Automatically your hand will start moving on its own without you forcing it...then Walla, you've just sketching one of the amazing arts....
- This will enable you to do variety of drawings according to the music and produce souls to your drawings. According to my research when I started drawing, the Manga artists forte is music that channels its strength to the artist to produces an art that excels the expectations of others to you....Try if you can while doing nothing or just wanted to draw in free time with MP3 player to your ears......Remember, apply this three tutorials first in everytime of your life since you will have to produce many arts before you will step into the top...

Here's NEWEST UPDATE of knowledge, info and advices for everyone:-

  Many of my students ask me before, what tools you need to bring your arts to the max level. I answer "The problem is NOT the tools, BUT the understanding of rock-solid basic (Penciling is the First one on how to color by contrasity, then Inking), skills and yourself with hand". Master these, any tools you use shall be the greatest weapon to produce the quality arts. I use Ballpoints in inking since cheap tools also can produce like what I did same like Unipen & G-pen. It's only back to this question "How are going to do it?" the answer, look around your available resources and have fun with it. Think of it as a game puzzle in the form of art with you as the main artist in adventure of your own fantasy art world.

Many might disagree BUT to be honest I look back towards the artist in the old time like Stan Lee, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso and many more along with modern time, like Emperp, Gofu-Web, KahoOkashii, Marionette Ex and of course everyone including you from all angle (Beginners, Amateurs and Pros, Traditional & Digitals) to assimilate both and review what they accomplish in arts. Learn the new and old, assimilates THEN, combine them in daily routine, practices and train yourself slowly to make your originality and greatest masterpiece..

Another is, ask the Pros, Amateurs and Beginners to know their comments and even know they they don't say much and maybe say bad words, ask them," Any advice for me to do it better?". IF they don't say, move long and always many shall lend ya a hand X33 Modesty and Humbleness also a factor to move forward.

I have 2 new drawing tips for you all. Ok so, when it comes to draw, there are 2 things necessary, I'll elaborate it for you and everyone:-

1. Discipline:-
When drawing, you MUST train yourself to make it like a routine to perform basics cleaning lines to coloring in proper order. I'll make a comparison, between the drawing that messy, and fast draw and the drawing that look clean and take time and consideration to make it. Of course, the messy and fast-drawn will eventually sacrifice the quality of the work with it's cleanliness, makes people think (in the terms of reality of working in studio etc.) you're lazy... the other one, clean & consideration shall make the viewer think you are careful, taking care of your works and hardworking to produce the best of the best.

You can make fast one actually, not restrictions. But ask yourself and your confidence first, whether your skills are up to the challenge. As for me, slow and steady as it's the best route in drawing, I follow Leonardo Da Vinci methods when performs my drawing, taking my time, having fun and research slowly also earn experiences in many ways. The result is, my drawing itself as you see.

P/S: Some people says, today they need it FAST, but sometimes do it slowly as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Michaelangelo did their works for many years, and still famous and their work are admired for lifetime. The same goes for modern times, you just need to train the ways of oldtimers, before the computers were invented to produce the best quality. then, once it have  become routine, then go for the digital and assimilates the way of old, train it again to become routine. The result of this discipline, you have a variety of ways to express your work and can handle many things when drawing.

This is what many people lacks as of today (not all actually, ask yourself) where they need to do it in instant, where patience is not in their heart. For example, as the above in no.1 says, Discipline training also need your patience as it will nurtured you to become a calm yet quality artist. IF you just want to draw fast and to get many feedbacks without using the No.1, surely, you'll gain it for a short time not a very lasting one... Many wants their work to be everlasting before making anew one actually and patience in drawing to develop it is one of the key itself...

Patience itself can make provide you not just in drawings but in life also to withstand the current tides of the world. When patience were instilled inside you, you'll never have to worried and can make accurate decision to perform your task even when something bothers you. As you see in many old ways, they withstand great hardship to make arts and they succeed even after they long gone. History of Arts tells us back on how they do it, the methods and the tips, ONLY it's up to you to merge it into today's world.

P/S; My method of training my patience, is reading one by one the words of movies, books, novels, games, Manga etc etc. It's a mental breaking (I'm a Chronic Schizophernic in the end, but I'm very grateful my training paying off with almost the cost of my sanity, even the Old famous artist is a mental-problem person (I don't remember which one)) for years. When I do my drawings, it has been a routine to do it with a patience as to instill souls, expressions, the messages and the characteristics of it...The result a everlasting, quality masterpiece (My works are normal actually, but I train till now to make it better and strive) even with my penciling and Inking, no colors until now.

Implements those two as your routine, the rest is a piece of nut once it inside you. Nurtured it as it says "Quality arts wasn't drawn in ONE day". True as it is....HAPPY ENDING..XDD

IT'S NOT EASY, and the one who can do it, is the one knows by hardship, patience and relentlessly having fun with it and ascend to the rank of pros.

This is my advice and helping info for everyone, agree or disagree, everyone to their own opinions. Please do credit to me when you want to distribute the info to someone, I'll shall return with more info, knowledge and advice for everyone X33

I deeply apologize to my "longest" essay..I do hope these tips will be useful to help you and everyone in their goals. Have Fun in Life and Drawings, my prayers are with you all.
I Gratefully Thank you and I pray to the Almighty To Bless You..Aminn *Prays*
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