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Zombie by Lordstevie Zombie by Lordstevie
A shambling,mindlessly lumbering animated Corpse, thats a Zombie, raised by dark magic to a horrid parody of life. The zombie is far thouger than a mortal man, its resistent to extreme injuries, since its already dead, not even dismemberment might halt it from its single minded task. Though a minor threat on its own, whean raised in great numbers their seeming limitless number can easily over power a poorly prepared foe. 

The Zombie can only handle one simple task given to it by its master at a time. if undisturbed it will endlessly perform said task. A zombie told to plow a field will plow said field until its destroyed. Zombies that rise on their own from residual dark magic are prone to wander aimlessly or perform monotone tasks they did in life. as if the body rather than the mind remembers. Zombies do not crave flesh of living pepole but they will kill living if given order to do so or if they come to close. 

Hade an idea of diffrent zombies based on where and how they died.
raised from a corpse found in the desert whould yield a Dust zombie. it whould have a aura of extreme desication and drain moisture from victims.
raised from a icey enviroment or from one dead from a cold spell yields a Boreal Zombie. it radiate cold and deals cold damadge.
death by fire makes a Cinder Zombie, who endlessly smolders and gives of heat and deals fire damadge.
death in a swamp or by posion makes a putrid zombie. with a stench aura and who spray posioned blood whean hurt.
death by disease makes a plauge zombie, with boils and enormous postules filled with pus and plaugefluids
death by drowning makes a bloated zombie that womits a slur of stagnent water and rotten body fluids and wich burts whean sustaining damamdge.
and last there Zombie warriors who rises from soliders. they can handle the weapons they did in life
Shaun-K Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
These ideas are brillent.
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July 14, 2017
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