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Vampire by Lordstevie Vampire by Lordstevie
Another Staple of horror Fantasy the vampire. Instead of gothic vestment this one is clad in blood red armour, with an flare of arrogance and nobility, wheather or not he is a noble by birth is to be debated but Vampires does see thems elfs as nobles,dukes and barons, destined to rule, for with in the vampire lies all the ambitions and will that drove it in life, but Twisted and turned darkly by Undeath. theres no "humanity"left, for a vampire has forsaken the frailties of humanity. A vampire can ot love, it only desires for its own selfish needs. A vampire might take a attractive person as a "consort" for a time, though it be more accurate to call it a trophy and will only keep it as long as the vampire finds the person pleasing, then disgard it by either killing or turning it to a thrall. Vampires cant sire children for they are undead and that wich is undead can never give life,only take it. For the vampire feeds on life itself, its unholy body craves and burns to consume the life blood of the living to prolon gits own cursed existence. A starved vampire will shrivel up to a horrid and desicaed corps, but it will never truly die in this way, as soon as it tastes fresh blood it will awaken anew. Only by driving a stake through its dark heart and cutting of the head and burning its body and scattering its ashes can a vampire be truly destroyed. 

The vampire is terrible foe, its strength is manny times that of a mortal man, grown through the ages of feeding. it can easily break master crafted sword in half and buckle the sturdiest armour. it can climb walls and cealings like a spider, its gaze can hypnotize those of weak will. It can transform into the form of bats,wolf or fog. And if it has feed on enough blood it can even mask its hideously deformed face with that of its once mortal form, the vampire casts no reflection or shadow though. Though sunlight dosent destroy it bounds the vampire to its mortal form and weakens it. Running water forms a impassible barrier, certain holy symbols and plants can repel it for a time. a twig of ever green seals it in its coffin. 

A vampire is bound to the soil of its birth and must always rest in that soil, thus a vampires coffin is its most precious possession, for it is the only true sanctuary it can find and it must be filled with grave dirt from its native land. For all its powers though the vampire is a creature to be pittied for what kind of person is so weak that they cant live as a human and must turn to a monster for power.
TheUnisonReturns Featured By Owner Edited Jan 10, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Now THIS is a vampire! =D

We really need more badass vampires like this...certainly be a major step up from those weak-ass sparkly bitches. -__-

I also gotta praise your attention to the original lore. That's very rare to see nowadays. :)
LonelySitlentAngel Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student Writer
I'm servant of King Vaiśravaṇa
paladin095 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
So perfect villain against a group of heros!
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