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Snake men by Lordstevie Snake men by Lordstevie
Fan art of a Snakeman. took inspirations from both The serpent men of Valusia of Robert E Howards Stories about the atlantean barbarian King Kull and Mattels snakemen fromt he He-man universe. 

In Howards Kull Stories that takes place in the Thurian age, the age that precives his more famed Hyborian age, the Serpentmen was a prehuman race of reptile humanoids that ruled over the kingdom of Valusia and possibly the world, they used sorcery and alchemy and dark necromancy to subjugate the early human races of the world as slaves. they mastred illusions and could take on the guise of man, they whorshipped a snake god, later idetified as the vile snake god Set, who was the patrond eity of the Stygian culture, some also identify this god as the great old one Yig. 
The Serpent mens slaves, rose up and dethroned them, hunted them to near extinction, for millienia they lived on as a dwindling race, plotting to over throw man. Kull faced them manny times and they lived on until the age of Hyboria, where they finnaly was defeated once and for all by Conan, who might have been a sorta reincarnation of Kull, as Kull was a atlantean and the cimmerians distant ancestors fled Atlantis whean it sank. 

As For the He-man universe, i know theres several incarnation of them. the one i go by is the one featured in the 2002 cartoon, where in they ruled preternia under the rule of King Hiss and his generals, Rattlor,Tunglashor,snakeface and Squeeese and lather the decendent Kobra khan. Imprisoned in a void dimension for aeons by Zodak.

theres also other serpent like humanoids from other fictions oftend rawing inspiration from Howards work. like the evil race of the Yuan-ti of DnD, the Ophidians from the Justice leauge cartoon, serpentfolk fromt he Pathfinder setting and the Serptines from lego Ninjago consiting of four sub races, the Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Venomair, Constrictai and the Anacondrai.
phaedraphatality Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Snake men have always been among my preferred slavers, raiders, and secondary-role baddies.
James-Dark-Blue-Wolf Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
awesome Snake Man design! Great details on the scales & face, & cool armor design. I like the 2002 Snakemen too, wish that He-Man series had continued.
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