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Mummy Warrior by Lordstevie Mummy Warrior by Lordstevie
I´ve always liked Mummies as a monster, they are a more modern horror monster, gaining popularity witht he universal mummy movies wich in turn got popular from the egypt hysteria that exploded in 1922 after the discovery of Tutankhamons tomb and the at the time " mysterious deaths" that befell some of the crews. 

In some tabletop games like Paizos pathfinder, a mummy is described as a undead that rises from a enviroment that preserves the body rather than rots it. so theres things like Bog mummies,ice mummies etc etc. I am of the opinion that its a bit more to them. I like the Egyptian procedure, that in order tomake a mummy, theres rituals, charms and priests present that need to perform the rites. 

So my idea is that Mummies are immune to some of the weaknesses that afflicts other undeads, like they arnt effected by sunlight and that "turn undead" are ineffective on them due to the charms and amulets placed with in them and due to the rituals performed by priests in their creation. They also curse pepole ( as anny good mummy whould do) maybe go beyond the normal Mummy rot and probebly make the curse a thing that gives negative number to dice rolls.
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(i hug him) you need a bit of TLC
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