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Lucifer the fallen star by Lordstevie Lucifer the fallen star by Lordstevie
i wanted it to show that he was angel, thus he has dark burning wings and a pentagram halo and a charred face. And the Shackles that bounds him to the lowest level of his kingdom. I personaly see Lucifer as a biblical version of the titan Prometheus, both being punnished for theire defiance against the ruler of the cosmos, Prometheus for he stole fire and gave to man. Lucifer for his trickery to make man eat the fruit of Knowledge, both acts increased mans status and earned them them ire of gods.

Lyrics from virgin steeles song prometheus the fallen one.

I have dwelt in Heavens shining realms of bliss
I have walked the Halls of light
Once I lived in honor with the Deathless Gods,
Keeper of a secret sight

Now I suffer the Wrath, I suffer the Pain for befriending Man
Proud Rebel Thief, Stealer of Fire, I never kneel

I have chosen, I bleed for Mankind
Watch me die, I am the God in Man

I defied the Father, on his throne of gold
Now I'm captured here in chains
And he sends his eagle down to feast again
On the banquet of my flesh

Zeus, Rain down your plagues, your unnatural love,
your unnatural hate
Blind may I be but eyeless I see what you'll never know

I am golden, my force flies unseen
Blood and pride, I am the God in Man

Ten thousand years or more torment and pain
Chained to this lonely crag, the champion of slaves
And you come bearing gifts to me
Silent as the grave, I receive thee
And what's the Lie there in your eyes no mercy ...
And the day dawns in Agony, in silence I wait for my time
I will never, ever yield to you, you have no power over me ...
Release me oh release me

A river of ice a mountain of fire, I'll not reveal the one
Impaled in the sky forever despised, I'll not reveal the one
Immortal I die Immortal I die, I'll not give up on Man
Your son will survive to vanquish your tribe, I RISE!!!

I am Golden, my blood heals your wounds
Watch me die, Ifear no Gods Wrath
Cursed and tried, I am the MAN in GOD
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Shaun-K Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
If Darksiders had your Lucifer in the game it would be epic. :)
DaltonJGivens Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Behold the prince of arrogant dicks.
paladin095 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
this a great reference you did to him, awesome and powerfull
RoloX Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
i have to say, your badass males look better than your hot females... and i freaking love your hot females!
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December 22, 2013
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