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Loke by Lordstevie Loke by Lordstevie
I hade the urge to draw the norse god/ jotunn Loke/loki. Inspired by :iconslb-creations:´s warlock.

Loke was the norse god of lies,mischief and trickery. The son of the jotunn´s Fárbauti (father) and Laufey ( mother) he also has two siblings. he is an honorery asir god, getting that statues through the help he gave the gods by getting the walls of Asgard built and for the weapons he gave them after commissioning them from the dwarfs. among them being Gugnir, odins goldens pear and Mjolnir, thors hammer and most powerfullw eapon agaisnt the forces of evil. And he mixed his blood with Odin and thus became his bloodbrother and a friend of Thor

Loke was a shape shifter who could don a number of diffrent disguises, such as salmon,seel, fly and a mare, in the last disguise he birthed Odins eight legged horse Sleipnir.

Loki Fathered with the giantess Angreboda the gigant wolf Fenrir, the enormous serpent Jormungander and the Jotunn Hel who rules over the dead who dies the straw death in Helheim.

Though he was of great help to the gods, such as helping to retrive the hammer Mjolnir from Thyrm, his Jotunn nature takes over and he causes also trubble, but it was the trickery that Killed the god Balder, that saw to be his demis in the eyes of the gods, they tied him to a stone with his sons entrails ( diffrent sons from his other children) and placed him in a cave with a serpent dripping venom onto him, his wife collecting it in a cup but everyonce ina while she has to empty it and the pain of the venom causes Loke to writh in pain and causes earthquake.

At the time of Ragnaroek he will lead the dead from helheim agaisnt the armies of Asgard and he will slay and be slained by Heimdall.
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August 11, 2013
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