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Gnome by Lordstevie Gnome by Lordstevie
Now before annyone starts nagging. Gnomes comes from European Alchemy, where they are asign to the element of earth. each element hade a certain type of spirit asign to it. earth hade gnomes,fire,salamanders,air sylphs and water naiads.

I also hate the current version of gnomes in rpgs. utterly useless race, only good for monster bait. 

So i made my own version of gnomes, one based on the old meaning.
Sonicrailin Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
A very good idea, getting back to the roots of origin.  The gnomes everyone else is familiar with is more kin to Leprechauns and Brownies . . . fae-folk . . . not the true originals which embodied the strength and steadfastness of the very earth.

You always do such great work with beings of legend . . . first your sexy female renditions, and now getting back to the heart of each one . . . nice!
TheMightyGorga Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I love that you've gone back to the roots of the gnome. That's what I did for my book:

Elemental, Earth - traditionally called the 'Gnome', Living Earth or Spirit of Earth. Neutral or Lawful. They are generally small and vaguely humanoid in form and composed of rock, mud and earth, occasionally with a variety of plants growing from their bodies. They can be as wide as they are tall. 

"A portion of the ground shudders, then pulls itself up. The thing adjusts a tuft of grass on its head as if it were a toupee, and its pebble eyes look to you for instruction…"
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