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Black Dragon by Lordstevie Black Dragon by Lordstevie
Also known as obsidian dragon,Onyx dragon,Ebony Dragon, Marsh Dragon.

The most slothfull of the dragon races, the Black dragons often lair in fetid swamp lands, marshlands, and bogs, featuring rotting woods, brackish water, stagnent water or sunken ruins of towns or forts. Their lair are often a small cliff island with caves or hidden under murky water. They Love the taste of rotting flesh and so often lets their prey fester in the water or on trees. They are also known for their love of tyranny and as such will often set up lair near a settlement or several settlements and demand tributes or sacrifices so they dont destroy these towns or villages, Their tributes are often livestocks, cattle treasury or maidens. If a black dragon cant find the enviroment they seek they will just amke it them selfs, they turn verdant forest to a twisted mess of dead trees or farming fields into infertile wastes, thus Black dragons are hated By green dragons who see forests as their property, not because they love nature, but by the fact a green dragon sees it as theirs to do with as they please. A Black dragons breath weapon is ahigpressure torrent of extremly corrosive acid they violently spews out.
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Love the shape and the gesture. 
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