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Galaxy Rangers Redeux

thought of taking on a Dead license and trying to do it fan made to see about getting some attention from publishers.
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frigging epic, im currently working on a teaser movie poster for GR, once I get the badge to look realistic gold/metal. I'll upload it.
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I like. Very different, but cool. Did you know that they're putting the series out on DVD now? [link] has info, and a link to the Ranger-L mailing list (which is the first best place to get the official scoop, since we've got a few of the original writers onlist and they've kept in touch with Mandell, who retains the rights). You can get the DVDs off of and a number of other places. I've seen what they're putting out - there aren't a lot of fancy extras at this point, but they're very good quality, better than any of the videos I've seen, and the sound quality is incredible - and they aren't charging an arm and a leg for them. :D

Nice to see GR mentioned again.... esp. now w/ the DVDs *finally* coming out of this great series! :)
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I agree with *hope7. I would also like to see more of your reinterpritation of the Galaxy Rangers. While I vaguely remember the show, I did go "Whoa! Flashback!!! :wow:" when the pic finished loading. Excellent work. :thumbsup:
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I did not think I'd see Galaxy Rangers around again :) Nice teaser promo. I hope it helps get some more attention so you can work on more.
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hehehe, i kinda like it!
it gets the spirit!
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