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Firstly, thank you all for all the well-wishes and happy birthdays.  It's all greatly appreciated, even if i can't thank each and everyone of you personally.


Well, i haven't been posting a lot here due to time constraints and lack of time to properly prep art to look "completed" enough to be on here.  Most of my postings have been to my Tumblr (lordsantiagoaz) or Instagram.  This is mostly for the ease of "snap pic and post" feature built into each app.

i do plan on sharing some of the fan art i've done here eventually, but since the majority of my time is devoted to my original projects (Dark Dank and Dreary comic book and others) i just find i don't have the time or the inclination to do more than a quick sketch of fan art.

There will be more to see in the time to come and i appreciate all the favorites and watches i've been getting.  Hopefully some of my best stuff is still to come!

Thanks everyone!
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Greetings everyone!

Yes, i am still around and drawing artwork though i haven't been sharing it as much on here as i've done so in the past.

Why?  Easy, for the past 6-8 months i've been writing, editing, drawing, inking, lettering, and finalizing my very own comic book.  it's been a labor of love for the past 3 years and being so close to the end is a wonderful feeling.  i'll be debuting Dark, Dank, and Dreary #1 at Phoenix Comic-Con 2015, May 28th-30th along with prints of my characters being cheeky or just downright scary.

That being said, I'll be open for private commissions beginning May 20th.  Private message me if interested.  I'll be answering commission requests then.

My Pricing
  • $30 full color 8.5" x 11"
  • $45 full color 9" x 12"
  • $60 full color 11" x 14" or Comic Book Sketch Cover (+plus cost of comic book if its over $5, most aren't however)
  • $75 full color 11" x 17" This is a standard size comic book print size, typically found in comic book conventions.
  • a simple background may be included, but anything complicated may rate an additional charge.
  • all commissions are sent digitally, both high resolution print size as well as a web-friendly image. Original artwork can be sent through regular postal mail at an additional $6 flat shipping fee. International rates vary.

More art will be coming.  Stay tuned!

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Hey everyone!  I'll be attending Phoenix ComiCon 2014 for the upcoming weekend.  I'll be featuring all my newest artwork for my comic book as well as my newest collection of prints and plenty of the old ones too.  Older prints will be retired to make way for next years debut of my very own comic book created by yours truly!

I'll only have a table for Friday, June 6th so come on by, check out my new stuff, chit chat and all the other good things that only happen at comic cons.  Commissions are available, as well as quick sketches for any and all ages. 
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It definitely been awhile since i've written a journal of note.  Things have been very busy for me in real life, raising an almost 3 year old girl is a handful but i wouldn't give that up for the world.

of the good things that have finally been put into the grind has been my very own comic book.  i've been working off and on on it for close to 4 years now, realizing that it just needs to be told not "perfect."  i'll be sharing some of the pages later, though i am planning to get it in print for Phoenix Comic Con 2015.  Luckily, i scored some table time to show off stuff at Phoenix Comic Con 2014, so there's always fun to have this year too.

also, an professional inking opportunity has presented itself to me and i'd be a fool not to go for it.  In the meantime though, i'm opening myself up for a few commissions for the next month for anyone wanting a quick piece.  If interested, please feel free to send me a note.  i have a few blank comic book sketch covers if anyone is interested in one of those.

Thanks again for watching!
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wow...its been a long time since i wrote one of these...bad habits, i guess.

any how, the real reason for this journal is about my sketch series Princess Fan Service found here: Princess Fan Service, Princess Fan Service 2nd Take, and Princess Fan Service 3

kinda neat, aren't they?

wanna own one?  or perhaps two?

for a holiday special, i'm offering any of these on a first come, first serve basis for $30 each, personalized to whomever you want and signed.  oh, and free shipping too.

interested?  send me a note here and i'll get back to whomever is interested.

J Miller
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a big thank you to all who sent me happy birthdays.  it was greatly appreciated on one of my best birthdays, especially sharing the day with my wife and daughter.

here's to 2013 being a stellar year with more art coming from yours truly.
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Greetings everyone.  i must admit i haven't been on her as much as i would like.  karma has it in for me when it comes to computers since i've had some especially difficult times over the past month and a half trying to find one that works properly for me.  felt like i've been more lurker rather than contributor since i've been going through my messages on a smartphone rather than a REAL computer.

Anyways, i'm hoping to post some more as the time permits though i have some commissions to finish off as well as emails to answer.

stay tuned people, i'll have more to show!
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So alas, my time spent in my present apartment comes to an end this month and we are moving to another place better suited for my growing family.  That being said, i'm still available for COMMISSIONS should anyone want.  Go here:… for more details on pricing and such.

Interested parties have asked me in the past as to what my rates are for Sequential Artwork (ie, comic book pages).  Typical comic book pages are sized 11"x17" and what i charge at that price, its fully penciled, inked and prismacolor marker colored with word bubbles and sound effects (better known as lettering, but added in with photoshop) included in my prices per page.  all i would require is a properly punctuated and formatted script.  however, the commission for sequential art must be a minimum 3 to 4 pages so that everyone's happy.

Lastly, for any interested, i have a pad of 12" x 12" bristol board that i really have no idea what to do with.  as such, i'll be selling off commissions of this size for $30 a piece, on a first come, first serve basis.  If anyone is interested, please send me a note or email.

Commission Status: OPEN
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i haven't really been doing a lot of sharing artwork here, but wanted to show off stuff i've been working on for a long while.  realizing i wouldn't get people to look at my work without adding new stuff kinda put a boot to my butt and get stuff done.  so, i do apologize for the flood of artwork, but hopefully those that follow my work will enjoy the new stuff and share with their friends.

Current Projects:  Writing Fairy Tales: Bandits Pirates and Thieves #1

Current Commissions: Finished, just waiting to send out to mail

Commission Status: OPEN
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Phoenix ComiCon 2012 was a great experience, and while it started out agonizingly slow it did turn out for the best.  It was a personal if not small success since I had a table nowhere near any of my friends though it made the con more of a learning experience.  Plus, got to meet some great people in the biz! A big shout out to Dave Beaty for just having a great conversation with me back to the crowded vendor hall!

A lot of people enjoyed my take on Fairy Tales: Bandits Pirates and Thieves.  My favorite one is still Briar Rose, but alas as I kept the idea mostly to myself, whichever of the two… or… was more popular, looks like I'll be making Red Riding Hood into a full comic book for Phoenix ComiCon 2013.

Amazingly, another popular item for the Con was either my Princess of Horror series or my Disney/Marvel matchups.  I guess i'll be doodling a few more of those in the coming months plus a whole slew of Sketch Cards.  i will have to admit that while i do enjoy drawing more obscure characters, i have to face the fact that as a business, the more mainstream characters will get me both noticed as well as more return for my effort.

Now, between taking care of my daughter (my wife is a superhero throughout the Con while taking care of her) and putting pencil to paper for new stuff for next Phoenix ComiCon as well as all the fun times inbetween!

Commission Status: OPEN
Prices have changed so please inquire for more information
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If any one out there in the wide world of the InterWebs is in Arizona for Phoenix ComiCon 2012 come find me at table 537. I'll be there showing off some new stuff for sale and doing some commissions plus convention sketches. Or just come by and say Hi, I appreciate the visits too.
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Wow has it really been since thanksgiving since I last updated my journal? *finds a dead carcass of turkeys and "other" things around*

Any who, I'm searching for a colorists to collaborate with for Phoenix comic on 2012.  Yes, this is a paying gig thought I'm still in the process of finishing up the pencils and inks. My series, "Fairy Tales: Bandits, Pirates and Thieves," will be for my table at the convention and while I can color it myself, I'm looking for a professional look for the colors.

I would really like to have locals (Arizona or Phoenix) or even those visiting Phoenix ComiConso that the collaboration can be seen on both of our tables, but its an open invitation.

Details for those interested please contact me either through this journal or send me a note here.  Please share with those interested but may not know my artwork.

Thanks all.
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I certainly hope everyone (in the US) is or will be enjoying a happy thanksgiving today. I wish you all the best as i celebrate my first turkey with my little girl.

On the holidays note, I will be opening up a limited number of commissions slots beginning Monday, Nov. 28th for those interested in getting some art for yourself or that special someone for the 2011 holiday season.   Follow this link for details on pricing:…

Also for the holiday season, I offer 5x7 Greeting Cards with original art for $20 and your choice of interior holiday greeting made by yours truly! Get one for your friends today!

Happy holidays and have a great Turkey Day!
aka J Miller
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I started collecting comic books when i first moved to Phoenix back in '92.  I remember my father and i traveling around the valley to find  me some comic books and one of the stops was this place called Atomic Comics.  I will admit it wasn't the best experience for me but that was my fault since what i was looking for wasn't exactly for my age bracket.  They pointed that out to me and i went on my way to other places to begin my collection.

Years later, and i inherit a boxholding deal from my sister who had landed a job at Atomic Comics.  She is the picture of someone utterly not geeky, but she could pass just by grilling me with endless questions of Marvel Comics and DC.  I held that box for a long time, moving it from one location to another when i grew up to live with my wife in our first apartment.  Sadly now, I can no longer spend my time after work on Wednesday afternoon at Atomic, bumping into a load of comic book friends and colleagues.

The news made the rounds last night amid the various social network tools out there that of one of Arizona Premiere Geek landmarks had closed its doors for the last time.  For more details go here:…

Sad to see such a great place to buy comics become another statistic nowadays due to the modernization of comic books being available dgitially.  People wanted ease of use and their comic collection in hand upon their mighty ipads and tablets but it comes at a cost.  No longer will i be able to drive to the closest comic book store, peruse their new books and talk trash about other comic books or creators to the great people they had behind the counter.  i know of no person who would want their digital comic book signed by the creators, if it even becomes possible....though i'm sure it will.

a sad day for comic book people in Phoenix, AZ.

it just sucks.
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i haven't really had the free time to share art and other things on dA recently, due to several factors.  Most important of all though is thus:

My daughter, Tahiri Aila, born July 3rd 2011 at 714am.  She weighed 7lbs 15oz and measured 21in.  And right now, she is the light of my life along with the superheroine i married who went through 8 hours of labor without needles, IV or what's known in pregnancy circles as the Cadlillac of Anesthesia, an epidural.  Now, men if you can't fathom what that is like ask a woman that you know who has had kids.  Any and every one of them has undoubtedly earned my respect for bringing in any child into this world, but my wife is a bonafide superhero to me for going through that type of pain and agony.  

but, the results speak for themselves.  Tahiri Aila is our wonderful daughter along with part of the future generations of geeks, nerds and gamers out there.

now, if i can manage to draw one-handed, i can get back to my commission list :P
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"The rumors of my disappearance have been greatly exaggerated."

I'm still around people and while i haven't been here posting art in a while, i have been busy in the artworld outside of dA.  Been working my @$$ off getting stuff done for my table at Phoenix ComiCon.  Yes, people, you heard me: i have a table for Phoenix ComiCon.  While the placement is unknown right now, I will say i will be in good company of local AZ artists and hopefully will get some more fans of my art while sitting behind a table instead of kicking anime kids off the floor in years past (thanks Security Volunteers!)

Big news that has been taking up the majority of my time has been my wife and the fact that's she's almost 7 months along with my first kid!  Yuppers! i'm going to be a proud papa of a little girl!  Now only if she grows up to be like that little girl joining Darth Vader....

Other news, my mac has died along with access to a lot of information i had regarding outstanding commissions i still have people waiting for.  For the record, i have not forgotten those involved and i will be getting in touch with several of you within the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, please enjoy my new art pieces that i'll be featuring at Phoenix ComiCon for sale along with (finger's crossed) 2 comic books i've been lucky enough to be featured in, Fiction House Mafia's "Robot (Heart) Kaiju #1" and "Alien (Heart) Bigfoot #1."

till we chat again dA'ers,
enjoy some art
J Miller

UPDATE:  Just the news!!!! i'll be at table #533 at Phoenix ComiCon May 26-29, 2011!  i'll be sitting next to Tony Parker :icontonyparkerart: and the wonderful April Grady-Reyna :iconreynaart:! if you're in Phoenix for this great show, come by and say hi!  i'll have a lot of my newest deviations for sale at my table!
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Hey everyone!  i'm still alive for those who'd like to know.  i've been doing okay, got just one commission on my plate right now but would love to have some more to help me get a table at Phoenix ComiCon, Memorial Day Weekend.  So if any of you great people have the hankering for some of my art and the funds to share, please help an artist out with his first comic con table appearance!

Price Info:

Sketch Cards: Artist Sketch Card with single character and simple background: $8 USD
each additional characters: +$2 USD per addition
Shipped First Class Mail: FREE to the US, additional cost for International depending on location

Character Sketch [… : $5 USD

Postcard Art [… : $15 USD
additional characters: +$5 USD

9X12 Full Color character w/o background [… : $35 USD
additional characters: +$5 USD

Full Color page [… : $60 USD

Just send me a note if interested!
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thanks for all the llamas and birthday wishes from all my watchers and everyone else who wished me a happy birthday!

things a still a bit hectic right, mostly due to the holidays, but i was fortunate to be a party to a very successful "Robot (heart) Kaiju" #1 release! we started with 50 copies of the book and we sold out! it was great.  and i can actually say i'm a published comic book artist!

not to worry, i got other things planned.  so hopefully i can top this great success of mine with something greater!

and for those who have commissioned me recently, i have been working on the pieces with as much free time i can muster so i thank you for being patient.
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  • Drinking: diet coke … Page is Up!  and this time, its not a cover page!

woooohoooo!  now, onto the next page.

PS if you guys get a chance in december, check out… when it comes out.  i hope everyone will enjoy that one :D
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hey everyone,

just to get the word out there for people to know and get readers for it, my webcomic is now live and should be updating every friday/saturday.