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Overwatch WidowTracer

By LordSantiago
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Overwatch Widowmaker X Tracer kiss

Overwatch, Widowmaker, Tracer © 2016 Blizzard
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© 2016 - 2021 LordSantiago
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To burst peoples bubbles more widow had a husband that she still misses. = not gay
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and if you were a more important person in the world, this would be adhered to greatly.

sadly, you are not.

this is fan art.

not a place to make your homophobic comments.
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my king, thank you
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Oh goodness, it's wonderful!
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Well, since it was confirmed that Tracer is a lesbian, I guess you've got this picture half right.

But half or not at all, I still love it.
Very beautiful artwork 
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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Love this. =)
You should consider giving digital painting a try. The red auxiliary lines are a bit too visible to my liking.
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One day, but I am impatient and my digital art always looks muted in colors I know to be bright.
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Sir/madam, I don't want to be a bubble burster or a hater but didn't widowmaker try to kill tracer? She shot tracers core thingy. She technically killed tracer, but I'm not telling you that you should delete this no I don't care I just want people to understand. Have a nice day sir/madam.  
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Take I was thinkin the same thing
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I have watched the wonderful cinematic released by Blizzard. I have read the Wikipedia indices of both Widowmaker and Tracer. They are soldiers fighting in a never-ending battle as well as characters in a very fun video game.

If your point of understanding is to make people uncomfortable about adversaries finding romance with each other in times of conflict,

Then why comment? This is fan art for a fandom I would love to a part of but cannot partake, so I share a positive piece of art instead of negative comment meant to prove an "understanding" that the hero and villain must stay in their tropes of good vs evil and not have any other feelings for each other.

And its "sir" as denoted by the title in my namesake "Lord Santiago"
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Looks amazing! Glad to see it finished!
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Nice one. Glad to see your work again.
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I have no idea who these characters are but I totally ship them now.
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Tracer and Widowmaker from Overwatch ☺
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