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Hi everyone! My name is lordroel, i am a admin of a alternate history forum called Alternate Timelines Forum which can be found here: http://alternate-timelines.proboards.com/ If you join the forum you will get to be part of a warm dedicated community welcoming any person who is into discussing the full spectrum of anything related to alternate history, counterfactual history, time travel and parallel timelines. Do you like to sound of that then i would like to see you on the forum, registration is done very quickly and easy, especially if you already have a ProBoards account. So i do hope that you stop by, either to become a member ore ju
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Erm... thank you for the premium membership, but why did I recieved it?

Because used it on my forum for discussion on turning a USS Long Beach (CGN-9) into a Aegis cruiser and of course you rock in making these drawings.

Yes, i do not hope you mind, if so i remove it but keep the link.

I try to give those who are on DevianArt some Diamonds if i post either a link ore image they made on my forum, i find that fair, also it seems i get more fragments than i ever can spend.

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Thanks for giving me Core!

Seems i have more then i can spend, so i spend it on things i like, like this map you made.

Thank you for all the awards!

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