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Ryder Needs Us!

Took me a while to finish. There's glass parts, but it's not very visible 'cause, well, you see through glass. Duh!

It's not entirely exactly onehundredandfiftythousand percent accurate to Ryder's pup pad from the show. For instance, the screen actually makes room for the round part whatever-thingy of the sliding button plate. In the show... it just slides into the screen. I don't even know, how is that possible!! Also, why are there so many buttons? It has a touchscreen! Don't tell me those are volume or power buttons, the placement would be terrible! I guess they could be gaming controls, Ryder seems to play a lot of video games on his tablet-smartphone-thingy. While not paying any attention to the pups. Still pretending he'd listen to them while he obviously doesn't. Just like no one ever listenes to Alex when he solves the case miles before anyone else does. That show has quite believable and realistic characters, which is highly unusual for kid's shows.
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This is amazing !

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That is so amazing I love it. it would be so cool if I could have one
What software did you use for this model? is it for sale?
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Blender is the 3D modelling program of my choice. I think this was done with version 2.76, given I haven't updated it in a while.
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This one looks awesome, maybe I should watch this show too. I`ve to increase my English skills anyhow. So I should watch the English version and label it as English learning ... so I`ve to watch it for the university. X3

strictly speaking you can`t really look, because glass changes the direction of the light you can`t see what`s bind it ... okay ... you can see what`s close to the stuff that`s behind it ... but at least I`m not hair-splitting ... okay maybe a bit. X3