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It's a tree!

About time! I'm sorry I'm way behind on the show! Or way ahead considering shows take a while to make it over the pond. On the other hand, I wouldn't even know if they aired them here as I don't have TV! Getting a sattelite receiver - which I think is what I need, I dunno haha - is not a priority at the moment. Money is scarce!
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Thanks to my lack of free time I`m behind on the all shows. (It`s my New Year's resolution to spend less time with the uni stuff ... but I`m having this New Year's resolution for years again and again ... and never worked for long.)

So I think you`re still good in time and this one looks awesome.
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I usually watch videos during dinner. There's usually something on my youtube subscriptions, so PAW Patrol stays on the wait list. I don't want to run out of episodes again :P

The great thing about having a full-time job is that once I'm home, I'm home. No homework, no exercises, no essays, no studying. It's good not to feel like I should be more productive when I'm trying to relax.
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My watch list is sooooooooooooooooooooooo terrible long, so I`m not going to run out of episodes.

Per example I`ve some MLP episodes left. Pokemon and wakfu can be even counted in seasons. (I really have to watch more Pokemon, but I`ve played the most games for the 3ds)
There also many movies on my to watch list: ice age 3 (but I`ve already seen ice age 1, 2 and 4), rio 2, monster vs aliens and so on. (long list)

A full-time job sounds very good to me right now, especially because my bachelor thesis took much more time then I expect. My advisor told me last friday that my bachelor thesis are better then some master thesis .... but all the time before he just told me how much I`m behind the timetable ... he wanted me probably only motivate so ... but I`ve spend definite far to much time into that project.
At least I got direct care by the prof and they`re global leader for fluid simulation and the prof only allowed me to make the thesis because he thought that I`m good. (he rejects the most request for bachelor thesis ... but it seems that I`ve been not good enough to estimate how much time I`ve to spend with that ...
In retrospect, however, it has some rather small of signs for given)