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This has been on my ID section for a while, but I thought I'd put it in someplace a little more visible. That and it's easier to link back to this than have that wall of text.

Here are some basic details on what to expect from my writing.

Artistic philosophy
  • I believe in full creative expression in whatever medium using whatever ideas one chooses to use. 
  • I believe in the power of the artistic muse and that one's artistic muse is a reflection of themselves and should be expressed freely whether that muse is a concept or an original or canon character adopted as one's muse. 
  • I believe all forms of art are valid, whether based on completely original concepts or forms of fan art.
  • I believe no one has the right to dictate what kinds of art another person should do by his or her personal beliefs or opinions. 
  • I believe the artist should be judged by their art and not necessarily their popularity in itself and that popularity does not make one a better artist. 
  • A lot of my writing usually involve complicated plots
  • I do have a lot of OC's. My OC's in fanfic are created by the plot and I try to round them out as much as possible. 
  • My recurring themes include urban fantasy, historical elements, LGBT themes, anti-heroes/villain protagonists, occasional religious themes (though in concept and not any kind of preaching).
  • I write quite a bit of violent content and occasionally strong sexual themes. Many of my characters are also morally questionable if not morally corrupt. I may also write about drug/alcohol use and abuse, intolerance (though my views certainly do not reflect those of any bigoted characters), the dark side of history, and any other themes that might be considered disturbing.
  • I am a bit wordy. On one hand I try to watch that, on another it is a style choice of mine and it might not be for all people.
  • I am a bit older than a lot of fic writers, hence I think differently than a lot of teenagers or twenty-somethings. If you feel like something is going over your head, this might be a reason why...or I really do need to clean something up.
Canon and Headcanon
  • While I try to follow canon as a guideline, I tend bend it a bit and I don't feel entirely beholden to follow it to the letter.
  • A lot of times I will insert headcanon details to round things out. It's my philosophy that there's nothing wrong with this.
  • If a piece of information is there that hasn't been in any canon material or if something differs from it, please ask me first why it's there before correcting me.
  • Additionally, please don't ask me "When are you going to get to (canon/fanon detail here)" or say "But the (author/creator) said..." Odds are I know perfectly well what canon said or what popular fanon assumes canon said, I might be interpreting it differently.
  • I feel canon is always up for interpretation and can be picked apart and studied however one wants. 
  • I take the same approach with characters. Fictional characters are not real people: they are a series of descriptions created by their authors. They are a literary device that can be analyzed, questioned, and picked apart and I see no problem with changing them or playing with their characterization in fic form. I do believe this should be done methodically and with understanding of the character, but characters are not untouchable in my view.
  • If you think my different interpretation of a detail, my different play on a canon fact, or altering a characterization makes me a bad writer or even a horrible person, then ignore my writing. Simple as that.
Pairings and shipping
  • I will write about gay, lesbian, bi, pan, hetero, and polyamorous characters and relationships. I will also examine the degrees between different sexual orientations, including the "with exceptions" signifier.
  • Gay/lesbian issues and relationships are a very important and personal thing with me. I don't just write them for the sake of yaoi/yuri or shipping.
  • I will play with a character sexual orientation, regardless of canon.
  • My concept of love and romantic commitment is really skewed. So don't expect a lot of fluffiness or monogamy from any romantic thing I write.
  • Please don't complain or criticize me for writing someone's sexuality as one thing or another. I don't care if you don't see it or it you don't portray a character as that. That's how I do things in my writing and I have my own reasoning. I don't mind conversation or suggestions regarding what someone's sexuality might be, and sometimes I have had my interpretations broadened. However don't try to outright convert me or correct me on any view.
  • I will pair whoever I want, no matter how popular, unpopular, or outright cracky the pairing may be. canon has zero bearing on any shipping I do: I will pair characters who would otherwise not be together, I will also play with existing or suggested canon relationships.
  • While I might not like certain ships or even dislike them outright, I will not criticize anyone'e choice of ships. I ask for the same courtesy in return. 
Comments and criticism
  • Comments are highly encouraged. They let me know people are really reading. However I don't mine fave-and-run either.
  • I welcome constructive crit, but please keep it balanced. If you didn't like something, please say so politely and suggest how it could be changed. Adding "But I really did like the story" to a string of flames isn't balanced IMO. 
  • Please keep in mind my above writing idiosyncrasies before you comment. And yes I know I'm far from perfect and am always learning.
  • Any outright flaming and trolling will be hidden and offenders will be blocked. 
  • Feel free to note me or chat with me. I love hearing from people
  • I usually take a really long time to respond to comments or notes, so please be patient. I tend to be very socially skittish so I might not be very talkative at first and might disappear for long periods. None of this means I am ignoring you or dislike you. 
  • Please refrain from re-sending comments or notes multiple times if you don't hear anything; I find that a major turn-off. 
  • I love getting fanart for my fics. If you want to do any, by all means. Just let me know and link me to any pieces, I will feature them in my journal.
  • If you want to do any fanfic based on my OC's and the immediate themes of any of my stories, go ahead but please credit me for the idea and please credit my characters back to me. 
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