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Mattgasm Contest Entry

My entry for :iconmattgasm:'s coloring contest.
Original line art by :iconspoiled-kitten:

This was done in pencil, colored pencil, and marker. My printer isn't that great and the same goes for my inking so some details got a little messy.

I will leave it up for interpretation what mess Matt got himself into, though this is inspired by my fic "Rules Regarding the Undead."

Matt of course belongs to Ohba/Obata, I'm just playing with him.
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Omg <3 owo >:D btw this is skype personz
LordOnisyr's avatar
:devilish: Glad you like. and O HAI!!
Reimei-No-Shi's avatar
It's kinda disturbing >> makes me go WTF HAPPENED TO YOU LAT NIGHT AND WHY ARE YOU SMIRKING ABOUT IT!!?!?!?
LordOnisyr's avatar
Looks like Matty had a reaaalllly good time somewhere(but don't worry he properly disposed of the bodies) :XD:
Reimei-No-Shi's avatar
oh boy...thats kinda scares me >> XD
LordOnisyr's avatar
*blows on nails and rubs them against shirt*
I believe my job is done here :XD:
Ichimaru-taichou's avatar
Please tell me Mello and him were NOT doing 'things' over the car -_-;; lol
LordOnisyr's avatar
No, no smut or Mello were involved in the making of this coloring. :D
XullraeZauviir's avatar
Very cool, I like how you handled the blood. :D
LordOnisyr's avatar
Thank you! Markers work really well as blood, though it took a bit of thought to determine how it would flow on everything.
Luvelia's avatar
Heeeee...what happened to Matt??? :jawdrop::faint:
The bunny poster is cute...:giggle:
LordOnisyr's avatar
First off...:hug: thank you so much for commenting. I freaking love your art so seeing your comment made me happy.
As for what happened to Matt...Hmmmm...I'm not at liberty to say :evillaugh:
And thanks! I just have a thing for evil bunnies so I thought it was only appropriate. :giggle:
Luvelia's avatar's a secret? :giggle:
You're soooo welcome :heart:!!
MattGasm's avatar
Totally unique and inspired!

Is it wrong that bloody Matt still "does it" for us? :D

Thanks for the entry! :heart:

LordOnisyr's avatar
Thank you so much! That does mean a lot from you guys.
No it's not wrong, dammit, it can't be wrong if it's so much fun to do! :love: :devilish: That and I tend to have a fetish for bloody characters anyway *coughbecauseI'mafreakcough:
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