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Khallis Raen-Entreri

From my fic "Legend of the Phoenix Brothers," the sorcerer/rogue/bard Khallis Raen (aka Khalid Marhala, Khalid Entreri, and a dozen other aliases.)

Khallis is the son of Artemis Entreri and the half-elf bounty hunter Calihye.

Done in pencil and marker.

The Entreri name is the property of R.A. Salvatore/Wizards of the Coast
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Alot more artistic than I could ever dream of being. Looks alot like I had pictured him from your stories. Great job.
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Thanks! Yeah I admit I'm not the greatest artist, though glad I seem to have pulled this off, yay!
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...The name Khalid looks familiar. X3

As for the artwork, you did a wonderful job, as usual.
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...yes, yes it does :P

Thank you very much! This was a fun piece to work on.
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Ok this may sound weird or something but I actually SEE entreri in this guy. You did a pimp a job with the hair and the goatee, a look I always envisioned with Artemis and yet no artist felt inclined to GIVE him. His clothing and attire scream comely and neat, very organized perhaps and bardic. Also, I must add your facial structure is improving as well.
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:bow: Thank you!
I wanted to give him a lot of Entreri's features, though with a lot of his own features. The clothing was just fun to play with since he is indeed a metrosexual. I'm glad you like the facial structure. I'd never really drawn a character who is clearly on the heavy side and maybe I did something right.
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Great work! Wonderful coloring and I love his pose! As soon as I saw him (even before seeing the title) I knew he was Artemis's son. Well done! :D
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Thanks! The pose was kind of tough and the coloring was mostly by accident. I'm glad you liked it, and this is the person whose coloring I adore so that makes me feel good. :D
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