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Drider Plushie

This started out on a suggestion from a couple friends to make a plushie with the body of one of those half-dolls usually used for cake decorating, and another suggestion that it be a drider. I started making it for a friend's birthday in July, then it got really ambitious and I seriously didn't finish it until last week. But she seemed to love it so that makes me feel good.

The body and legs are crocheted. The legs are stuffed with yarn-wrapped chenille stems, and I painted the body and features of the doll to make it look drow-like, even made elf ears with craft foam and hot glue. The outfit is also crocheted.
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This is really awesome...thanks for sharing!
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No problem, glad you liked it!
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Sooo cute! I've always loved the concept of driders, and this could be a dark elve's toy for all those devilish lil'girls!
Just perfect ;)
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Thank you so much! Oh I'm so imagining little drow girls with these toys, clutching one in one hand and their plushie snake whip in the other XD
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This is simply adorable! The legs especially look fantastic, and she just looks too cute. Honestly, if I had a kid, screw Barbies - I'd give her a set of these xD
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Thank you so much. The legs had to be the hardest part, glad you liked them. This particular version has chenille stems in the legs so they wouldn't be good for little kids, but maybe I should do a kid-friendly version of this XD
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No problem! And that would be totally awesome =D what kid's soft toy collection isn't complete without one of these?
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That is amazing. I wish I would have thought of that.
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Thanks! Little ideas come from the awesomest places!
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You're welcome.
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oohhh daaaamn,thats a nice one!!! :O :D
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Thank you so much! :D
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That's pretty darn nifty.
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:blush: Thank you very much! Yay spread the crochet lurve!
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You're very welcome! :glomp:
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That is the world's coolest plushie. Marry me.
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My work has inspired a marriage proposal. Score! Alas I must decline. I'm married to my plushies, it's a harem actually.:XD:
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!
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Can I marry a plushie?
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You most certainly can! I have found plushies make very nice spouses, they are cuddly and don't give you attitude.
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dayum. awesome idea for a plushie right there - always good to see something unexpected
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