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Lord of the Rings 23

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Is this painted digitally? Amazing image!

I absolutely love this.

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incredibly beautiful picture! One Ring Sparkling Icon 
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i want to live there forever and ever
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no way!!! that's...just...WOW!
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I actually found this picture somewhere else and was wondering where it was from.
This is amazing!! I want to go there and stay there for the rest of my life. Do you imagine the whole picture before making it or do you keep adding things as you go along?. The details are mind boggling. The lighting is heavenly.
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*jaw hits floor with metallic clang*
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This is the most beautiful picture i have ever seen
Seriously, is like... omg, I have no words..
The lighting and shadows in this are amazing!
Does it depict something in particular? Incredible, by the way.
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The detail in this is ridiculous great
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-sets as wallaper
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This is gorgeous!!! :) Great job!!
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