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Spidey Robot Collabo



a ridiculous and unexpected collab between spiderguile leinel yu, and myself!been practicing painting lately, and i wanted to test myself by adding a lil something to a pic that spider guile took of new york and leinel then painted a robot into. i was so inspired to see him do that, i was like, fuckit, imma hook guile up and paint in spidey fighting him! i really like how it came out, and the finished lighting/composition etc. another reason i jumped on this was inspiration from lookin at kaare andrews near realistic interpretation of spidey n doc ock on that one cover. so dope. but leinels shit here was doper, cause i never seen him do something like that b4 one here. i painted a lot into the robot and surroundings to finish it, but all the real props go to the other two cats. this was a blast!literally.---k
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yeah this is awesome....with extra awesome sauce....really cool you guys do this stuff!

I gotta get better now!!