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This video is sort of an introduction mission. It's build using the Drag[en]gine Conversation System combined with some AI routines. The video is not so long so compared to the previous training video. The video contains this stuff amongst others:
  • Introducting the city of Zinaidos
  • Introducing Reavon
  • Modular city pieces, fully defined using occlusion meshes, navigation spaces and what not else you need to get a real game world working properly
  • In-cockpit Conversation System
  • Breakble props
  • Shieldy got his trusty internal back gun with fixed 2x shot-camera
  • Projectile tracers for OHKO type weapons to alert player to better think twice before sticking out his head unprepared
  • Core explosion as a sort of "visual reward" for skilled sniper players successfully picking out a zoids core

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EDIT: For some reason video link got lost

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Your game looks better and better with every update! You're doing an amazing job with this! I can't wait to see the finished product!
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Omg all this is amazing!!! Keep it up! O-O