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ZPOC 13 by LordOfDragons ZPOC 13 by LordOfDragons
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Another ZPOC as a little break from my main project. Had a discussion some time ago about multi-monitor use of Zoids and weapon use. Had some idea how this could work and put a first version into the ZPOC. I do not want to make it complicated like the mech warrior game example as I'm not so fond of dancing all over my keyboard. So I went for a configurable monitor layout. You can switch the active monitor and switch the views in them. You can adjust all monitors you have in your pilot station. This way you can adjust the monitors to your liking or combat situation.

What goes for weapon handling I decided to mix in something similar to what Unreal Tournament had. There you had larger vehicles more than one player can mount. For this test I nicked a model from a PS2 game as this is faster for showing the idea. If this turns into a real project this would be obviously replaced with a self made model. This is pretty simple since all Zoids and Weapons are set up using XML files. So it's modder friendly. I'm using this Zoid since it has 3 pilot stations according to Iron Bible. Besides you see also a new cockpit. I call this type the "half closed cockpit" somewhere between the open one from the liger and the closed one of the geno. The zoid has 3 pilot stations for players to mount and individually control (defined in XML files so any zoid can be created this way).

The head station works the same as until now. It controls movement in addition to weapons. All other stations can only control weapons. Each station has a set of weapons assigned to them which I call the "fixed station weapons". These are weapons that are only useful to be controlled by this specific station. For example a gun under the chin or inside the mouth is only of use to the head station facing into the same direction. Likewise guns pointing backwards are of interest to the tail gunner station but not really useful to anybody else. So this sort builds weapon groups as mentioned by Maethius with the difference that these groups are determined by the zoid and his armament not personal desire. In addition the head station can control weapons from other stations if those are not mounted by a player. For this to work all ranged weapons define now a "shot camera" so you can use weapons facing in entirely different directions. This supports various use situations:

1) You pilot the Zoid alone. All weapons are assigned to the head station you located in. You fire your main front facing weapons "from the hip" looking through the canopy at enemies ahead.

2) You pilot the Zoid alone. You try to get away from a nasty Zoid on your heels. You look through the canopy to see where to run at while firing back facing weapons using the "shot camera" on your monitor.

3) You pilot the Zoid together with two co-players. You concentrate on moving around the battle field staying in safe spots as good as possible while the player in the back station rains bullets down at nearby zoids while the player in the tail station keeps your butt clear.

So this system allows for some interesting play situations. Operating a Zoid all by yourself is as well supported as is operating a Zoid with a group of players. Imagine a group of players deciding to make a raid deep into enemy territory using a moving fortress while another group of players puts there money on operating individual Zoids to attack from various angles.

Last but not least upgrades on the weapon definition. You can now define charging weapons or spin sustaining weapons like a gattling gun. I did not find the regular Red Horn armament in the extracted files so I went ahead with that gattling gun. I made it more realistic than other Zoids games where gattling guns are next to useless. This one here has good fire rate and is reasonably accurate. Don't underestimate this puppy when it is pointed at you :D

Comments are welcome as always. If you have ideas for what I should put in next let me know. So here goes nothing.
KangeeTheOnyxFox Featured By Owner May 4, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Red horn hype!!! 
This is looking more amazing each update. Soooo hoping this gets completed
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