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Sean Booth Figure 2

Tried to create a better shot of here... now with fixed wings. She's now standing on the drawer waiting for here next job ^.=.^

Model entirely created in blender. 3D printable ready version created in blender.

Sean belongs to the Epsylon Game Project
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Looks awesome, how big is this? :)
Did you used some add-on to make it printable ready?
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She's around 28cm long and 20cm high.
I've used the 3D Printing Box plugin which is in Blender 2.7 to find problems and ensure the limitations required by the printing service. Hollowing I did using copy of the mesh that I offset using a displacement modifier with the required thickness. From there I manually modified the offset mesh to remove overlap problems so I get a clean inner mesh. I then joined the inner and outer mesh and added required holes using boolean modifier. In the end quite a bit of manual work involved especially to get the model accepted by the print service (and this had been quite the ordeal).
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Nice, quite a big 3d print. Thanks for the info :-) Is this colored sandstone? What printing service was it and how much they charged you?
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Yes, that's colored sandstone. Has been Sculpteo. I first tried I-Materialize but they wanted to charge >1000EUR for it which just send me off my seat. Sculpteo seems to be the most economic service I found where I paid in the end around 150EUR for each of the prints with Sean being more expensive than Georgo excluding shipping and import taxes (Switzerland specific problem).