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Renamon Cycles Fur

Click download for the full size 2048x2048 image to see all the details (especially the fur)

( No idea what Renamon is looking at. Have you any ideas? Post a comment about it if you want :D )

The Renamon model you should know already. It's floating around various places since years now. It's an old model of mine of a Digimon character. Actually it's one of my first models I ever made. In the mean time I modified it a couple of times improving various parts of it including the armature, animations and body parts like the head. The last time I experimented with particle systems as fur. This had been in Blender Internal renderer. Cycles could not handle fur at all back then.

In the mean time 2.67 is about to be released and they implemented fur rendering into Cycles. It's still buggy and prone to fail but I still tried to see how Cycles can currently handle fur and to make a more realistic render than Blender Internal can produce. Lucky me the worst bugs had been dealt with the in the mean time and the remaining bugs can be toned down with some work-arounds and other tricks. The result is not there yet but it's an interesting and promising start. I actually like the way it turned out for the limited fur rendering capabilities Cycles offers right now.

What goes for the gloves I had no idea what kind of material they are supposed to be made of. I decided to go for a leather glove look as it looks sturdy to me and leather gloves have a similar quality to them. Unfortunately you can not sculpt a model anymore after you added particle fur to it as it would totally destroy the fur. I experimented with some real leather glove images painted onto the gloves there as a bump map. I had to use a bump map since Cycles totally fails at using a normal map (why oh dear developers, WHY the hell can't you implement proper normal map rendering into Cycles like it exists in Blender Internal since the dawn of time?!). The results is thus lack-luster but more you can't get out of Cycles. I have an idea which might work around the problem but it needs more experimenting first. The result could be worse though and I hope it fits. If you know what the real material of the gloves are feel free to tell me.

For this render I used again the technique used in the Charizard deviation but improved it a bit. See the Charizard deviation before this one for information on how this technique works. Cycles can't deal with blue-screening like this properly so I used a special setup to get it working. HDR Environment Map is the same as in the Charizard deviation so see the legal disclaimer there.

As always the legal disclaimer: Renamon Design and Digimon Franchise belongs to Bandai. The 3D Model itself belongs to me.
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I need to get my fluffy ass back into blender <.<