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=== VIDEO: YouTube ===

This is linked to the May Challenge--Video Games. No idea if it still counts but I saw the current work fit... and what would fit better than dragons and games than... dragons in games ^.=.^ . I've been told it's dead. Things like this can happen..
So without further ado:

Introducing Work-In-Progress on the first Player-Base. That's a game developer term for a place the player is going back to regularly. Typically this contains stuff like save spots, shops or whatever. Here the Player-Base provides the player with a laptop to review his case findings or doing some cybernet researching. It's also the place to wrap over to a new day (fast-forward sort of thing). There are also additional things linked to these places but I leave this open for discovery. There are though multiple such Player-Bases players can use.

The Player-Base is done using the new and improved generate-building scripts. I'll talk about them in the next video in more detail. Basically locations are added depending on the course of investigation. An interesting concept I hope to play out well.

What has been done during the contest time:
- All inside building parts (generated and static ones)
- Most props inside the building
- All conversation scripts
- Some animations required for the conversation script
- A couple of sounds
- All game scripts regarding building part generation and some additional logic elements
- Some new textures for the new props
- The entire map around the building.
- And most probably a couple of other things I forgot.

Belongs to the Epsylon Project.
Done on the Drag[en]gine Game Engine
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Look interesting.