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Some days ago on a train ride I had this idea for one hell of a lazy dragon... you know... one of the reeeeaaaallly lazy ones :P . I finished up the skin for the in-game dragon ( (c) Project Epsylon ) remaining only a few tidy ups ( but nothing changes on the skin anymore ) and put him into the right pose. I first had in mind to place him chilling around in a tree top but somehow a sky-scraper suddenly came in and took off for the win. Finding an image as texture had been though a problem and if I find a better one I'm going to re-render this one.

So looking at it I got the idea to turn this into a wallpaper. After all it suits well. You can download the full version as your desktop wallpaper if you want but don't even think about claiming this for your own... I'm gonna find you and burn your house ^.=.^

This image is (C) by my. The dragon ( Sean ) is (C) Project Epsylon.

EDIT: Some additional views at [link]
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Ohne scheiß wenn ich so gut wäre wie du... einfach beeindruckend.

Ich bin relativ schlecht in Blender.
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Naja... gut ist relativ. Gibt da noch einiges zu verbessern.
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Gut ist relativ? Das habe ich gemacht: [link]
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Ist doch gar nicht schlecht.
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Naja, irgendwo muss man ja anfangen ;)
skykunthedragon's avatar
Aber wo ist die Frage... Die Fundamente haben sich mir nicht erschlossen, die Geheime Türe ist mir verschlossen...
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Wow this is really cool, you're really good at 3D modelling!! :D:D:D
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Well, thanks... I do what I can... even if it's not much ^^;
chocogingerfingers's avatar
Hehe you're very welcome!! :aww: :la:
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Wow :O_o: I allways, wanted to see something like this in my town xD

Great pic! ;)
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That definitely would be sweet. Just keep the stupid haters with their guns at bay :O
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Nice coloring a texture!
Draconis-de-Christus's avatar
Texture is king. This is perhaps the best texture I've seen for a reptilian rendering of late. :)
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Maybe. Granted it's a 2048 in-game texture taking me quite some time to do. Even there if you get close you can see it pixelated... but more than 2048 is not possible... graphic cards cough a 4096 :P
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:wow: I love the scales and texture. One cool lazy Dragon :nod:
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In fact this is the game quality skin... with other words this detail level can be yours if you choose to play as her :P
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