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Megward the Wizard

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As Mr. Enter says in one of his videos, "A Megward the Wizard" is a character who exists solely to be abused. I decided to make the personification of a Megward the wizard in case he ever plans to use it in the future.

This isn't a trope because "Butt Monkey" and "The Chew Toy" already cover these kind of characters. A character who constantly gets bad luck works if that character deserves it and is causing their misery through their own fault (take Squidward in "The Camping Episode"; he gets mauled by the sea bear because he didn't listen to SpongeBob and Patrick's warnings).
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It's no fun being this character.
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V1EWT1FULHobbyist Digital Artist
sums up my life
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ZionTheSonicFan19994Student Digital Artist
Tidus from Final Fantasy X is. kind of
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Excuse me, but you've the wrong guy. You want Mr. Krabs.

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pingyanimatronicProfessional Traditional Artist
Luigi is now a "Megward the Wizard" in the Mario games...
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At least he got into Smash 5...
[EMOTE] - It's a Cold and It's a Broken Waluigi 
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jared33Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Butt Monkey, The Megward the Wizard, The Jerry, The Oscar, whatever you want to call 'em. They are all the targets of abuse on this show. Entire episodes will be about abusing them emotionally and physically. Breaking into their homes, destroying their future, humiliating them, showcasing how pathetic they are in the grand scheme of things. - Mr. Enter
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Ren from Seasons 3-5 is one of them. 
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But isn't Kyle evil?
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jared33Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyle is more of a straight man.
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I didn't ask his sexual orientation. I just wanted to know if he's the main antagonist.
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jared33Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's not what i meant
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What did you mean?
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Oh I get it now.
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If you'd also made him part Waspinator it would have been perfect!
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AlexCrishDreemurrProfessional Digital Artist
A crossover?
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CandyPopArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really hate it when a characters not only exist to be constantly (and unjustifiably) abused, but whats even worse is that all these shows expect us to laugh at their torment just because it is happening to this specific character.
Meg doesnt deserve her treatment in the show, squidward once was an iconic character and Kyle was the only mildly enjoyable thing in Fanboy and ChumChum. This trend needs to stop.
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HugeTFPFanStudent Artist
Remember Waspinator? 
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Yeah; I like Squidward; I find him sympathetic, Because I can feel his pain!!
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TheDreamVistaStudent General Artist
I'm getting tired of seeing Squidward comparring to Meg Griffin.
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KissasheepHobbyist Digital Artist
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Squidwards pain used to be funny to watch.
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A living punching bag can be pulled off, see:
Scrat, in ice age, circumstances cause him pain and the main cast get on with him, so they don't look like jerks.
Jerry abuses tom because he is defending himself.
Zoidberg just accepts and enjoys the abuse.
Victor meldrew is the main character.
Father ted is a bit devious.
Milhouse is an idiot.
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