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UNOFFICIAL Magic the Gathering Six-Color Card Back

DISCLAIMER:  This card back is NOT official material in any way.  As amusing as it is to read about people discussing "Purple Mana" like it is any kind of news, I do not want to be responsible for any further spread of misinformation.  Thank you. 

While reading up on the history of Magic: the Gathering, I stumbled upon an article describing a design idea that Wizards of the Coast was tinkering with for their Planar Chaos series:  Purple Mana.  

The idea, I understand, is that purple Mana would help encourage a deeper feeling of alternate reality (which was supposedly the whole point of Planar Chaos).  In the end, however, Wizards scrapped the idea for something simpler.  

See the original article here:…

Having read that article, the first thing I thought of was how fun it would be to have a card back reflecting that alternate reality.  Unfortunately, a Google image search turned up nothing as far as alternative card backs...

So, given an "if you want it done right, do it yourself" situation, I spent the rest of the day carefully reworking the Magic card back to properly present the six-color color-pie.  The result is as you see here. 

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Well, your card back was featured again, this time by Wizards representatives themselves. It did spark a short-lived hype on Twitter…
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Reading that article gave me a chuckle, thanks.

EDIT: As this is the second time someone mistook my card back for something official, I have decided to update the main post with a proper notice regarding unofficial content.

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It got featured in this vid as MTG card back, lol:… (11:39)
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Wow, you are right! 

For a video supposedly demonstrating technical card-game skills, that the creator failed to realize that was not an official MTG back…makes me doubt its accuracy.