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I'm so awful at keeping up with this. I got one submission for Inktober, but I've also been busy at work, keeping up with the comic, my sink broke, ugh... hopefully I can get something up.

Aside from that, been busy with Master Sensei. Page 64 is nearly done, and all of the comic is available at and most of it is at Smack Jeeves.

Hoping to get in some more original work, as I've been streamlining the comic to try opening up more time. Here's hoping!
I've been trying to practice as much as I can lately, and I'm pretty excited for the next project I'm working on. I'm trying something a little more ambitious than I've ever done in terms of shading/coloring, but I think it's gonna put me on the right track for the direction I want to go, and how I want my work to look.

The holidays and constant chaos of life are definitely giving me trouble, but I keep on going! I will keep on creating more art, and developing my skills through onward to 2016, and beyond!
Life has been throwing innumerable difficulties at me of late, but I'm still meeting and exceeding my goals each week for how many projects I am completing!

As excited as I was about the completed portrait of Guts, I'm absolutely in love with how my recent picture of Edward Elric came out. It took a good many hours and a lot of mid-work learning, but I really feel like I put out a good piece this time. With each project I'm learning more, and sometimes just sitting down and looking over my gallery to track my progress is uplifting. I know I have a long way to go, but I also feel like I've come a good ways, too.

I'll soon be putting up some work from a DnD module I'm planning: Dino Island! It's going to be a quirky, awesome adventure and I'm looking forward to creating more for it. Until next time!
Hey all!

Life's been throwing some serious curve balls to me in the last few months. Ups and downs as they were, I've managed to weather the storm and I'm back to pursuing my passion of drawing! I've been studying a lot on how to use Photoshop, and practicing drawing for hours every week. As a result, I've created some fine pieces that I'm--for the first time in a long while--extremely proud of. The Guts portrait, for instance, is a vast improvement over its predecessor.

I've also changed my perspective. There's a lot of extremely skilled individuals on DA. I sometimes browse galleries and think "Man, how could I ever compare to... THIS?!" But I realized that isn't it. I don't need to.

Rather than be discouraged by the incredible talent and skills of the other DA users, I should try to be inspired. Rather than comparing myself to this high pantheon of artist-gods, I should be tracking my progress. And THAT is precisely why I'm so ecstatic about where I am today. I'm finally developing a style of sorts, and I feel I'm leagues better than I was even just a few months ago. And that instills me with this feeling of boundless joy.

See, I've always wanted to someday write a graphic novel, but I've always been beaten back by my lack of self-confidence and an overall dissatisfaction of my drawing abilities. But now I don't look at my work the same way. I have this fondness of my work, now. And that's a great feeling.

I'm also working on a collaboration with a close friend, Travis. We're designing a table top module for D&D 5th Edition, which is going to be fucking amaaaazing! It's been decided that I'll be in charge of the art for the project, so be on the lookout for pieces involving it!

That about covers things for now. As the tide turns, or the pendulum swings, life brings good and bad periods. I feel I'm swinging toward another good one, but it's not just going to be good--it's going to be great. Cheers, all! =)

I haven't been posting much lately, as life's kind of gotten in the way. Fortunately for me, it's now tax season and I'm just a-waiting for that return to come in! I'm planning on investing in a scanner, so that I don't have to rely on the poor quality of my phone's camera to "scan" my drawings.

I've been drawing/sketching quite a bit lately, and just waiting on getting some better tools to upload them all. So I'm looking forward to submitting quite a bit more in the coming weeks! I'm also slowly (slowly slowly slowly) reading Photoshop tutorials here and there where I can, so I'll try to apply what I learn in my future work; I'm excited to see what progress there is to be made!

Well, that's about all there is to report for now. Time to get back to it!
Here's to a bright and wonderful 2015! I feel like this year is already going to be awesome.

I'm making a resolution to draw at least three hours per week (easy to manage with my busy life, so I never feel like I'm failing, but if I do more then that then yay). This is among other personal goals that I've set for myself. I'm also working my way to my first degree decided black belt, and so I am looking to intensify my training there as well.

The holidays have definitely put a bit of a stall in my productivity, but my schedule will normalize out again shortly, and I'll be back to the drawing board! I recently found my old scanner, but it is unfortunately incompatible with Windows 7, and I am lacking funds so I will still have to use my horrible camera for any works. I also lost my install disc for Photoshop, so digitizing has been... painful, using Gimp (such an apt name).

Anywho! I'll upload more work as it comes along, and I'm looking forward to putting my nose to the grindstone during the new year. Cheers!
It's been a long time since I've been on DA, and even longer since I've submitted anything to it. Unfortunately, the email address linked to my old account was compromised, so I've had to make this new one. You can find my old works at

A lot has changed in the past, what, six years or so? I stopped drawing for a good many years, as I've been unable to come up with any form of inspiration. Only recently have I started again, and I figured I'd start uploading again. I'm now a father, and a full-time employee as well as a martial artist. If things continue as they are, I'll be testing for my first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do before summer this year. I am also still an avid gamer (okay, some things never change) and enjoy many hours on a variety of games--sometimes with my daughter, Clara.

But I missed drawing, and finally summed up the will to pick the pencil back up. I don't presently have a scanner, so everything will be snapped from my phone's camera (sorry about the poor quality, but it's my only choice) and it's all sketched in pencil. Perhaps when I get back into the swing of things, I'll make an attempt to digitize some of my work, but that is a bridge to cross at a later time. At any rate, it is about time for me to go to work, but I'll be uploading more work soon!