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Livestream 18/02/15



Welp, that was an eventful one, filled with paperhats and flower crowns. Still not sure why.
Thank you everyone for participating! It was a fun one! uvu :heart:

From left to right:
- Aurelius Fowler for Hades-Mind
- Katarina for CallouslyCorrupted
- Carel serenading under Cassandra's window for YingNeko
- Hannibal fanart for Eisebius
- Aramis being a pretty bastard and falling off his chair.
- Aramis setting the new trend - paper hats with flower crowns.
- Moomin style Milktank.
- Edgar joining the new trend for Hades-Mind
- Earth good luck charm for ColmLikesFood
- Aur for shirowscafe
- Aram for Sourful
- Liberté, the manly Sawsdoe that will hopefully get accepted as Aramis's canon mount (still gotta discuss that)
- Paperhat-chan, featured multiple times on Liberty's horns.
- Fab-off between Aalem and Aramis. It was not even a fair competition.
- Vidal for Eisebius
- Samir juggling paper hats for shirowscafe

Artwork © lordmegi
Aram, Vidal, Aramis, Earth, Carel, Aalem © lordmegi
Samir, Aur © shirowscafe
Edgar, Aurelius © Hades-Mind
Cassandra © Ying-Neko
Katarina © CallouslyCorrupted
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