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TERMS OF AGREEMENT: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・✧。・゜゜・。*。・゜*✧

1) You do no claim the artwork as your own upon doing completion to others (online, offline, or for personal business purposes).
2) Payment is in USD (U.S. American Dollars) so only paypal. 


I Do
1) Anime-style
2) Fanart/Fanart pairings
3) Original Characters
4) Chibis
5) Nudity (Tame)
6) Animals
7) Complex machinery, mechas, etc.

I Don't
1) hentai/porn
2) yaoi/yuri
3) Excessive Violence
4) Comic pages/strips
5) Realism
6) Other things that I might be uncomfortable with. 
~*~* Note me if you have any questions.

Digital or Traditional?
-Digital medium will be done in Photoshop or in SAi.
-Traditional will be done in watercolors or copic colors.

Types of commissions available:
- Half Body (from head to waist): 
- Full Body (from head to toe): 
- Chibis (Super deformed, cute style. Always full body, unless otherwise specified. You can choose from the two chibi styles): 
style 1 -is a full body character (1), no BG (background).
style 2- is a full body 2 characters and simple BG.


-*-Sketch Style 
1) Half Body: $9
2) Full Body: $18
3) Chibi: Style 1 = $8, Style 2 = $10
4) Finished Colored (Half Body): $20, Finished Colored (Full Body): $30
5) Additional Characters: $6 each for half body, $12 each for full body, $6 each for chibi

~*~Cell Style 
1) Half Body: $20
2) Full Body: $30
3) Chibi: Style 1 = $12, Style 2 = $14
4) Additional Characters: $20 each for half body, $30 each for full body, $20 for each chibi.

*~*Painter Style
1) Half Body: $20
2) Full Body: $30
3) Chibi: Style 1 = $12, Style 2 = $16
4) Additional Characters: $14 for half body, $16 each for full body, $8 for each chibi

Send me either a note with the title: COMMISSION. The following is the request form that MUST be included in your note. (If you do not fill out the form properly it might delay/prevent you from getting it sooner. 

1) Your name and e-mail. (If you really feel like it, you can also include your phone #)
2) Character(s), specifications, what kind of picture you want it to be such as romantic, comedic, etc. composition (optional) and other details.
3) Type: Half Body, Full Body, or Chibi style
4) Style: (Sketch, Cell, Soft, Painter, or watercolors)
5) Reference material (ESPECIALLY for original characters. This can also include material that you want included in backgrounds, clothes, or anything of the like) 
NOTE! If your commission requires reference materials, YOU MUST INCLUDE IT IN YOUR REQUEST! I will not approve of your request until I get all the sufficient references I need.
6) If you are okay with me putting it into my DA gallery afterward, and if it's okay for me to sell it as a print should I choose (does not include fanart). 
After receiving your order, I will try to send you a preview sketch as soon as I can. If satisfied, you pay a deposit of HALF of the total price. Upon completion of the entire thing, I will send you another preview, and if you are happy with the overall outcome, you pay the rest of the total. 
Once I receive payment, you will get the high res file in uncompressed jpeg format. You can also request the .psd (.psd will be flattened)
Drastic or complete changes in your order that require a re-sketch will cost an additional amount depending on commission.

~The working format will be on 300 dpi, at an 8x11 canvas by default, unless otherwise specified. 11x14 is the maximum canvas you can request.

1) If you decide to cancel your order, you must do so before I send you the preview sketch and you have already paid me the deposit. If you decide to cancel AFTER this time, you do not have to pay the second half of the price, but you WILL NOT get a refund on the deposit.
2) If for some reason, I cannot complete your commission and decide to drop the project, you will get a full refund, regardless of if you have paid me the deposit or not, or how far along I am on it.
If interested, please send a note so we can work it out.  

(•_•) , ( •_•)>⌐■-■ , (⌐■_■) over and out!
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