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Opposites Attract

Remember this? [link]

Well I just realized the doujin is discontinued ughhhhhhh OTL it breaks my heart </3

But anyways, that doesn't mean I will stop reading it from time to time :D

So here you have it, Femme!Lee from :iconrockleerulz45:'s Opposites Attract :iconloveloveplz:
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T///u///T heheh~you make me feel guilty for discontinuing it

And you drew her so cute~! How'd you do that? LOL
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Oh! But don't! If you don't feel like continuing it, then there's no point in you forcing yourself! The only thing that I could ask is, please, don't delete the doujin even if it's incomplete, please ;3;

And well, I don't think she looks so cute though, not as cute as yours >/////<
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Nah, I'mma keep Opposites Attract here since it shows how I improved as the manga went on, and was a lot of work :0! Why would I throw it out? LOL! I'm not that mean to my failures ;u; (I only do it to fanfiction, not art *U*)

Girl please <3<~<3 Lee is cute all da time~
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thank you~!
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Ooh, she's so cutee... :iconloveloveplz:
As always, your artwork is awesome, even thought this is scetch-like ^^
Lee-chan... <3
Fave, of course :iconrockleeleeplz:
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Awww thank you very much ;///;
you're so sweet =///v////=
and thank you for the fav as well~!
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^.^ I love that doujinshi too! Go fem Lee!
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Lol! Yes! It's so cute!!!
Go fem lee!!
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