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Last Saturday I went to The Barbican in London to an exhibition of photographs by Dorothea Lange. For those who don't know her work, she photographed the hardship endured by farmers and others in the dustbowl of America during the depression of the 1930s amongst many other things. It was an amazing collection of photographs and showed that the poor will always be those who suffer most. Something that has never changed. I am always looking for the right words to use when I want to say something and it doesn't always come easily to me. When I use a quotation from someone it is because they have managed to put into a few words something I wanted to express but they did it better. Dorothea said many things in her long life and she always knew how to cut to the chase. I always say you should live each day as if it was your last and she has been able to put that in a way I never could. 
" One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you'd be struck blind. " Dorothea Lange
As someone living with an eye condition this really struck a chord with me. Although it does not weigh heavily on my mind occasionally I do wonder what I would do if my left eye developed the same fault that my right eye has. I would be registered blind if that happened. Of course, I have been living with this condition for a while and there is no indication that anything is going to happen to cause that but it is there......deep in the background. Maybe it is one of the reasons I never stop. I am always thinking ahead to the next adventure. You never know when your time is going to run out for whatever reason. This is why I am already planning trips a couple of years in advance. It also makes me feel happy to know there is another adventure in the pipeline. I always have something to look forward to and more times to bank into my vault of experiences. This is not about sadness or worry, it is about filling your life.....but not with things......with feelings and excitement and anticipation and experiences. With places and people or with remoteness and solitude. 
I have recently come back from a trip the the Orkney Islands which are just off the North Coast of Scotland. I flew to Aberdeen then got a connecting flight to Kirkwall on the largest of the Orkney Islands called Mainland. This connecting flight was a much smaller plane. You arrive at Orkney in strong crosswinds as it is so flat and exposed. You land sideways with a bump so you know you have landed. As they say "Any landing is a good landing".  Orkney is a magical collection of islands packed with ancient history. Many Neolithic sites around 4,000 to 5,000 years old. You really get a sense of perspective when you stand before something that old. At Skara Brae you can see inside the dwellings of the neolithic people as their homes were buried for years and have only relatively recently been excavated. First signs were discovered as the result of storm damage in 1850 then the first proper excavation was started around 1925.…
The people of Orkney were so lovely and friendly. I stayed in two different places on the mainland and one place on a smaller island called Rousay. They were such wonderful places to stay. I loved all of it. From ancient sites to cliff top drama Orkney had a lot to offer me. Maybe lacking in mountains but you can't have everything :lol: I came back feeling totally refreshed and my head full of new experiences and my heart full of the new people I had met. Just what I needed. Sometimes you do get what you want and what you need.
And now I look forward to my next trip which is Iceland in September. 
Now it is time to share some of your creations as I have been collecting hard over the last few weeks. Before I do that I am going to share another quote by Dorothea Lange.
"Seeing is more than a physiological phenomenon...We see not only with our eyes but with all that we are......The artist is a professional see-er. " 
It is always such a treat to see your art. I know when I look at your work that there is something of you in each and every image or each line of prose. You invest of yourselves in your work and I love that. I love that I have a little piece of you in front of me, not just the image itself. So sit back and enjoy things I have seen recently. As always, if you like something particularly, please let the artist know. They will appreciate you taking the time. 

Freedom - for sureAs the cold wind blows from the north and the cold bites deep
Those with coats shiver and the street people, they do freeze
Even the birds with their natural quilts huddle up for warmth
And the short days ensure loneliness invades the spirit again
For inside those bland and featureless rooms we, once again
Hibernate our bodies, to hold on through this deep winter of life
Whilst our souls talk to us in whispers grown loud of freedom
Of pain and courage, of longings and loving, of living and dying
But forget not that your life comes with a price, no discounts
No guarantees given of winning, for all is a lottery played daily
So why care that the freedom to choose your own path could
Cost you everything you have, for you have so little to loose
It is freedom that drives you, that beckons you step forward
The same freedom that pulls you towards an unknown place
And the journey is your one, for others cannot tread with you
Though the tears that are shed will be shared; joyfully my friend
  The Ol' Red 'n Blue Line by Trippy4U  In beautiful British Columbia by gigi50  Potted history by SilverMixx  Writing Poems by Metal-Bender  Winter sunset by rougealizarine  As they protect us... by Omoidenoki  

Noirmoutier Abbey in summer by ClairObscur16   The Earth Is A Choir of Amazing by TeaPhotography  The Rivers of Living Water by GeorgieDeeArt  all I want is to have my peace of mind by knowhopeinme   Mg 0306-2 by Micko-vic 

Sofia by Laerian    Peaceful Easy Feeling by Arte-de-Junqueiro    the woodlanddays XLIX by Bodhisattvacary   Purity ... by ansdesign   Rouget by Annabelle-Chabert   
Bavaria by DominikaAniola    Bright summer day by Pajunen    she laughs at the time to come by fotomademoiselle   Desert raven by DalfaArt    Mg 0223 by Micko-vic 

In an Ancient Typography by SenhArt    Jasper's Pyramid by eegariM    Live a colourful life by dashakern    Panda giggles by MaresaSinclair    Boat on the river by rougealizarine 

The Philosopher from Uthemann by sanderus    Before summer rain by Floreina-Photography     At Salford Quays - Manchester. by GaryTaffinder 

Happy birthday to dear Zlata! by VesnaRa014    Fantasy Houses by GrimDreamArt    Frozen Park II by Pajunen    Faerieland by Melusine8   Thankfulness! by mockingbirdontree 

Retreating Royalty by eegariM    Wars of architecture by erene    Seeing by MEP4Photography   Enlightened Sky by BWilliamWest 

Watch Me Use No Hands by Mouselemur   Summer flowering by Juanilla   Moody nature by BaxiaArt  The Art Critics by richardcgreen   Summer Is Here by EvaPolly 

Le Cabinet de Curiosites - Clockwork Fairy by AlexandraVBach    Art Palette... by Omoidenoki    Angel Down by AnthonyPresley    Iotertinden III by roblfc1892    Eos by Trichardsen   

Sound of Silence by Yuukon   Old cottages during sunset by KlikitiKlik   Quietness by dashakern   The Bastion Of Americana...Coney Island by Trippy4U  

Find your star by dashakern    IMG 3227 edit by EchoOfNostalgy    Eist Le Glor De by LewisKocher    Mohn by pillendrehr 

Happy Birthday Faryba by 1001G   Happy Birthday Ann by BlueIvyViolet   Lavender Thrives by TanyaSimoneSimpson   35GfJ43 by Placi1   Mid-Air Encounter by DominikaAniola  

Her eyes tell me everything by deepgrounduk  African Girl by LikaKinsky   Kananaskis Mirror by eegariM   Nameless Falls by RawPoetry    PAYS D AUBRAC by Annabelle-Chabert

Chute libre by Annabelle-Chabert       Crap I've Found From The Beach aka. Hot Wheels by IdaBarracuda       Morning on the Lookout by Fotobasa       Be Protected in your Ways! by mockingbirdontree 

Sommertag by Mocris   At Ontario Place Monochrome by Zoomer1958   A New Day by Woman-of-DarkDesires  Time is the Enemy by Metal-Bender 
Wald #126 by HeikoGerlicher     if everything was good by Ceecore     reine I by roblfc1892    Grace by Trichardsen 

Looking Out For The Candy Bandit by Trippy4U   Tracy Butler Bluebell Glade by tracybutlerart   Durness Beach by Pistolpete2007   Just Dropping By by eegariM 

267 - Drops by ElyneNoir    Between the Raindrops by Metal-Bender    NL + 10 by DouglasHumphries    ISLAND Thinking by Fotobasa    Giants 4 by videodude1961 

The river runs cold by Pajunen    Breathe by scotto    Parachute Heart by Yuukon    The Great Wave Pyrograph on Coptic Bound Journal by snazzie-designz    Samurai Girl Pyrograph on Coptic Journal - Front by snazzie-designz 

The Three Brothers and BridalVeil Falls, Yosemite  by artamusica    Hope in music of Sadness by WhimsicalBlue    Borderline by Trippy4U    Under the Influence by Metal-Bender    Stairs to nowhere by Finsternisss 

Macro magic by LittleFawnsPhotos     Lost by Metal-Bender     At the Edge by aw-landscapes     On the edge by MEP4Photography 

Beauty in Chaos by Cinnamoncandy   Fading Light by AlicesPlace   Copper Clockwork Journal by Madelei   EDGE by nehab16   An edifice in glass at Salford Quays - Manchester. by GaryTaffinder 

Jun 2018 It's been a while... by bindii     Butterflies tree by GrimDreamArt     Fantasy map by adrianamusettidavila     Stranded by MaresaSinclair 

Relief by Fiograph   Fluegelschwer by Woman-of-DarkDesires   Instable by Annabelle-Chabert    The promised water is still debt by Ullyssess 

Spring at the Pond by NicoFroehberg   Morning by Sillybilly60   Spay le pont1 by hubert61  Summer Wildflowers by tracybutlerart 

Highway of Heartache by Yuukon     Pink Tulip by MaresaSinclair     . by MWeiss-Art     Why Is It So Hard by Mouselemur 

That's all folks :D 
I hope you enjoyed this selection. It was quite a large feature as I was away and had some catching up to do. I've tried to feature as many artists as I could. I hope I haven't missed something I wanted to include. Anyway, it is always a huge pleasure for me to make these features and I hope some of you will either find something you loved or found that other people found your art and loved it. :heart:
My love to each and everyone. You are all professional see-ers. Remember that. The words of a much greater photographer than I will ever be. 
Spread the love....the world needs a lot of love right now.....and keep creating your magic. :hug:
Until the next time.................
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I have recently returned from a week in the Scottish Highlands. I went there in expectation of moody skies, rain and heavy clouds. I went there expecting to fill some cards in my camera and to have lots of new images to share. I haven't been anywhere since November really so I was itching to get out into the mountains and fill my boots, as the saying goes. Well, the sun came out nearly every day. There was hardly a cloud in the sky for three or four of the days and the sun was high and bright. I was very surprised and I had to reassess what I was looking to get out of the week. This was one occasion where the weather and I were not going to meet in the middle. I was there for a break though and a change of scenery. I still had that. 
The drive up was a very good one. I left home at 05.15 and I was crossing the Erskine Bridge just the other side of Glasgow by 11.30. I was now getting into Scotland properly as I passed Loch Lomond and through Tyndrum up onto the edge of Rannoch Moor. Loch na H'Achlaise looked good under the blue sky as I passed on the way to Glen Coe. There was Stob Dearg, the finest peak of Buachaille Etive Mor standing proud like a gateway to the Highlands. The bright sun beat down as I continued to my base for the week at Fort William. 
Sunday dawned cloudy and drizzly. A perfect day to get my boots on. It was still the weekend and I knew everywhere was going to be very busy at this time of year so I headed for Glen Nevis. There is a walk that goes through Nevis Gorge to Steall Falls and I opted for this. It is a lovely walk through woodland and climbing up over the gorge with huge rocks and rushing water. Eventually you emerge on a flat land with Steall Falls pouring down from the mountains opposite. The clouds were breaking up but had been wonderful as they hugged the peaks and tumbled down the hill sides. This place has a lovely, calming effect. 
When I left here I headed off to Corpach to see my favourite, stranded boat. The MV Dayspring that I have photographed many a time. Today the tide was very high so there was actually some shallow water beneath her. No where near enough to trouble her but not something I see very often. The sun was out and shone down brightly on my boat. 
Monday morning started sunny. I headed for Buachaille Etive Mor and then down Glen Etive. I found Lochan Urr down a small, disused logging road. This is a lovely little secret and I was on my own there. I had a packed lunch at Loch Etive. Thankfully it was too early in the season for the midges to be a nuisance. I have been there before when the midges were so bad I didn't even get out of the car. From here I went to have a good look round at Loch na H'Achlaise as I often don't have much time here when passing through on the way home from Skye. I managed to get very wet which reminded me I had meant to get some new goretex walking shoes before coming up. I went to Fort William and sorted that out as well as a cold beer as it was very warm under the sun. Also a very tasty salted caramel ice cream.
Tuesday was cloudy but dry. I headed out to get a picture of the Jacobite steam train as it headed off to Mallaig. The spot I had chosen wasn't as good as I had hoped but I didn't have time to change it so I went with it. Then  the rain started so I headed off to Mallaig where I had a wonderful lunch in the Cornerstone Restaurant. I recommend this place but you have to get there as it opens as most tables are already booked. After lunch I spent some time at Traigh beach in the rain before heading back to the MV Dayspring hoping for more moody shots than on Sunday. 
Wednesday was the day I had planned to do some climbing. It dawned stupidly hot and sunny but I decided to go anyway. I went down to Buachaille Etive Mor to go up Beinn A'Chrulaiste from whihc you get a great view. Well, I climbed it and the view was great to look at but not great to photograph as it was just too bright and sunny with no clouds. It was at this point that I realised the photography was not my only reason for being here. I could just sit there, which I did, for quite a while, soaking up that view and passing the time with a couple of other hikers who had made their way up. It occurred to me I wasn't getting any of the shots I had hoped to get when I planned this trip but hey.......what does that matter? I was having a great time. I was not working. I was somewhere I love to be.  OK so it was just too sunny and bright so I just had to enjoy being there and put my camera away. 
When I had got down again I went to look at Loch Achtriochtan and some small falls at Clachaig. I went round Loch Leven and enjoyed the views from Balaculish Bridge. I went back to my cottage for an early couple of beers and to wash my trousers and fleece that I had got very dirty when falling a couple of times on the way down the mountain. The ground was very wet and slippery in some of the run off areas, that's all. Nothing dramatic. 
When I got up on Thursday to even more bright sunshine and lack of clouds I decided to just do something completely different and I went to the Highland Wildlife Park. Five months ago they had the arrival of a baby polar bear named Wee Hamish so I figured I' go and see him. I wasn't expecting to see him as I thought he was still hanging around the den with his mother, Victoria. They were out though and I watched them playing in the sun and swimming in the pond. It was a lovely way to spend then day. I wasn't going to photograph much anyway. I took some very long range pictures of Wee Hamish so they aren't anything to look at. It was great to see him though. 
Friday. My last day. As photography was still being a challenge I thought I would arrange my day around having a good lunch at Crannog Restaurant in Fort William. One of my favourite places to eat. I don't get the chance to eat there very often. If you like fresh sea food this is the place to go though. So in the morning I decided to chase the Jacobite steam train across the glens on it's journey. I had three places in mind. Corpach, where I succeeded, by the roadside north of Glenfinnan, where I succeeded and further north near an old church. Unfortunately I arrived there at the same time as the train so could only enjoy watching it go past on it's journey. Back to Fort William for lunch then I spent the rest of the day doing not very much but supporting local businesses of various kinds in the town. 
That was my week. 
I didn't get what what I wanted........but I did get what I needed which was a fabulous break and lots of relaxing. So just because you don't get what you want, it doesn't mean your time has been wasted. It doesn't mean you should be disappointed. You just have to adjust your expectations a little and enjoy every day as much as you possibly can. I can honestly say that I did exactly that. 

Now it is time to turn my attention to you and what you have been doing for the last month or so. Creating wonderful pieces of art is what you have been doing. Magical, inspirational, heart warming art. I am blessed to have met so many creative people here. It gives me the greatest pleasure to share your work and let more people know how wonderful you all are. So if you see anything here that touches you in  some way please let the artist know. I kind comment from you may be the best thing that happens to them today :D
Here we go then. Sit back and enjoy. 

Sweet little coon by gigi50  The Journey by Pajunen   The Colors Of Summer by LindArtz  Lisa by Ceecore 

Remains of a Glacier by MarvinDiehl    arctic light by roblfc1892    hamnoy I by roblfc1892     Waiting for tomorrow by Trichardsen    Derryveagh by Annabelle-Chabert 

Inside Violin X by borda    Moritzburg Castle - Germany by Stefan-Becker    Scandinavian Architecture 2 by GrimDreamArt    I Can Almost See You by Metal-Bender 

Sunshine sprinkles by SilverMixx   Tristesse by Woman-of-DarkDesires   Heaven garden... by Omoidenoki   ...Awakening... by VesnaRa014   Awesomeness by Laerian 

Here comes the summer by dashakern     Zugspitze Sunset by Dave-Derbis     Beinn Eighe by SebastianKraus      Haystack Rock by eegariM

Magic Tuscany 14 -  5:41 AM by CitizenFresh    Auroras and Moonlight by Laazeri  North I by EtherealSceneries    Fireball by EtherealSceneries   Sorrow by EtherealSceneries 

To the Canopy by eegariM      Open Highway by BWilliamWest     Great yellow eyes by Maria-Schreuders     Patterdale by scotto 

Out Back by Trippy4U     Seashore on May by Pajunen      Early Winter Sunset II by Arte-de-Junqueiro 

warm day by 4ajka   Ginger Flower by EyeOfTheKat   The Silence Is Shaking by WhimsicalBlue    Silent Hymn by Metal-Bender     Rainy Day Composition by DouglasHumphries 

Agony by nehab16     Travel time by dashakern     Scourge Of The Fields by Nikki-vdp     Curiouser And Curiouser by AlicesPlace 

Green partitions... by Omoidenoki   Old bicycle by rougealizarine   It Is What It Is by Trippy4U   Gold Coast by erene  

Slow down the time by MEP4Photography        234 - Ferns by ElyneNoir        Black and White Flower by vanndra       On the Waterfront by Metal-Bender 

April Come She Will by Yuukon    On Silent Wings by Nikki-vdp    Believe It Or Not by Mouselemur   Dropping the LAN Line  by richardcgreen   Sunbathing by IndigoSummerr 

Pucker up baby by gigi50   Fly Geyser IV by Scooby777  Karhusalmi by IdaBarracuda   Breeze on a poppy field by VasiDgallery 

The Serpents Teeth by Inextremiss      Enjoy the Silence! by mockingbirdontree       Deliverance by Woman-of-DarkDesires    Waiting for summer by MaresaSinclair 

It's not all magic ... by ansdesign     Curves 1 bw by pillendrehr     Castellane by RawPoetry     tranquil by knowhopeinme    Compost and keys by SilverMixx    Stump by Laazeri 

Love8 by rust2d   Lolita by karen-abramyan   irish dream by karen-abramyan  The path of light by streamweb   Like Candles by TeaPhotography 

Sunset over Boundary Bay by dashakern    On a cloudy afternoon ... by chriseastmids    Ola by darkelfphoto    M-Y-S-T-E-R-Y by WhimsicalBlue 

Jaque Mate by richardcgreen    Daybreak by RawPoetry     mountainscape of Kruja by LunaFeles     Birch by 4ajka 

222 - Pastel Pink by ElyneNoir        Shadows of the past ... by ansdesign       Hiking diaries, April 2018 by EvaPolly        # Light by Mishkina   

In the Blue, Dancing And Swaying by tracybutlerart   senses VII by JoannaRzeznikowska    The Dreams Seller in Tykocin by sanderus    Keepsake by LittleFawnsPhotos     Thinking Girl by Pappa60 

What will be our memory of this time..? by only1second    Expectations ... by ansdesign    Snowy Alps by DominikaAniola     Hautes terres by Annabelle-Chabert     Daydreaming by IsabellaJainePhoto 

Colorado landscapes pt. IV by TheChosenPesssimist      Escape by Unkopierbar      Wheat by moonchild-unveiled      Summers Broken Window by 33M

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through the pictures and even more thanks if your read my journal too :lol: ;)
I take my hat off to you all for your never ending enthusiasm and love for what you create. It fills me with joy to know I can come here and always see something new from you. What a bunch of artists you are. I am honoured to have found you here and I am even more honoured to share your pictures. I will catch up replying to your comments on my pictures one day too. I will get there, I promise. I appreciate you taking the time to comment very much and you know I love to read your comments :heart:
Take care of yourselves until next we meet. Take care of each other and your loved ones. Share your love and keep creating. My love and friendship to you all :heart: :hug:
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Hello from England on a day of sunshine and showers. I am emerging from my work tunnel that I disappear into at this time of year. The end of March through to the end of April is my busiest time of year every year and I have only had one day off in the last four weeks. Now I know I have many times mentioned the importance of a healthy work / life balance and, for the most part I do what I can to manage that. This time of year is different though and I have no real option but to knuckle down and get on with it. It is the end of the financial year so everyone has to tie up their books. It's just about done now though so I can look forward to my first trip away of the year which is a short break to the Scottish Highlands in May. The weather has not looked terribly promising but hey ho. It is what it is. Three weeks ago they still had snow up there and last week it was 29 degrees centigrade (84 F ). That didn't last long, of course, and we are back to normal April weather now. Temperatures in the mid teens and a mixture of weather every day. 
Now, everyone knows that if you need to start up a conversation with someone from the UK you should start with the weather. It is well know that the weather is a huge topic over here and that we talk about it all the time. This is probably because it changes so much. I guess if you live in California, for the most part the weather is pretty boring. Am I right? Or is that just a stereotype too? 
Are we the country that talks so much about weather? What's it like where you live? Does everyone talk about the weather really? Is it fair to paint us with this brush? I'd love to know. Stereotypes are funny things but I guess most of them are grounded in something. 
I have just had a quick look to see what stereotypes there are of us out there. Do we really all have really bad teeth? It seems people think we do. Is British food so very bad? That's another popular one. 
Are the Germans as efficient as we think they are? Are the French arrogant? Goodness, the list goes on and on. Are these real stereotypes or do people just invent them? How does something become a stereotype in the first place? Is it just a simplification of how we see 'someone we are not' that makes us feel better about ourselves?
I don't know. If I believed the list of stereotypes I have just read I wouldn't like very many people in the world including the British and, quite possibly, even myself. 
I'm going to see how easy it is to never use a stereotype in my thinking at all. Not even in humour. As soon as I notice a stereotype looming up in my mind I will try to beat it back and live knowing that most people are actually human beings who deserve a bit of respect. Those that don't usually become obvious fairly quickly. So I'm going to have a cup of tea now while my German friends play with some new technology, my French friends smoke, my American friends dismantle and reassemble an automatic rifle, my Spanish friends sleep, my Italian friends wave their arms about...................hmmmm.....that didn't last long did it?

Somehow I have been able to keep up with all your recent submissions for which I have been even more grateful than usual. To sit down for half an hour at the end of a long day and be able to discover all your new images has been a special treat over that last few weeks. I have not been able to get out with my camera at all so I am so happy that you have. I've still been able to get my fix of nature and art through what you have been creating and I am so thankful to you all for that.
Here we go then. A selection of work that has helped to keep me sane these last four weeks. Sit back and enjoy these gems from my favourites. If you like anything especially please let the artist know if you have the time. Thank you.

Sibillini by AndyMumford   Ocean of Clouds by Sigfodr   The Spirits Return by Inebriantia  Rocinha Ridge by Miguel-Santos  

World Within Worlds by richardcgreen   Been You by Mouselemur   Northbound For A Winter by Trippy4U  Deep of the night by BlueCaroline  

vivid by Luperkalia418  Red Beetle by rougealizarine  Point of no return ... by ansdesign  Glimpse Of Reality by WhimsicalBlue  Street life by SilverMixx  Into the Sun by IndigoSummerr  

No Speculation, No Compromises by eegariM   Spring by dashakern  The World Can Wait by Yuukon   074 The power station by Chris-Delni-Offord  A rainy morning. by Phototubby 

Looking Back by RickB500   Don't Touch Me by Markus43   Let's go back to Sasamat by dashakern  Only For A Time by Trippy4U  little helper by Luperkalia418  Midnight Encounter by richardcgreen  

About Fairy Tales ... by ansdesign    The Village of Storks by sanderus    Blah Blah Blah by saperlipop     I Ching 24 - Fu (Returning) by annewipf     Fall Colors by lemgras330     All True Beauty... by TeaPhotography

Ice by Floreina-Photography    Touch the water by Maria-Schreuders     Flowing from the mountains by aw-landscapes    Watcing the sunrise by dashakern    Looking In The Mirror by lemgras330    Bullet Drop by eegariM 

Enchanting ... by ansdesign   Shine. by OliviaMichalski   Canigou by Annabelle-Chabert   Innocent by MEP-Photography  

Barclay by RawPoetry  Think Happy Thoughts by Miss-deviantE   Zubr by DominikaAniola  Old Friend by AlicesPlace  Trail to the island by Pajunen  

Morning in Tuscany V by Gambassi    A cold day by dfm63    Beinn a'Chrulaiste by SebastianKraus    First Light Best Light by Capturing-the-Light  

Life invitation... by Omoidenoki     Blackbird's Song by Metal-Bender     Lichen Palette by TanyaSimoneSimpson    A Fairytale by EyeOfTheKat     Blackbird by EvaPolly  

old locomotive by 4ajka     Cheetah by Scooby777     Surfing in Mexico by gigi50    Hepatica among light and shadows by roisabborrar      Silence Of The Veils - Awareness by nehab16  

Help Me Now We're Falling by Trippy4U   Krakow in the morning by LunaFeles   Apr 7 2018 by bindii   Blue by PassionAndTheCamera  Delight by dashakern 

Feel so different by MEP-Photography     hotel by 4ajka     Spring Forest by flitart     It used to fly once by thegirlcansmile     Le Reveil by saperlipop 

Peach by RezzanATAKOL   Fantasy Architecture by GrimDreamArt   Pipes and string...symphony ! by Omoidenoki   foggy morning by Luperkalia418  Landscape by Alena-48  

Tangled by aw-landscapes     darkness and light by Ingelore  Coptic Bound Notebook - Map of Iceland Cover by snazzie-designz      reynisfjara III by roblfc1892  

Underworld by DavidMnr      How do you do? by redtreeme      Dear Past.. by WhimsicalBlue      Blood Moon by Reddawgi  

Um lugar para reconstruir by Wesley-Souza     Ana Denise Souza art by ajursp     Awakening of Spring by dashakern  

Model26 by ekota21   Girl12 by ekota21   Model23 by ekota21   Shoulder dragon by DanielaIvanova  I Know You're Still There by AdaEtahCinatas  

My Winter Happiness by Laerian  Port Sidney Marina by erene   Red building.... by gintautegitte69 

Better Days by Metal-Bender        Wreck at Crow Point, North Devon, UK by needcaffine       Green Elegance by aw-landscapes       Sooner Than Later by Mouselemur

Thank you so much for looking through these pictures. So many amazing places that I would love to visit here not to mention so many artists I would love to visit. 
Have an amazing day everyone. Spread the love and keep creating your own piece of magic in this world. Artists make stardust. Take care of yourselves and take care of each other. Much love to you all. :heart:
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This short video fills me with joy. This is a young girl who is about to go on her first train journey and is full of excitement. I think the things that are easiest to lose in life are excitement and curiosity because life has a way of sucking them out of you. Just recently there have been further terrible things happening in countries like France, the USA and here in England. Over a lifetime you are faced with so many of these terrible events that it makes you give up hope for life on this planet............and then you come across someone like Emma Gonzales who impresses me every time I see her. Then there is something simpler like the short video above. However bad things get there are always these wonderful people and moments to remind you what it should be to be a human being living on this planet. For some reason the news thrives on sad and traumatic stories and can't find time for happy stories. There are places you can go to find these such as and five minutes of this positivity every day does me the world of good. 
I am so very happy that I am an optimistic kind of person and that I do still have this childlike excitement and curiosity inside me. It really is there on the surface. I don't have to dig deep to find it but many people do. This is not to say that I shut myself off from the bad things in the world. I am fully aware of them and take a deep interest in world news. I just won't let myself become overwhelmed by it (although there have been many times when that has been really difficult). 
Let me tell you about the A82. This is the road that passes Rannoch Moor to Glen Coe and on to Fort Wiliam then on to Inverness by Loch Ness. I love this road. Mainly because it takes me where I want to go but also because of the scenery it drives through. When I first drove along this road I had to keep pulling over and stopping because the views are spectacular. You leave a small town called Tyndrum and climb up before levelling out and heading out past Loch na H-Achlaise and on towards Buachaille Etive Mor, Glen Coe and Fort William. As the road levels out after the climb my excitement is building as I know the sights I am going to see. Sights that I never tire of. The Black Mount, Rannoch Moor and on towards the wonderful mountain of Buachaille Etive Mor. This was my first experience of, what I call, real mountains. I can hardly describe the effect it had on me the first time I drove along this road. I have been here many times since, either to visit this area or passing through on my way to the Isle Of Skye. My love of the mountains has only grown since my first visit here. I wish I could describe how alive my senses become every time I approach these mountains and this area. I am childlike in my sheer joy. The same when I am on Skye. You can see the mountains long before you actually get to the island. Their silhouette is unmistakeable and my heart rate always increases when I see them. 
When I went on my short trip to Iceland in 2016 I was so happy that I took this same feeling of excitement and awe there with me............or I picked it up when I was there. However it happens I am full on alive, curious, excited, absolutely buzzing with life at these times and in these places. I am going back to Iceland for a longer trip in September and I can tell you that I am already excited about it. 

I am also excited every time I go out with my camera. If that doesn't come across in my pictures then  I am doing something wrong :lol:

I am also excited by the fact that it seems winter might have finally finished here and Spring is happening. This means I can get to work in my garden. I have a new flower bed to plant up and I have potatoes and onions to get into the ground. The magic of shoots coming out of the ground always makes me happy. Eating food I have grown myself fills me with absurd levels of satisfaction. I will be growing tomatoes, chillies, carrots, courgettes, lots of salad crops and green beans. The success of this will depend on how much time I spend looking after it all and how much time I am away from home but this time of year always cheers me up and fills me with energy. I am just about recovered from this horrible flu which I have had for seven weeks. That is also filling me with energy....albeit slowly......and I feel so much better for it. 
My excitement comes from the biggest mountain I can get to or from the smallest bud coming out in my garden. It comes from seeing excitement in others, or seeing acts of kindness or seeing someone like Emma Gonazales standing up for what they believe in. Wherever you find your own excitement, curiosity or joy.........please........never lose it. Never lose your excitement for the known or your curiosity for the unknown.

Another place I find excitement, curiosity and joy is here on dA each time I look through your latest creations. (My second heavy handed link it two journals.......well done Lawrence :) ) We are a band of brothers and sisters here. We work together, we play together, we share our creations, we share our love for each other and our love for what we each do. For what we contribute not only to dA but what we add to each other's lives. For all of that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. By way of thanks I would now like to share your work with as many people as I can. Please sit down for five minutes if you have the time and take a look at the fabulous pictures I have been collecting from you recently. Please fave anything you like and, if you have a minute, please leave a comment and let the artist know how you have enjoyed their work. 

The Fire inside me. by OliviaMichalski  Zefir by 4ajka  Jewellery Box With Pyrographed (Wood Burned) Cat by snazzie-designz  autumn memories by Ingelore  I'm so happy to see you all on DA! by mockingbirdontree 

Saturday's Hike by BWilliamWest     Spring Equinox ... by ansdesign      Tedd Deireadh v2.0 by Aenea-Jones      Culzean Bluebells by tracybutlerart     Dark Forest 1 by Metal-Bender  

Catching Feelings by Mouselemur   My self pic......2018. by gintautegitte69   Golden Haze by AnnMarieBone   Ciconia ... by ansdesign     Road trip by SilverMixx    Tree Tops in Snow by videodude1961 

Colour versus Monochrome by erene  Mist of Avallon... by Omoidenoki   Devil's Staircase by RawPoetry  Sys Bjerre by katr14    

Road trip 3 by BlueIvyViolet   Light In The Darkness by Trippy4U   They Don't Play Our Lovesong Anymore by Yuukon  Suspended in Light by justeline  

Old building III by VesnaRa014   Springtime by MEP4Photography  Houses by the river by Pajunen  The early morning mist by dashakern  

Choose happiness by AutumnIulia  Eternity by SvenMueller  The Wastelands by Exileden  Remote Norway pt. XXXVII by TheChosenPesssimist  

Norway 102 by lonelywolf2   The Dark Traveler II by justeline  Winter umbrella by LadyDattebayo  Sunny day by LadyDattebayo 

Time To Move On.... by Woman-of-DarkDesires  Chilean flamingo by Maria-Schreuders  Spring poppies by rougealizarine   It happened on a snowy night by MEP4Photography  you tied the knots yourself by Rona-Keller  

Citywalk by beatrice  Sunset pelicans by gigi50   O Lord ! Give me strength and courage ! by Sweetlylou  . by invisigoth88  ... by Annabelle-Chabert  

Colors in gray... by VesnaRa014  Don't catch butterflies ... by ansdesign  Flowers in the Morning by Yuukon  Celtic Cross at Great Bealings churchyard, Suffolk by LewisKocher  NEAR MY HOMETOWN ( WORLD HERITAGE ) by IME54-ART  

Magical fishes by AncaXBre   Half a Flag by Arte-de-Junqueiro   Earth shows its bones by MaciejKarcz    Brushed by eegariM

the boats by fotomademoiselle   Walk on the Wild Side by richardcgreen  A Landscape with Blue Umbrella by sanderus  Mar 2018 2 by bindii  

Trail to Garibaldi Lake by dashakern   What I see on the road..... by gintautegitte69   Carousel Figurehead by richardcgreen   Swamp Fortress by GrimDreamArt   Stories of Ink: Black bird by dinabelenko 

Belong To The World by Mouselemur   Burst of Dawn by dashakern   Red by BaxiaArt   Lost In Red by AdaEtahCinatas   Cold Sky by Metal-Bender  

The Hobbits arriving in Rivendell by aw-landscapes  Moonlight by SvenMueller  SEP 6321crop by bagnino  The Great One by r-maric  

. by MWeiss-Art   Winter's Willow by EmMelody   Copy-Paste by DominikaAniola   Only A Child Is Capable Of by IdaBarracuda    

Anywhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place by Trippy4U      Mar 2018 1 by bindii      The Last of Winter by MaaykeKlaver       Point Prim Lighthouse Monochrome by Zoomer1958  

The Fingers and Toes of Paws by TeaPhotography  Mountain By The Sea by SatyaSaruchi  Rust beauty by rougealizarine  Back to blue by BlueCaroline  A long time ago in Katowice by sanderus  

20180303dsc07117 by ltiana355    roman theatre of Plovdiv. by LunaFeles    Plovdiv ID by LunaFeles    Metalic ice by gigi50   

. by invisigoth88  The other Self by RickB500  Peace of Mine by WhimsicalBlue  Old attic spirit by AncaXBre  City builder by AncaXBre  Old Helsinki IV by Pajunen 

The cloud factory... by Omoidenoki  Stories of Ink: Nevermore by dinabelenko   True Blue by fairyladyphotography   Into The Great Wide Open by 33M  Feb 2018 3 by bindii 

AIRTAMS over the marketsquare in Katowice by sanderus   Some Flowers by vanndra   Jump by chriskaula  focus on anything by Ceecore   Winter Woods XV. by realityDream 

  ...sigh... by Saidge42 Dreams by paulee1   Remote Norway pt. XL by TheChosenPesssimist  New Light Dawning by AlicesPlace 

River .003 Panorama by asetix  Zoa-Falls Lake Loop-Zoa subsummit by Westcoastspirits 

im Mondlicht by CaveCanem42   Winterwald by RobinHalioua   The Deer by MiserableCreature    The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore by MiserableCreature 

Winter sunset by RawPoetry   Thin Ice by Cyan707   Axeman's Inflow by eegariM  Semplicity by Nataly1st  Lormet-zoo-0784V-sml by Lormet-Images   PW 11 by Tatyana-Sanina  

renaissance by IreneHorvath   Between loneliness and happiness by dashakern   The Monolith by Pistolpete2007  Booksburg by Lora-Vysotskaya  

art by thefirebomb   ... by only1second   147 - Red Scarf by ElyneNoir   Bonewhiteglory by Mrs-White   Final Frontier by RS-foto  Untitled by dasTOK 

. by invisigoth88       AITRAMS Zabrze 2 by sanderus  The Baptism of the Fog by richardcgreen   A Change Is On The Way by Trippy4U

Thank you so much for looking through these works of art. I hope very much that you found a lot to enjoy here and that you can support the artists in some way. 
As always, my love and friendship to you all. It is something special in these difficult times to make so much and to add so much to this world. And that is what you are all doing. You are all adding to the sum of human history by creating this art. You are leaving your mark on this world and I, for one, could not be happier about that.
Spread the love and take care of yourselves and each other, always. Keep creating.  :heart: :hug:

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We are all astronauts on spaceship Earth. It's funny that we think of space as being out there but it is also right here. We are in space flying around on this planet. To anyone outside they would look at us as we look at Mars or beyond. We are in space. A select few have had the privilege to look back at the Earth from a distance and be affected by having done this. 

"When you're finally up at the moon looking back on Earth, all those differences and nationalistic traits are pretty well going to blend, and you're going to get a concept that maybe this really is one world and why the hell can't we learn to live together like decent people?" 
Frank Borman Apollo 8 

A couple of things have come to mind recently regarding this. Somehow, these astronauts have experienced something that has given them an explanation for the world and why we are here and how we should live. I think you'd be a strange kind of human to not be changed by such an experience but they do seem to have found it to be a very spiritual and uplifting moment in their lives. Also humbling. 

"It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small."
Neil Armstrong

Having had this experience and having spoken about it widely, how come the world has not paid them any attention? How come the world continues down the same path it always has? Either the world chooses not to listen to their words of wisdom or it chooses to ignore them.
Another thing which probably touches me more deeply is that I have always believed in the power of pictures. Many of you know that I try very hard to inject feeling and emotion into my photographs. It may not always be easy to spot this :lol: but when I am standing on a mountainside captivated by the beauty before me I want some of that feeling of magic and captivation to be in the picture I create so that you might have a chance to feel like I felt at that moment. You probably will never get to stand where I was standing so this is your chance to experience it and, if I have done my job right, you will feel something of what I felt. I honestly never take snap shots. I don't get too bogged down in techniques and technical skills, though I can call on them when required. My photography is quite intuitive and emotional. This brings me back to the subject of the astronauts. Some of the pictures of the Earth are just stunning. They really touch me as I think is only right. They tell me about the beauty of the planet and it's fragility and how it needs to be looked after. And, in these pictures you can't see all the bad stuff going on in the world. I just would have hoped that these pictures would have had a bigger effect on the world, it's people and it's leaders. To make them see how lucky we are to have this planet to live on and how lucky we all are just to have a life to live. Am I wrong though? Do I put too much store in the power of pictures? 
Few people could say that war is a good thing after looking through some of the photographs of the great war photographers. Many famine situations have been helped enormously by the powerful and heart wrenching  photographs published. History is shown in pictures whether photographs or not. Maybe the picture is still a powerful thing. I do hope so. Maybe the ideas of planet Earth seen from a distance are just too big to cope with? Maybe the other things work because they are on a more personal level. I don't know. That could be it. Maybe thinking of the planet on such a wide scale is just too big for people to cope with? Well, I hope they start to cope with it soon. It is a fragile planet and we are not taking care of it. 

"Oddly enough the overriding sensation I got looking at the Earth was, my God that little thing is so fragile out there."
Mike Collins Apollo 11

If we could all just see ourselves as astronauts and then see as the astronauts see, there would be more hope. 

One of the reasons I found myself thinking along these lines is a recent series of images from :iconbindii: which I have found captivating. You will find them shortly in my feature. 
Speaking of my feature........(nice link Lawrence) here are some pictures that have caught my attention recently. I have had a little time to look over the last few days as I have the flu. Whilst I know this will pass I am still a bad patient. Being ill just is not my thing. So anyway, it has given me more time to look at dA and watch TV so it's not all bad. 
Here we are then. Sit back and enjoy some stunning artwork made by some simply stunning artists :hug: That means you, and you and of you :hug:

146 - Into Oblivion by ElyneNoir    145 - Tiny Tree by ElyneNoir    Look at this beautiful lake by Caillean-Photography    Wintery scene by thefirebomb    my paths XII by JoannaRzeznikowska

Hope by mockingbirdontree   Living On The Edge by Mouselemur  WInterwonderland by Fiograph   I know I can smell it by gigi50  Winter Morning by Nelleke 

My hanami... by Omoidenoki  King and his men by MaciejKarcz   Feb 2 2018 by bindii   northern gingerbread cookies by 4ajka  There Will Always Be A Door To The Light by 33M  

Hindsight by BWilliamWest   And when the rain.. by OliviaMichalski  Fuchsia for Life by TeaPhotography  Love in Any Language by TeaPhotography  It's winter out there by phalalcrocorax  Magicians Palace by GrimDreamArt 

Pasterze by MarvinDiehl  Fire Storm by richardcgreen   Beloved by saperlipop   The eternity of passing time... by Omoidenoki   NEW PROFILE PICTURE, JUNI 2017 by IME54-ART  

KASHMIR by nehab16   Happy Birthday Michael by 1001G   God And Country by Trippy4U  Instaeyes by IdaBarracuda  End of winter by rougealizarine 

Va fail, elaine... v2.0 by Aenea-Jones  Blanca II by RawPoetry   February seashore by Pajunen  Celtic Cross at Gt Bealings, Suffolk, England by LewisKocher 

Nature Love by tango793   Top Hat and Tails by Cozmia  Summer. ...58 by gintautegitte69  Little Monster 3 by pillendrehr  Crocus Heart by AlicesPlace 

One more Sunrise by dashakern   Giglio Island Castle by Nataly1st   Purple passion by MEP4Photography  Adios, Cuba, mi amor... by dashakern 

My steampunk valentine by Sweetlylou  Winter Creek by Pajunen   The snowflake by gigi50  Industrial Ghost LXV by Trippy4U 

Paulina by fairyladyphotography  The night concert - Print available by SecretDarTiste   Macro Worlds by IndigoSummerr  Water paths by Annabelle-Chabert  Blue Swedish Eyes. by KarinClaessonArt 

P a p a v e r  r h o e a s by ColorfulLadybug   Motherland Chronicles #18 - Julia by zemotion    On my way to ... by ansdesign   Fairy Valentine by LewisKocher   Crush by Metal-Bender     Bookends by Yuukon  

Feb 1 2018 by bindii   St Joseph Lighthouse by Jules49442  Night fairy by AncaXBre  Silent Ways by Woman-of-DarkDesires   Frida by bohomaz13  

Ersfjordbotn - it's snowing by LunaFeles  Moccasin Lake, Oregon by artistwilder 

Alpinre Splendor by artistwilder   Mammoth Hot Springs in the mist 2 by CitizenFresh  View From Vermillion by artistwilder    Mother Nature by Sophia-Eowyn 

rising by IreneHorvath  The Climb by erene   midwest weed by fotomademoiselle   Under the mountains by xBajnox   Hollyhocks by rougealizarine 

Seascape II by MarcosRodriguez  Mask of the Goddess by fillemazendacus  Paralipsis by aspruli  Memories of a Winter Morning by annewipf 

Aslan Wooden Box Lid Woodburning Pyrograph 01 by snazzie-designz      Duality by EvaPolly      Feb 2018 by bindii     134 - Isolation by ElyneNoir     An old water tower in Piotrowice by sanderus 

Next finish by Ullyssess   Quiet dying in the winter III by VesnaRa014   AIRTRAMS Bytom 2 by sanderus  One of those weeks by SilverMixx  Lormet-zoo-0702S9-sml by Lormet-Images 

Rough Lands by eegariM   Lemon tea (Really Hot) by dinabelenko   Fighter by Metal-Bender   Keen eye by Nikki-vdp   Cathedral Cove   New-Zealand by gwenoder  Reaching out by Melusine8  

Giant Puddle by eegariM   Nina by Trippy4U   Valley of flowers by ElenaDudina  On the Caledonian Channel by MaresaSinclair 

Dead End by VBmonkey26   Fading Autumn V. by realityDream   Fog 2 by mugurelm   Before The Rain by Lora-Vysotskaya

Dive by Alannah-Hawker   Full Moon by Crannogphotographic   Bench by LidiaRossana    Slavic Hut by GrimDreamArt  a little photo booth series by Rona-Keller  The winter gathering by rollarius55 

The Zen Of Total Concentration by 33M  Idyllic Landscape. by LunaFeles  Spying on the winter by streamweb   .:A Good Catch I:. by RHCheng  #02 Home Forest by Teescha-Rinn  

Time To Scoot! by Lora-Vysotskaya   The world upside down by Maria-Schreuders   Dreaming by AStoKo   Jan 2018 4 by bindii  A gaze to the world ... by ansdesign 

Long for the woods by csillabold  The observer by MaaykeKlaver  Fade To Grey by AntonioGouveia  Chandratal Lake by nimitnigam

Kafjorden I by sHavYpus   The Heavens And The Earth by SvenMueller  Blue Night II by raysheaf 

Wald #125 by HeikoGerlicher   Fallen Comrade by aw-landscapes   A Journey to the Mountains by m-eralp  next morning.. by AlicesPlace   3-D Tracking Photography by SAMLIM 

I hope you enjoyed this selection. You have all been very busy which makes choosing harder. 
So, if looking at the bigger picture is hard we can start small. Look at how we are affecting the planet as individuals and try to be better. Also remember we are all astronauts on this spaceship so we need to take care of each other. There is so much bad stuff going on we can at least look after each other. 
Spread the love and let your creative juices flow. Let beauty and creativity and love be your legacy. I hope it will be mine. 
As always, my love to you all. :hug: :heart:
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Good morning on National Blueberry Pancake Day. I bet you didn't know that. On this day in 1547 King Henry VIII died and in 1968 Sarah McLachlan was born. Sadly, in 1986 Space Shuttle "Challenger" exploded losing the crew of seven. The people of the world cried as they witnessed the disaster. Astronauts have my utmost respect for pushing the boundaries of the human experience. They have always worked on the very edge of human technology and many have been lost throughout the progress of their journey. The ultimate explorers maybe. I have always been excited and inspired by them anyway wherever they are from. 

When I wrote my last journal it was just before Christmas and I was about to have a short break from work. This was very enjoyable and relaxing though I did put on a few pounds which I am now trying to lose again :lol: The New Year came and went and I came into 2018 with the realization that I had no real plans for the year. I had a couple of vague ideas in my head but nothing had been booked which left me feeling a little unsettled. You know I like to have trips coming up or I get itchy feet. Well they were getting really itchy I can tell you so I have concentrated my mind and I have decided where I am going to visit this year. It may surprise you to know that I will not be visiting Skye this year. I don't think I will have time but we shall see. You never know what will happen. On my list for 2018 are Glen Coe and that area of the Scottish Highlands, The Orkney Islands which are just north of Scotland, A longer trip to Iceland and a trip back to Northumberland. All these trips are booked so I now have plans which does make me feel better. I don't know why that seems to matter to me so much. I love the excitement of an upcoming adventure. There are times when I think I enjoy the anticipation most of all........then I get there and find myself wide eyed and catching my breath at nature's work before me and I know that the excitement and buzz will never fade away. My senses are all turned up to 11 and my sense of inner peace fills me. It is only two months since I was among the mountains of Skye and yet I long to be somewhere other than here, where I live. It's a difficult thing to explain. I have tried before. I like my home and I like being at home and I like coming back home but I always live for my next adventure. I do see the beauty in small things and I take a lot of pleasure from my garden and I love to cook and read and watch movies and all kinds of stuff. I like all of that. But.....nothing gives me a thrill like an adventure. Getting away. I think maybe it is because I pretty much know what is going to happen at home. As long as I wake up in the morning (which is always a positive start to any day ;) ) I know what is going to happen. Especially on a work day. When I go away I have no idea what each day will bring. I don't know what I am going to do from day to day or what I am going to see or what pictures I will take. I love the uncertainty of being on a trip. I like that edge. So, anyway, you find me at a very exciting time just because I have some trips planned :eager: I'm easy to please ;)

After my Christmas memories last time a couple of people wrote to me with some of their memories which triggered another couple of mine. I'm not sure if I have shared these with you before so please bear with me if I have. I don't remember everything I have written before and I do ramble :lol:  In the house I grew up in as a child we only had a gas fire in the living room. There was no heating anywhere else in the house apart from the bath room (more about that in a minute). In the kitchen we had a paraffin heater on wheels. You would pour the liquid paraffin (made by a company called Pink Elephant) into it and light it with a match. It would then give off heat but also paraffin fumes. I used to sit in the kitchen on winter evenings listening to the radio with my younger brother as it was the chart show. We used to sit there with eyes streaming from the fumes from the heater. The rest of the family would be in the living room watching the TV and when we had finished with the radio we used to rejoin them somewhat light headed and crying. Ah the memories. The heater in the bathroom was an electric one on the ceiling. It was round like a flying saucer from a 1950s sci-fi films and was turned on with a pull cord. It used to glow red round the outside as it warmed the roof as hot air rises :lol: a fairly pointless heater but I wish I still had it. It was a pretty design though utterly useless. 

Now it is time to share what you have been creating since my last feature. I am so happy to come here each day to see your submissions. I see landscapes from places I have not been, portraits of people I will never know, abstracts from really creative minds......paintings made with skills I will never possess but which fill me with awe. You all just inspire me so much and make me want to take better pictures and find more beautiful places. To have that inner thing that you have that drives you to create such beauty in this crazy world is a gift. I treasure this gift that you all have. You are hopers, dreamers, makers, doers and creators.
I love all that you do. In my own small way this is my way of spreading your magic to a wider world. I hope that is what I do anyway. I believe your magic deserves to be seen and admired. On that note, if you do see something you think has that magic or touches you in some way please drop a fave and if you have time, a comment which is always welcome. Thank you for everything you do. 

Cadillac by Metal-Bender    Crystal Blue Persuasion by gigi50    Der Nebelweber webt im Wald by only1second    Drink to Me 2.0.... with added Window by richardcgreen     Winter Solitude by aw-landscapes

Evening Grove by AnnMarieBone   Structures. by OliviaMichalski   Postcard by Yuukon   Vintage beauty by SilverMixx   Today is in the past by MWeiss-Art

Winter In Owl Mountains by DominikaAniola   Lighthouse by Jules49442   The magic of Sunset by dashakern   A road to Myslowice by sanderus

WWW : World Wet Web by Omoidenoki   The Minutia Of It All by Trippy4U   Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines by dashakern  It Would Be So Nice by Mouselemur  wrapped inside November rain by Rona-Keller

white alley by 4ajka   Mother Nature by Sophia-Eowyn   How icy are the Times 4 by pillendrehr   Snowy Hills by tracybutlerart  Requiem of ice ... by ansdesign  Jan 2018 3 by bindii

Winter landscape in the style of Afremov by Alena-48  no, I won't open my eyes! by Ingelore   Iceland by Annabelle-Chabert   Sir Olive Tree by Annabelle-Chabert    A place to enjoy by VesnaRa014

A Night Hunting by sanderus       Horizon by EyeOfTheKat    ~ by Woman-of-DarkDesires

twilight in Hallstatt by LunaFeles  Giving me the eye by gigi50  Hello everyone...........with :love: and :hug:'sss by jennystokes  a room with a view by ivtaya  House of Vice by LidiaVives   Paradise Inn at Mt. Rainier January 2018 by videodude1961 

Mazama Ridge 2 by MaciejKarcz   Between the rain by streamweb  mirror. by LunaFeles   Stockholm by GrimDreamArt   Daisies by vanndra

Coco Chaotic by richardcgreen    RAGE by nehab16   Don't worry, be happy by Maria-Schreuders   Me and my guitar ... by ansdesign  That Was Then by Trippy4U 
Soon The Sun Will Rise 2 by CitizenFresh  Magic forest and the rabbit by m-eralp   Morning Melodies by dashakern  For Maryellen by LidiaRossana  Handmade Coptic bound Isle of Skye Book 02 by snazzie-designz 

shining bright by IreneHorvath  my paths by JoannaRzeznikowska  Silent Beautiful Graceful Motion by 33M  Two by lewest 

manyuruak by styvop  Playful by LiliaLaurent     The Figure by EmMelody  All I can say by MEP4Photography 

Grow With The Flow by TeaPhotography   Fiery by aw-landscapes  Asian small clawed otter by Maria-Schreuders   Silent Odyssey by aw-landscapes 

Laden by Nikki-vdp  105 - Dead and Gone by ElyneNoir  A Beautiful Mind by WhimsicalBlue  Some Winter Scene by Cyan707   Autumn Birches by Cyan707 

Starlight at Christmas Eve by flaviobolla   Royal by RawPoetry  Fairy Tale by Mocris   Landscape sketch by csillabold  Tony's kitchen by Juanilla 

A Toast... by Scooby777  I'll catch you by Konakira   when winter was cold by Ingelore   Across by Annabelle-Chabert  Winter Brook by Pajunen 

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Snow Jumping by Nikki-vdp   Heaven or Hell? by eegariM   snow is falling. by LunaFeles   Hallstatt by LunaFeles

That's all for now folks :) I hope you have found something you like. Thank you so much for reading this far and for looking through the pictures. I am constantly amazed by you all. Thank you all for being part of my life. I hope this year will be good to you, each and every one of you. 
Spread the love. Keep creating the magic that you do. You are all totally amazing. My love and best wishes to you all :heart: :hug:

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I was asked the other day what is the worst present I have ever been given. When I looked back I discovered that I have very little recall of presents that I have had. My memories of Christmas as a child are not about presents. They are about our family being together and of food. Sitting around the dining table which was loaded to groaning point with Turkey, roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, hot stuffing, carrots, parsnips, brussel sprouts and thick gravy. There was plenty of food and we could eat until we popped. This was followed after a discreet interval by a steamed Christmas pudding with custard or cream. You had to be careful eating the pudding as it had six pence coins and three pence coins in it. The idea was it was a gift for you if you were lucky enough to find one but you tried not to swallow one :) 
What was most amazing about this meal was that we never normally ate anything like this. This was special food for a special time and I'm sure my parents had to save all year to lay on this feast for us. As I have mentioned previously, I come from a poor family but this just made this day so much more special. The anticipation of this meal was real and the excitement and enjoyment of it had no limit. It was off the scale. Compared to our normal dinners this was like an episode of Man v Food. I will never forget those times as long as I live. It was a magical day. As I said though...........I do not remember the presents. I remember the togetherness and the love and the appreciation for what we had. 

It's funny how a simple conversation leads you down different paths and makes you look at things that you thought you were familiar with in a different light. I was talking to this guy from Poland and he was telling me how he will be spending Christmas in a very traditional Polish way. To him this means eating fish on Christmas Eve and not meat. It was very important to him that he keeps to the tradition of his country. It got me to thinking about what we think of as the traditional Christmas here in England. Most families have developed their own individual traditions inside this general idea but basically we have a picture in our heads of what a traditional Christmas looks like. It didn't take much looking to find that what we think of as tradition is not actually very old. I apologise to non meat eaters now but I'm afraid Turkey will rear it's head. In England it wasn't until the 1950s that Turkey became the most popular meat to eat at Christmas. Before that it was Goose, Chicken or some other kind. So this change was good for the geese but not so good for the turkeys. They say that King Henry VIII was the first to eat Turkey for Christmas dinner over here. Well, maybe that is true ;) Who knows? 
Most of the trappings of Christmas we know and love come from the Victorians. Christmas cards, Christmas crackers, decorated trees.....all came from the Victorians and were popularized by the likes of Charles Dickens. At the start of the 19th century the main time for gift giving was the New Year. By the end of that century Christmas had become the biggest annual celebration in the British calendar and it has stayed that way. The idea of an indoor decorated tree was introduced by Prince Albert and was from Germany. 
I don't know if you are aware but this year we are celebrating, unofficially, one hundred years of Christmas wrapping paper. Now, it is not strictly speaking true as people had wrapped present before but let me elaborate. The idea of wrapping presents was actually invented by the people who invented paper ;) (well you would wouldn't you?) It was in China. It reached England in the late 16th century.
By Victorian England the upper classes of society were wrapping gifts with thick, decorated paper and ribbons. This soon was replaced with coloured tissue paper. Shops started to offer wrapped gifts though they used brown paper and string. "Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things."
This all changed at Christmas 1917. In a stationery store in Kansas they ran out of tissue paper in the run up to the big day so they put the fancy decorative paper meant to line envelopes out on the shelves for 10 cents a sheet. They sold out. By 1919 they were printing their own paper. They went on to form the Hallmark empire and the gift wrapping industry took off. 
It was in the 1930s that rolls of something like sellotape became avaiable. Designs became more Christmassy featuring snowflakes, candles and trees. Then, during World War II wrapping paper was not subject to rationing as the government thought it boosted moral and would encourage the sending of presents to the troops. They were right, during WWII sales of wrapping paper increased by 20%. 
So it seems that the traditional Christmas in Britain is not nearly as old as people think. 

As we are now very close to Christmas day I would just like to ask you to consider your fellow man. If you know of a lonely neighbour or one who could do with a hand with their shopping please try to find a few minutes for them. I know we are all so busy with our own families and their needs but if you can find a few minutes I'm sure there are those who would really appreciate it. Christmas is a difficult time for many people for lots of different reasons. Remember those who are alone at Christmas probably didn't used to be so will be full of their own memories of how joyous a time it was before. Maybe they have lost someone recently and could just do with some company. I know someone who lost his dad last week. Christmas will still be a good time for him and his family but it will never be quite the same again. So if you can do anything to help it would be lovely.

And now onto the feature. Thank you so much if you have read this far and welcome to the feature if you have scrolled down :lol:
It has been another amazing year for art here. I have found many new artists and friends this year and I would like to share some of your work with a wider audience now. Thank you all so much for all your faves and comments. I am a bit behind with my replies but I will catch up as I always do. My love and respect to you all for all that you do and all that you create. More than ever we need creative, loving people in this world and I am privileged to know you all. So sit back and enjoy these pictures. Feel free to fave them or make comments and let the artists know their work is being appreciated. You could just makes someone's day today. 

Peace by MEP4Photography  Bow To The Frost by Nikki-vdp  Feelin' Frosty by LiliaLaurent  Cozy Evening. by OliviaMichalski  Winter Forest II by Pajunen  Happy Holidays by MWeiss-Art  

Eyes by thefirebomb  . : Des Eiskoenigs Schloss : . by PfisterMartin  'O du froehliche' by Ingelore  Merry Christmas Everyone by EvaPolly  Christmas link ! by Omoidenoki  

Up to no good by dinabelenko   Refreeze by eegariM   Christmas Street by annewipf  Merry Christmas 2017 by KarinClaessonArt

Merry Christmas! by Yuukon  Merry Christmas! by poisen2014  The great childhood dream by Julianez  Story time by Lysendrah  Merry Christmas. by CharllieeArts  

Santa's Letter by TinaLouiseUk  Ribbons and bows by SilverMixx  Wherever You Go, There You Are by Trippy4U  Merry Christmas 2017 by videodude1961  La goutte by Piscisvolantis  Missed the Magic #2 by eegariM  and winter came by Luperkalia418  

closer and clearer by Rona-Keller  Winter Dead Wood by richardcgreen  There's a world outside your window... by ansdesign  The old wise trees by Annabelle-Chabert  Twin Peaks by aw-landscapes  A little bit of sparkle by SilverMixx  

Winter in Hallstatt by LunaFeles  I love Christmas by Nikonfinest  In Another World by MaaykeKlaver  Merry Christmas 2017 by LindArtz  
Trees 4 by pillendrehr   Fluchtgedanken by Woman-of-DarkDesiresb The Gate by Woman-of-DarkDesires  The Lonely One by Yuukon    Happy Christmas! by VesnaRa014

Merry Christmas 2017 by slowdog294      Merry Christmas 2017 by Cinnamoncandy       Happy Holidays! by ivtaya      Happy Holidays by Maria-Schreuders      Eternal Winter IV by Aenea-Jones      My gift to you by 1001G

One Last Mile by Trippy4U      Into A Fairytale by Nikki-vdp      Christmas season breakfast by fotomademoiselle      Fraser River in December by dashakern      Through Purple Meadows by tracybutlerart

Duality by Woman-of-DarkDesires     Frelsi by Ivoryia     Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed by Trippy4U     White blanket by sistersinnister

Brant Street Pier Monochrome (#2) by Zoomer1958  Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood by 4ajka  grapes by PutyatinaEkaterina  Snow yarn by DalfaArt   beautiful morning VII by JoannaRzeznikowska 

Cathedral 2 by GrimDreamArt   Christmast trees by Juanilla     Bewitched by ElenaDudina     All the dreams by MEP4Photography     Winter Brook by Pajunen

STOP, IT IS NOT YOUR TIME ! by IME54-ART  Rotting decaying loving world... by Omoidenoki  Footsteps Walking Over Frozen Ground by 33M  Fairy Christmas! by EnchantedWhispersArt 

Full Rainbow at the beach by gigi50  the winterwoodlanddays I by Bodhisattvacary  First Snow by BaxiaArt   Mg 9984 1 by Micko-vic  o.T. by pillendrehr 

dark tenderness by LinkyQ  Untitled by LinkyQ  Moonlight Mountains by AnnMarieBone  Journey of Change by TeaPhotography 

Walk in the park III by Pajunen      Life, life by Anka-loves-to-fly       Winter ID by Floreina-Photography

When We Were Together by LidiaRossana  The Very Special Assistants by saperlipop  Watching... by Juanilla  Jean's Pipes by IdaBarracuda     

Gefrorene Schatten by Woman-of-DarkDesires  Mountain Desert by irrationalrationale  065 - Purple by ElyneNoir  Between Dreams by VelvetRedBullet 

daydream by ivtaya  The Precipice... by nehab16  Shadows of Silence by WhimsicalBlue  The Young and the RestlesSs by MagicLaDyCharm  Leith Haven by Milomeiko

Premiere neige by Melusine8  I Heard the Bells by LewisKocher       Woodland Mushroom by EmMelody    Lilliput Castle at Night by adrianamusettidavila

Dead Horse Point by Pistolpete2007    Leaves by Finsternisss    From the Dunes by Goodbye-kitty975    ... by only1second    Mother love. by jennystokes

Mystic tree by rougealizarine  Arua by ArrHart  ChameLEON by Fiograph  Golden Morning by Alannah-Hawker   Autumn Colors #3. by Sparkle-Photography

The Edge of the Forest by Pajunen    Aphantopus hyperantus by ColorfulLadybug  Land of the Vikings by aw-landscapes 

What ''Philup'' see a-gawn to work of a mornen... by AlicesPlace  Memories by Aeternum-designs  Window by AncaXBre  Installation 1 by aspruli  When there's nothing left. by OliviaMichalski

H-face 5 by Anka-loves-to-fly  Curtain by LidiaRossana  Wald #115 by HeikoGerlicher  The kingdom of Elfs by Sigfodr  From Roots to Needles by realityDream

Little Winterberg by MartinAmm      Devil Bridge by porbital      Crystal Mill by porbital

Darkness Queen by Sweetlylou  Nightfall by Laerian  Sweet Illusions by MagicLaDyCharm  focus by huhahohi

Trap by Floreina-Photography  Just me by Finsternisss  a taste of November by Rona-Keller  village square by VityaR83 

92607 by jodeviant  Chief Mountain by MaciejKarcz  Daisies by a Fence by MayEbony   Travel by thedaydreaminggirl 

Fall Colors by tango793  people break so easily by MWeiss-Art  Ophelia by MWeiss-Art  Everlasting by solefield  Move on by Konakira 

Self Portrait by RawPoetry  Lenticular by RawPoetry  Like an angel by Konakira   Black House in Glencoe by Enlothien

Thank you for looking through these wonderful pictures. I hope you found something to like. Please let the artist now they have created something special :heart:
I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I truly hope that 2018 will show us a more compassionate side of humanity. I know I can find all the good human traits here among my friends. It's just the rest we have to work on :lol: Especially those in the governments of the world.
May you all keep on being so wonderful, creative, imaginative and full of love and hope. You....and what you do......means so much to me. Everyday I come here and I find inspiration in your creations. You all touch my heart.
Take care of yourselves and each other. Take care of your husband's, wives, partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, children, families and strangers. Spread the love. Spread the hope. Keep the darkness at bay. :heart:




















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I hope I find you well today you lovely people. Here we are, two days from Halloween and a week away from Bonfire Night here in the UK. (More about that later). It is time to dress up and dream of all things ghoulish, ghostly and creepy. The neighborhoods will resound to the happy sound of young children knocking on doors and hoping for treats of all kinds but mainly sweets. Doorways will be adorned by broomsticks and windows will glow with the light of candles spluttering inside the nightmarish carvings from the excavated pumpkins while the flesh has been transformed into soup and simmers on the stove. Many a pointy hat is to be seen flitting from house to house along with glowing skeletons and all manner of creatures. To be honest, Halloween is still a growing event here in England. It has just about reached the same kind of level it has in other countries, especially the US. It was not something we celebrated as much until a few years ago but we are there now. 
The funny thing is that the origins of 'trick or treat' lie not in America but in medieval Europe. In almost every English-speaking and (commonly but not exclusively) Christian countries there have been lots of rituals (many pagan) that have taken place around the 1st November each year. These rituals often include asking for food, dressing up and making a connection to the spirits of the dead. 31st October is known as All Hallows Eve, 1st November is All Hallows Day and 2nd November is All Souls Day.
The practice of going door to door was mentioned in 1779 by John Brand in 'Popular Antiquities Of Great Britain' where he wrote "On All Saints Day, the poor people go from parish to parish a Souling, as they call it."
The Christian tradition goes back to the 14th century but the pagan ritual can be traces back to the 10th century if not before. 
Here in the UK this is followed shortly by Bonfire Night which began to celebrate the thwarting of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up Parliament but was caught and was scheduled to be hanged, drawn and quartered. I think he jumped from the scaffold with the noose about his neck thereby escaping that grizzly end. Every year on 5th of November he is symbollically re-executed when effigies of him are burned on bonfires all over England. There are also big fireworks displays you can attend but some families buy their own fireworks and have smaller, more intimate firework events in their own gardens. 
As a child we had a few fireworks in the back garden like Roman Candles, Catherine Wheels and Crackers. These were exciting days where you waited all day for it to get dark and for the air to take on a chill as you anticipated what was to come. The Roman Candles stood in a small hole in the ground and erupted in a shower of coloured sparks with a smell you will never forget. It smelt of wet gunpowder and I can still smell it today. One of the warmest memories of my childhood. We also had rockets. These stood in an empty milk bottle, the blue touch paper was lit and we all stood back waiting for the rocket to burst into life and fly off into the dark sky before exploding with a spray of colour and a big bang. They were magical. The catherine wheels always promised much but delivered little. They were supposed to spin round after they had been lit, nailed to a post. They rarely performed well though but we lived in hope each year that this was going to be the year when it worked. The real magic came from the sparklers though. These you held in your hands and waved around, tracing patterns of light as sparks flew from the thin stick as it burned down. Ah the memories. At a bigger event in the town you would be able to warm yourself around the huge bonfire while a more organised fireworks display went on above you. You got a stiff neck from looking up so long and your face ached from smiling. After the fireworks there were mugs of hot soup and pies to eat. I'm sure it was colder when I was a child as I remember always being wrapped in a big coat with a scarf and gloves.  
Wonderful memories of childhood. Keep your kids young and let them experience the magic. These are the memories that will stay with them in life.  :iconfireworkplz: :iconfireworkplz: :iconfireworkplz:

Well, it has been a little while since my last journal so I have much to feature. You have all been very busy as have I so I have been trying to keep up with you. I think I am finally back where I like to be and have many favourites to share. I hope you will find much to enjoy from this selection. I will try to include as many of you as I can as you all deserve to be featured. It was recently my birthday and I have never had so many messages and gifts as I did this year. For that I am extremely grateful to each and every one of you. :hug: You show me such kindness in many ways which I can only thank you for. :heart: Thank you all :heart: So, here we go. Sit back and relax and enjoy some beautiful images from your good selves. 

Happy Halloween by daniellefw  Pieces by MEP4Photography  From the Bottom Of my heart by MagicLaDyCharm  Time to reflect by Morgan-Lou  Spark of Autumn by aw-landscapes  

Music of Loneliness... by WhimsicalBlue  beautiful morning by JoannaRzeznikowska  The Call of Solitude by EvaPolly  Chatter V by Trippy4U  Sea-flora by richardcgreen  

The gate to a new life by Finsternisss  Fly Agaric by mockingbirdontree  Lucky Cards by VelvetRedBullet  Handmade Coptic Bound  Leaf Book 01 by snazzie-designz  feelings of spring by ColorfulLadybug  

Acelya I by Mocris  Trick or treat by Hend-Watani  Life colored in pink by VesnaRa014  Welcome home by adrianamusettidavila  To watch The Sun and Ocean dance by dashakern

Celtic memories by Omoidenoki  The Threeling and the Tree by MaaykeKlaver  Pine Cone by CamillaSakar  If These Trees Could Talk LXXXII. by realityDream 

Mushroom dream state by gigi50  Shine on you III by Tb--Photography  before everything ends by arbebuk  Rainbow on Koruldi lakes. Caucasus, Georgia by Sergey-Ryzhkov 

Siusi by Annabelle-Chabert  Down below by Pistolpete2007  autumn sun II by Ingelore    Magic Moments by EyeOfTheKat  

Jardin de roses by Juanilla  Des Nebels dunkle Seele by Woman-of-DarkDesires  Stormy Waters by aw-landscapes  Reach out... by bindii  

Frozen Leaves by Pajunen  Blue Ridge Dawn by darkhorse11  Abandoned things... by Omoidenoki  Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Yuukon 

Tombstone's Morning Magic by eegariM  Rise by LidiaRossana  Yosemite by Francy-93  Time Stands Still by Cinnamoncandy  Autumn mood by dashakern  

Siren's Thrall by Trippy4U  Our Common Port by TeaPhotography  Don't mind me by SilverMixx  Nothing-is-real by crossfading  Coin de rue by Pierre-Lagarde  Happy Birthday Sir Lawerence by 1001G  

Happy Birthday Lawrence by BlueIvyViolet  Sunset Cottage by tracybutlerart  a picnic by the lake by Rona-Keller  Death like Sleep by Scooby777  Emerald reflection by Melusine8  

Termination Dust by VeraDovba   For Eveliina by IdaBarracuda   Misty Morning by Arte-de-Junqueiro    [ Inktober 4th ] - Beyond The Sea by Sophia-Eowyn   Milky Way over Seabrook Texas by foureyes  

Mt. Mine by Bibwue  Beguiled by BWilliamWest  The lonesome by Annabelle-Chabert  Nebelgestalt by Woman-of-DarkDesires  Cross by IvanAndreevich  

The Wave by SvenMueller  Fairy tale gone wrong by kriskeleris  a f t e r t h e s t o r m by silvia-giuli  Maned wolf 3 by Maria-Schreuders  

Sunset from train by Juanilla  Letting go by dashakern  Ghostly Shape by eegariM  Lone Larch by RawPoetry  

Golden hopes by VasiDgallery  The Royal Photo Shoot by saperlipop  Scheveningen Beach by Caillean-Photography  h i g h   u p by ColorfulLadybug  Orange Dahlia 2017 by videodude1961 

Lonely violet by Lady-68  The Tree by pillendrehr  Rustle of Fall by nehab16  1 by MeralSarioglu      village by MeralSarioglu     Far, far by Anka-loves-to-fly  Autumn by dashakern 

Rainbow Houses by ashamandour  Autumn is on its Way 3 by pillendrehr  Anchored by MaresaSinclair  Mountainscape by angra1811  A Beast's View by eegariM

A Night by my Side by VelvetRedBullet  Gloomy Grizzly by eegariM  Mountain Splendor by SatyaSaruchi  Puffin 3 by Alannah-Hawker  Curtains with Wyeth Seagulls by richardcgreen

Wharf at Whitby English Seacoast by richardcgreen  Littles Fairy by LiliaLaurent    Lady Beetle by IreneHorvath  monday morning by ivtaya 

The haunted forest by Floreina-Photography  Blanca by RawPoetry   Dark alley by aw-landscapes  Blightingales by GrimDreamArt  

Autumn is on its Way 2 by pillendrehr  Ship in norway by TaitGallery  Sunset in Mirista by EyeOfTheKat 

camouflage by Ceecore  Sunset from Dumbarton Rock by Crannogphotographic  Mairon by EKukanova  Music flows by Anka-loves-to-fly  Who cares about rain? by ForlornTreasures  The birth of dawn by dashakern  

When the sun goes down by ANorthernStar   Waterfalls Canyon by Miguel-Santos  An Teallach Sunset by SebastianKraus 

Worth enough? by radoxist  camouflage II by Ceecore  The Land Of Milk And Money by Trippy4U   Dunrobin's Turrets by piglet365  White Beauty by EmMelody 

my worlds II by JoannaRzeznikowska  Ridge by Laerian  Everything Changes by TanyaSimoneSimpson 

Black Swan by Gwendolyn1  Hungarian skies CCXII. by realityDream  Just Hints of Things SNAPSEED by richardcgreen 

That's all folks :iconbugsbunnyplz:
I hope you have enjoyed looking through these beautiful and creative pictures. I don't know what I would do without art of all kinds in my life and, most importantly, the artists themselves. Thank you for making my day each and every day by making the art that you make. It is such a pleasure to come here every day to see what you have been doing. I just thought I'd let you know how important that is to me. 
If you liked anything here please take time t let the artist know. It could just turn their day into a good one. 
Take care every one. Keep on creating and keep on smiling. Spread the love and keep making this world a better place. My love to each and every one of you :heart: :hug:








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Each week there is a Sunday. For many people this is still a day of rest though, increasingly over the years, it has become just another day of the week. In many ways this is good but in many ways it was good to have a day of rest. A day when things stopped. The month of August, is basically the year's Sunday. It is the month when most holidays are taken. I guess I'm talking about the Western world here as it is Summer whereas that is not the case in other parts of the world. So let's say I am just talking abut the part of the hemisphere that I inhabit. You will all have your own 'August' wherever you are.
August was the month when things stopped. All the workers had a break, usually at the same time. It was like a scheduled break in the industrial year. I believe New York used to empty as the people went away for their holidays. Because of the school year it is still the case in England that August is the month where things slow down. London is quieter in terms of workers but is busier in terms of tourism. 
Holiday time becomes more important I think as people seem to work harder and longer than before. I'm not going back to the Victorian age here where there were no working conditions and employers could do what they wanted. I'm talking recent history. More is expected from you at work and often for less reward. So holiday time has become very important again. A time to step away and clear your head. Get those batteries re-charged. Everyone should have a time in their year when they can stop from their labour. I am well aware that the amount of holiday time you have from work can vary from country to country and also from your own circumstances. 
"The benefit to be derived from vacation is a mental benefit mainly.....It is well that he (sic) should for a space breathe another mental atmosphere..."  Alexander Smith 1912
New, fresh air to breathe, new sights to stimulate you eyes and mind, new ideas and experiences for your mind and brain. 
I remember from my childhood only a couple of holidays when we went away. Most holidays were spent at home with my brothers and friends playing in the nearby fields on long Summer days that seemed to have no end. This is because I come from a poor family. Poor in financial terms anyway but very wealthy in all other respects. We did go the seaside twice I think. Once we stayed in a caravan at a holiday resort and played on the beach and on the pier in the amusement arcades as the rain lashed against the tin roofs drumming like a steel band. I have seen some old b/w photos which my brother looks after from when we were very small and were at the seaside in Wales I think. I don't remember that holiday at all though. When all is said and done though, the thing that it is the real reward on a holiday is that you can try to have in your head that for a short while......your time is your own. I am self employed and there are many days when I enjoy my work but even on those days...... I am fully aware that my time is not my own and, to me, that is one of the great gifts of holiday time. . As time went on and I went through school and into the world of work holidays became more important. The reason for them became more obvious too. Without them I'm sure I would go mad :lol:
I have now found a situation where I have some places I go to because they are familiar (and I love them),  and a desire to explore new places. My need to fill my mind and heart with new experiences never fades and I just wish I had more time available to do both. It is true though that my next trip is always my next target. I do find happiness at home and I do find it in the small things in life as well as the large. The excitement comes from getting in my car or getting on a plane to begin a new adventure. I have some short trips planned for the rest of this year and then I am looking to next year. I am having great fun planning my next trip to Iceland and wondering where else I will venture. 

Now let me share with you some wonderful treasure that I have found in the last few weeks. I thank you all for your creations, you are an inspiration to me in all that you do and in your constant support of my own pictures. For this I can never thank you all enough :heart: 
But enough of this rambling. Let's get to the main event. Your pictures.

Little houses by HendrikMandla   Butterfly Nature by MCN22   Just Hints of Things SNAPSEED by richardcgreen   Floral Skirts by Nikki-vdp   Whimsy by JenFruzz   

Diamond Ring Solar Eclipse by MaciejKarcz   Sleepy Stormy by Scooby777   Dolomites pt. II by TheChosenPesssimist  Asian gum automat by Ivoryia  

Robin by TanyaSimoneSimpson   Fall In Love by Lora-Vysotskaya    I believe I can fly... by Omoidenoki   No Macro ~ Butterfly Admiral ~ Vanessa atalanta by AStoKo    layers of comfort by Rona-Keller  

   Untitled by Nikoletta-Kolozs   A sweet slice of Summer by dashakern   *** by marrgit  The End. by OliviaMichalski 

Engpaesse by Woman-of-DarkDesires   Blue Fireworks Fetes de Geneve 2017 by artamusica     Frozen World by Pajunen  What once was by SilverMixx  

Out of the Blue by AnnMarieBone   Dawn Jewels by TanyaSimoneSimpson   Les promesses de l aube by Annabelle-Chabert   As seasons come and go by Morgan-Lou  Island Sunset 2 by Crannogphotographic  

Night is coming by dashakern   The Mysterious Journey by MagicLaDyCharm   daria( by marta syrko) by MartaSyrko   Wild by RawPoetry   Lost In The Dark IV by JoannaRzeznikowska  

Acrylic: Sisters by LewisKocher   View From Zugspitze by DominikaAniola   Black and white world by VesnaRa014   Filling The Void Of Emptiness by Trippy4U   Tales untold - The pearl of the ocean by SecretDarTiste  no one else but two of us by monstermagnet  

   Jokulsarlon by SkylerBrown   Margerite (II) by Tb--Photography  close to serenity by Eerieseelie  Before The Sun Goes Down by Crims0nPhotography  

Solar Seeds by borda   I'm on my way by arbebuk   What A Difference A Day Makes.. by AlicesPlace  Game over... by bindii   Corn on hot days by VesnaRa014  Sommerland II by Bodhisattvacary 

L E A V I N G ~ by Nikonfinest   The Meadow by dashakern   The Church, the Bridge, and the River by Zoomer1958   Spirit Bird by Yuukon    Seelenmomente. by OliviaMichalski  

Magic Tuscany 7-5:38 AM by CitizenFresh  Surreal alps by HendrikMandla  Lago di Sorapiss and Dito di Dio by JamesRushforth   Dancing with moon... by WhimsicalBlue  Nevermore by jennystokes  The Cuillin by EyeOfTheKat  

c l o s e l y by ColorfulLadybug   White headed vulture in flight by Maria-Schreuders     Admiring the View by Tessasa   soft beauty by Ingelore  Try To See It My Way by Mouselemur   

It is found.. What? The eternity. by Milomeiko   Phare de Ploumanach by Milomeiko   When The Comet Returns . . . by DouglasHumphries   Laboratory by Juanilla   Enjoy the Silence by justeline  

B-Side by LidiaRossana   Destination unknown... by ansdesign   PASTEL COLORS by IME54-ART  Tree Study - Broad Leaved 18 by TheUnconfidentArtist   A little life by VesnaRa014  

Just Another Day at Work by EvaPolly  The Parasol by EmMelody   Steampunk Town Square by GrimDreamArt  Dunrobin Castle by Enlothien  Rally Mountain by BWilliamWest  

Art of Imagination by WhimsicalBlue   Mt St Helens by MaciejKarcz      Bukowe Berdo by Tindomiel-Heriroquen  My day by gigi50  

The Human Umbrella by IdaBarracuda   SORCERESS by MartaNael  Bow Fiddle by Pistolpete2007   Create Unity by IvanAndreevich  

Rivendell by Unkopierbar  flowers i drew by NIEHKOL  Towards Rondane by Morgan-Lou   Happy Birthday Olga by 1001G  Break by MaaykeKlaver  

Asclier by Annabelle-Chabert   Castle by isabelledeliro   Beautiful America by KarinClaessonArt  little diamonds by IreneHorvath  Whisper of Grass by DalfaArt  

Retro Car by WhimsicalBlue   Elfin lake in July by dashakern   Coimbra I by Arte-de-Junqueiro  Scenes from a Memory: Home by Pajunen  

1111 by Nigrita   Hazey by Alannah-Hawker   Portal by EvaPolly   Emerge from the darkness by thedaydreaminggirl  Clouds and shade of trees by flitart  

Butterfly summer - acrylic by Ayumidragon   Moody Lofoten by streamweb  One Afternoon with Jill by bwaworga   Secrets up the Stream by da-phil   Cooling by LAlight  

'Niht is y-comen in by WhimsicalBlue          Waiting for you by dashakern          Waiting for mom II by AlejandroCastillo 

  Before The Night Falls by SvenMueller   Golden Myst by Addran  Podere Belvedere in the mist- 5:52 AM by CitizenFresh  

Remote Norway pt. XI by TheChosenPesssimist   lago di braies by roblfc1892   Trio by IndigoSummerr  Yavanna by EKukanova  

The little house of nowhere by Annabelle-Chabert   Room to Breathe by only1second   Waterfall by Metal-Bender   Swinside by scotto 

Blue Mirror by nehab16   Desert Folds by Metal-Bender  Scenes from a Memory by Pajunen  Woodlands by JonasDeRo  

Anomaly by Friis     SKY AND WATER by Badusev      going to the cloud road by Alina-Kurbiel      ~Day Dreamer~ by Fajralam

That's all folks :D
I hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures. These have all been created by special people. People like me and you. People who love creating their art whether that be pretty and floral or dark and moody. I love all of these pictures and all of these artists :heart: Please let them know if you have enjoyed one of their creations. I'm sure they'd be very happy to hear from you :D
Thank you so much for everything. For reading this and looking through the pictures. 
I wish you all happy travelling or just happy time off from your work. Enjoy all the moments of your life that are yours with all the people who are yours. Your friends, your family your partners. Enjoy it all and enjoy each other. Spread the love and keep creating from your hearts. :heart:
Much love to you all :heart:
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Life has a way of making you smile some days.
I only found this out as someone commented on my picture but I got a DD today :)
Than you :icontanyasimonesimpson: for this amazing surprise :hug:
It was for this picture of a place I love to visit when I am on the Isle Of Skye
Forsaken by LordLJCornellPhotos  

That's really cool. A happy day :D:D:D

much love to you all :heart:
take care of yourselves and each other :hug:

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"The minutes went by on tiptoe, with their fingers to their lips."  The Lady In The Lake by Raymond Chandler

This week I had one those facts laid in front of me that makes you pause and think for a moment. The song 'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell was released in the UK closer to the end of WWII than to today.

It was released in 1981 earlier in the year than today for those who would like to know. Although the song has no great meaning for me I do know it and to think that so much time has passed since it's release is quite unsettling and it makes me wonder what I have done with it all. It also means that the same fact applies to anything that happened before that record was released. Another thing that happens with increasing frequency is that you find that a favourite movie is now over twenty years old. I won't specify a movie as it applies to a lot of them..............OK...I will. 'As good as it gets', 'Grosse Pointe Blank', 'L.A. Confidential', 'Starship Troopers', 'Jackie Brown', 'Men In Black', 'Austin Powers', 'From Dusk Till Dawn', 'Fargo', 'Mission Impossible', 'Independence Day', 'Trainspotting', ..................even Titanic......and I've never seen Titanic. 
Obviously there are many that I already knew were more than twenty years old but these were more of a surprise to me. So from all this I realise what I already knew but it is brought home to me one more is short.
'Life is short and the older you get, the more you feel it. Indeed, the shorter it is. People lose their capacity to walk, run, travel, think, and experience life. I realise how important it is to use the time I have.' Viggo Mortensen.
For some reason I am dissatisfied with how I have filled these years. I am experiencing an acceleration of need to fill my time with more things, more adventures, more experiences. It is as if I feel my days are numbered, which they surely are but I don't know when that time will be. I often speak of this desire to fill my time in such ways and that desire only gets stronger with each passing year, month or even day. I am not unhappy in my life at all. Yet I am constantly looking for the next adventure. It is like a drug and I am addicted to it. Where will I go next? What picture will I take next? It is all about what is going to happen next and looking back at what I have done but is less about what I am doing now. The only time the feeling of 'now' is with me is when I am on that mountain side when the sun breaks through and I press the shutter and I stop and I marvel at what lies before me and I take a big breath and I thank whoever for placing me there to experience that moment. I briefly touched on this when I was chatting with :icontrippy4u: the other day. For him being in a crowded city gives him that feeling of happiness.....freedom....peace.......being at it what you will. For me it is the outdoors and remote places preferably with mountains :) The thing is....this addiction I have works very much like a drug as I want more each time. I want bigger mountains, I want better light, I want more remoteness.......and so the search goes on to satisfy this thing that is eating away at me.....this monster that needs feeding. And feed it I will. I will keep finding ways to feed it until I can't feed it anymore. 
So time is what your life is made of and it is limited so do not waste it. If I could just take a leaf out of John Lubbock's book when he says 
'Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.'
And the funny thing is......I can do this when I am somewhere remote and beautiful on holiday............I'm really bad at doing this at home. I guess I am a restless soul. 

And now to share your art with as many people as I can. I have been collecting your pictures again and been knocked out by your creativity and your beauty as people. The human spirit is shown best by artists I think and you have beauty and spirit in abundance and you have my love and admiration all of you. Living life is not the easiest of things and to be able to create such magic while living your life is one of the greatest things you can do in my mind. I thank you all :heart:

- by ChristineKalliri   Making do by MaresaSinclair   at the edge of the field by Ingelore   Aircrafts by dinabelenko   Liquor Store Blues by Metal-Bender   

Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old - 2 by MaciejKarcz     Buttermere by scotto    Patchwork by SilverMixx     Gloomy peaks by aw-landscapes  

Solitude by BlueCaroline   Moonlit by AlicesPlace    To Each Our Own Prisons Of Sorts by Trippy4U    Voice of the Sea by LAlight   The Sun in my Heart by Sophia-Eowyn

Lovely Weather by MagicLaDyCharm     Silent dances by Morgan-Lou     the road by marrgit  

Mr Poppy by IndigoSummerr        Peaceful river by SatyaSaruchi        The view from my room by Arte-de-Junqueiro        Children's book illustration: Mr. Possum Frost by LewisKocher   

Whispers by dashakern      Being Unique... by TeaPhotography      Spirit Island Close Up by Zoomer1958     Silent Dialog by LidiaRossana 

The north by Piscisvolantis       Heavy Clouds by MaciejKarcz       And then silence... by only1second       MMMMmmmmmm by phalalcrocorax  

Full Moon by EyeOfTheKat   So much love by Maria-Schreuders   1104 by Nigrita   Aglais io by Bodhisattvacary   Someplace Else by EvaPolly  Hello there by Mydu  

Fly my home Himalaya by arayo      Reflection of Rondslottet mountains by Morgan-Lou      Summertime Morning by MagicLaDyCharm      Corn Exchange by geanera  

Palladio... by ansdesign    Dolomites by Annabelle-Chabert   -sweethearts in grunge- by Gold-Angel    On the Eve by BWilliamWest   Have fun! by Ivoryia  

Golden Rim  by nehab16   Let's come back to March by dashakern   Milk by EyeOfTheKat   Keeping One Eye Open by Metal-Bender   merging by ivtaya   

Natural Framing by Alannah-Hawker     Rebecca O. by ClairObscur16     Cinereous vulture portrait by Maria-Schreuders       Scenic Stairway by GradyArt      Dragon's Head by FlabnBone  

Day Seven by Metal-Bender   a l l   p i n k by ColorfulLadybug    Queenstown Hill by Vampyna   Life and Death by eegariM    Camelot by richardcgreen The Phoenix as Narcissus by richardcgreen  

    White Duke by Anka-loves-to-fly   Sun-kissed by Annabelle-Chabert   Bastei 16 by MatthiasHaltenhof   My beloved ! by Omoidenoki  The Cello by Eltair  

Fog in the forest II by VesnaRa014   Dandelion by Alexa-Ivashchenko   Learn To Fly by Mouselemur   That is Summertime by dashakern    Something in the world desires to be comprehended by Anka-loves-to-fly  

Meadow Hopper by EmMelody  Liberation by Trippy4U   Kaiser by MarvinDiehl   Sunset Castle by SvenMueller    Composition with walls by Rufelt  

EVERYTHING IS MAYA - 2 by SUDOR    The park of souls... by algunavez        Tree Landing by LiliaLaurent     Floating mandarin by Nikki-vdp     Everyman. by Anka-loves-to-fly  

Summertime is in our hands... by ansdesign        The Boat To Isosaari by IdaBarracuda       Electric light orchestra by Ullyssess       Happy Birthday  Dear Ann by mockingbirdontree      Moon Angel by WhimsicalBlue       Sky is my ocean... by Omoidenoki 

Love Goes On by Yuukon   .R E V E A L. by Nikonfinest    Black rain by AlexandrinaAna   Legendary guitars by rougealizarine   Bell tower by 4ajka   ~Vogue~ by Fajralam   Black and White by PassionAndTheCamera  

Sometimes by bindii  Breath of Old Seeds by Betuwefotograaf   Belvedere by TomazKlemensak   Flower Dance by Mocris   ... by BaxiaArt   

Curious Robin by Lady---Vengeance   Ruby by LidiaRossana   The Road In The Mountains by DominikaAniola   Girl and chamomile by PutyatinaEkaterina   ~SiLeNt WhIsPeRs~ by Fajralam   All be there _  June 2017 by bindii   

The Road To The Cuillin by EyeOfTheKat   Morning clouds by PepperLady   Soaring by whispersoftheblue   Emotional Geometry by Juanilla   

The Nest by Lora-Vysotskaya    Tulip by IreneHorvath   urbandecay by MWeiss-Art      Green Eyed Girl by VelvetRedBullet  Will this ever end... by ansdesign  

Nothing ordinary in Nature by sistersinnister    the old ways II by Bodhisattvacary   Walk to the Unknown by irrationalrationale  

sign of blue by ColorfulLadybug    Nature is My Home by borda    King's Pawn by Trippy4U 

Thank you for looking at these amazing pictures. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found some new artists or some new favourites at least. If you did it would be lovely if you could let the artists know you have enjoyed their creations. Thank you :D 
Time for me to carry on planning my next adventures now. 
Keep sharing your love :heart:  Keep creating :hug:  Keep smiling :) Keep using the time that is so precious and is yours to use how you want to use it :tighthug:

Have a lovely day everyone :iconsmile--plz:

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Please lay down your pistols and your rifles
Please lay down your colours and your creeds
Please lay down your thoughts of being no-one
Concentrate on what you ought to be 
Then lay down your bullshit and your protests
Then lay down your governments of greed
Take a look at what lies all around you
Then pray God we can live in peace
Everyone's a loner 'till he needs a helping hand
Everyone is everybody else
Everyone's a no-one 'till he wants to make a stand
God alone knows how we will survive

It seems that every time I write a journal these days it follows a terrorist attack. Last night, on London Bridge at about 10pm a van drove into a crowd of people enjoying a summer night out in London. The three men in the van then jumped out and went to a busy place called Borough Market where they stabbed people at random. Six people were killed and forty eight taken to hospital following the attack. Police shot the three terrorists dead within 8 minutes of the attack starting. 
when I was thinking about what to write today my thoughts were of celebration as a result of the huge outpouring of love and humanity that followed the attack at Manchester Arena two weeks ago. If you don't know, at the end of a concert by Ariana Grande there was a suicide bomber in the lobby of the Arena with a nail bomb resulting in the deaths and maiming of many young people and children as well as parents. This attack is regarded as worse than the usual attack as it deliberately targeted children (mainly young girls) and young people just out for maybe their first concert or just for a good night out with friends and parents. (I have to say that it comes to something when we grade terrorist acts by how we perceive the level of attrocity. The world is in a bad place right now.)
Before you all just switch off and go away let me lift your hearts a little. Following the attacks that have happened in recent times we have heard many heart warming stories in the aftermath of the horror. At Manchester I will start with two homeless men. They were in the area of the Arena to beg for money for food after the concert. When the bomb went off they both went straight in to help the injured and dying. One of them was reported as holding a lady as she died and also of picking nails out of a young girls face as she waited for help from doctors. They stayed there helping all they could. When spoken to after they said they were homeless but they were still human beings and just did what anyone would. These men are probably looked down on by a large section of society every day of their lives yet they went into danger with no questions. One of these men has been given a home for six months by a co-owner of West Ham United football club to try and help him get back on his feet.
There were restaurants of all faiths who just opened their doors and fed everyone for free. There was a pizza company who sent food all night and day to the local hospitals for the doctors and nurses for free. There were taxi firms driving people wherever they needed to go for free.  There were people offering rooms in their homes so people had somewhere they could go. People were housed and fed by hotels who just took them in for free. People queued up in long lines to give blood. It was quite incredible to see this outpouring of humanity from all sections of the community. And, as usual, the Policemen, the Firemen, Doctors and nurses all ran towards danger with no thought for themselves despite the fact that our government has not seen them worth a pay rise in six years. They deserve so much more for what they do. 

Today there is a huge benefit concert in Manchester for the families of the injured and those who lost someone in the attack. It is huge. It is called One Love. They will now, sadly, also be remembering those lost in the London attack last night. The concert stars Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, Take That, Niall Horan, Little Mix, Robbie Williams and Black Eyed Peas.
Because it is so soon after the attack some of the children are still in hospital so Ariana Grande has been to visit all of them and spend time with them. One is only 8 year old. She was the last one to be visited and was treated so beautifully. 
The concert was fantastic. Although many of the artists were not my particular cup of tea they all performed exceptionally. Ariana Grande proved herself to be a generous young lady with a great voice and a desire to mend the hurt that happened at Manchester. The things she has done to help the families behind the scenes is remarkable. I will be honest.....I had not come across her before but I don't think I will forget her now. 

Though these attacks will always cause hurt and terrible sadness they are making our countries stronger. They have given our people the chance to show just what they can do. How much love they can show and share. How they can come together. After every adversity there is a blooming of hope, love and life. Never ever lose hope. Keep spreading the love each and every day. Live your life like it matters. Live your life like everyone's life matters. Let us concentrate on the beauty and the wonder of this world and not let the dark overwhelm us.

I would have liked this journal to have been about my recent trip to Italy but I have returned to all this instead. 
I had a great time in Italy. My hotel was excellent and the people there were very friendly. I made some really good friends while I was there who I will see again I'm sure. 
The places I visited were extraordinary. This was not a landscape photography trip but an archeological one. Paestum is a lovely place with three Greek Temples in an old Roman city. Pompeii is vast. To walk down the same streets that the Romans gives you a real connection to the past. The fact that the town was buried by the volcanic ash has, infact, preserved so much that would have been lost. We have all learned so much we could never have learned otherwise. The same can be said of Herculaneum. You feel like the town should be full of ghosts. On the final day I went to the top of Mount Vesuvius and looked over the Bay Of Naples. It was wonderful. I am sure I will go back there. The whole week was so good in every respect. 

I thank you if you have read this far. I appreciate it. :heart: Now it is time for me to show the world what amazing people you all are. To show the love you have for the world and each other by creating the beautiful art that you create. This is a quite large feature as I feel the need to include as many of you as I can on this day of all days. I send you all a big hug :huggle: and wish that I could do it in person. If the world was full of you people and people just like you it would surely be a better place. My love to you all :hug: :heart:

Catch the wave by Morgan-Lou   Primavera by Annabelle-Chabert   River Gradac VA by VesnaRa014   Hobbitual Tendencies by richardcgreen   Moment of pleasure by aw-landscapes   

Untitled by WattsvilleBlues    Delight by m-eralp    Spring Reflections by justeline   The Hidden Face by LinsenSchuss   Seeing my own ghost... by bindii   

Seton Lake by dashakern   St. Mary Lake by Alina-Kurbiel   Static Girl by VelvetRedBullet    On Preikestolen by lmsgblh   Curves by musicismylife10027   

Once Upon A Time by Limaria   Tranquility by lemgras330   Flowers for Tara by vanndra    When The Nightingale Sings by Nikki-vdp   Volare... by ansdesign   DM by Liliaceae7  

. by invisigoth88   Turkey Vulture by Maria-Schreuders   Puffins on Lunga by PepperLady   Stand alone in my only Song..... by WhimsicalBlue   Timber Ponds at Dusk 2 by Crannogphotographic   

mt by ivtaya   Happy Birthday Aamir by 1001G   When a fish swims by by gigi50   St John Church Ballachulish by MaresaSinclair   Asio flammeus by Lunnika-Horo  

Hope by Melusine8    Chantreuse by SilverMixx   Special thanks to...part 2 by BlueIvyViolet    Green super green ! by Omoidenoki    Break on a Leaf by IndigoSummerr   The early dove... by ansdesign 
Freeze a moment... by ansdesign   Perspective by EyeOfTheKat    The Singer by EyeOfTheKat    Black Rocks by Cozmia   She's A Beauty V by Scooby777